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LDN Youth Team at EuroMed Project in Spain

Over one full week, LDN youth team members Jasmin-Lilian Diab and Mohammed Ghabris participated at the “Open Your Mind” project in Spain; a special initiative dedicated to improve the youth engagement in building a democratic society based on equality, dialogue and solidarity among the Euro-Mediterranean peoples vis-à-vis the challenges created by the emerging situation of the refugees in Europe.

The project aims as well at enhancing youth contribution in the development of an intercultural, tolerant and inclusive society through leadership and active participation in coexistence among cultures.

The Participants were tasked to identify new ways of shaping working opportunities for young people, promoting the exchange of experiences, creativity and social innovation, and designing collective awareness campaign oriented towards the education of young people of the Euro-Mediterranean countries.

The LDN Team’s proposal was designated to enhance a UN aid-centered approach to refugees versus a developmental-centered approach, which gained the highest score of the jury. It seeks to implement an audio-visual project complimentary with a series of trainings to be conducted with the participation of youth groups from all over Lebanon on the subjects of dialogue, diversity, migration and refugees.

‘Open Your Mind’ is funded by the Spanish National Agency and led by Jovesolides (Spain), in partnership with the Lebanese Development Network (Lebanon), Power no Borders (Egypt), Creativi108 (Italy), Mediterranean Forum for Youth (Morocco), Media Terra Nea (Italy) and JumpIn (Greece).

JOVESOLIDES is a non-governmental organisation that arises from a group of university young people motivated for the social commitment in a social disadvantaged neighborhood of Valencia – Spain in 1999. It aims at promoting the training of young workers for the cultural enrichment of the Euro-Mediterranean young citizens through breaking existing stereotypes about refugees and forced movements. JOVESOLIDES intends as well at strengthening recognition and respect for diversity through exchange, dialogue, and active participation in the development of audiovisual projects which are able to raise the awareness about the relevant phenomenon of migration.

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