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Hassan Khawla

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Deir Amar - North Lebanon | main street | +961(71)748096 |[email protected]



Seeking a challenging position which will give me the opportunity to harness my skills, strengths and experiences in IT domain for the improvement of information management systems at your company.


Work Experience

Campus Numérique Francophone de Tripoli

Tripoli, Lebanon

IT and network Assistant                                                         March 2015 – May 2015


  • Maintain PCs (Software and Hardware), printers and scanners.
  • Administer Windows and Linux Operating Systems.
  • Check up for LAN installation and functionality.
  • Manage library using PMB software.
  • Technical intervention on demand.
  • Report regularly to IT administrator.


Al Aman for General Trading

Deir Amar, Lebanon

Administrative                                                                           May 2016 – Present


  • Manage internal and external money transfer transactions via a dedicated computer system.
  • Pay clients' phone bills for different phone operators.
  • Photocopy and print all required documents for work progress.
  • Produce daily, weekly and monthly reports and extract data upon manager’s request.





  • Université Libano Française

Tripoli, Lebanon

Master's degree in Computer Science                                                 2015-2016

  • Lebanese University

Tripoli, Lebanon

Bachelor's degree in Business Computing                                          2009-2014


  • Computer skills: SQL Server - MySql - Linux - Wireshark - Packet Tracer – ODK – Apache Tomcat - Wavemaker

Microsoft Office: Word - Excel - PowerPoint - Access - Office Online

  • Certificate of Competency in English (ECCE) - University of Michigan
  • Programming languages: PHP - JAVA - SQL – PLSQL – CSS3 – HTML5
  • Cisco CCNA 1 Routing & Switching
  • Languages :
    • Arabic (native language)
    • English (written, spoken, understood)
    • French (written, spoken, understood).

Additional Information

  • Seminars:
  • "Surf the Internet without fear" at CCIAT
  • "Big Data, Open Data, Visualisation : outils et méthodes logiciels libres/Open Source comme passerelles entre la recherche, l'innovation et la création d'entreprises." at EDST-Tripoli
  • TEDxAzmiStreet: main event, salons v3 and v6.
  • Projects:

Blood Bank website where patients can find donors ready to give blood upon request.

  • References
  1. Dr. Fadi Chakik

Full professor at the Lebanese University - FSEG3

Mobile: 009613546528 - Email: [email protected]

  1. Dr. Ahmad Shahin

Head of department of Business Computing and full professor at the Lebanese University - FSEG3

Mobile: 009613859796 - Email: [email protected]

  1. Mrs. Yemen Sayour

Network Administrator at Campus Numérique Francophone de Tripoli

Mobile: 0096171858210 - Email: [email protected]