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Rafael Antonio Aguilera

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Rafael Aguilera


Email: [email protected]

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Phone number: 00584123599932

Address: Porlamar-Venezuela




Radio station BUCANERA 107.7 Fm. (2004-2006)


Radio Production.

I’ve developed myself as a young producer on radio in a program named “de Popa a Proa”, this program was transmitted 2 hours a day from Monday until Friday. I was recognized as the youngest producer in the state of Nueva Esparta – Venezuela at the age of 15.


AP4 production, C.A. (2007-2008)


As a Publicity Promoter.

Companies such as Coca Cola, Nivea, Sigo,  S.A, Ekipa, C.A, Savoy,  C.A, etc..Where some of my sponsors


Compudealer, C.A. (2008-2010)


Assessor of support and sales.

I used to belong to a company which represented DELL computers, and other branches such as Nintendo and Genius. I started as a salesman in this company and later became assessor of support and sales for equipment of DELL, obtaining knowledge in the area of servers, laptops, storage units, and switches of this prestigious company DELL.


Corporation ICB, C.A. (2010-2011)


External assessor in Systems.

I worked as an external assessor performing labors in the area of lan network, wireless connection, the connection of antennas, support, Web Development,  and installation of administrative applications as profit plus 2K8.


STC global Web. (Present)



I founded my own enterprise specialized in Web Development. I coordinated a group of work  conformed by two graphic designers to Web programmers and a photographer so we can accomplish whatever our clients need.


Group Manzanillo, C.A. (Present)


System assessor.

I worked as a system assessor performing labors in the area of computer networks, Web Development, technical support, installation of wired networks, configuration of servers and equipment for clients, connection with antennas, backup and storage units,  Windows servers 2008 and 2012, assemblies of racks, IT in general.




I’m an extrovert person and I used to WORK with groups in order to achieve our goals, it’s easy for me to coordinate labors of a group to fulfill goals.

My native language is Spanish and I also speak English in a social level. I posses skills to speak to an audience, this is due to work in a media and direct dealings with the public at an young age. Today I have an online radio show. In addition, I am A CEO of my own enterprise which means exposing projects to   clients. I AM open to new ideas, and HAVE the intention to learn more.




System Engineer (2008-2013)

Unimar University

My thesis was developed in a language named .net, the application was named “Capataz”. This system managed the information production in a ranch that owns cattle, dairy products, and livestock.


CISCO CCNA level 1.


International certificate of CISCO level 1.


CISCO CCNA level 2.


International certificate of CISCO level 2.


CISCO CCNA level 3.


International certificate of CISCO level 3.


National congress of new technology and big data.


The company “Gerenglob’s” main interest was giving knowledge of big data and IT for enterprises.


International congress of CIBESS.


This congress was concerned with new technologies and IT in Venezuela, it counted with the participation of the representatives in Latin America of Microsoft, Linux, Google, and Android.


Organization and productive warehouse management and inventory.

Course for the productive warehouse management and inventory to have a good management of the stock.


Expert in Web design and programming (PHP).


Advanced course of designing and Web programming (PHP).


·        Chapter 1: designing of Web page with HTML5 and CSS3

·        Chapter 2: web programming with PHP and MySql

·        Chapter 3: E-commerce: developing portals of content and commerce

·        Chapter 4: marketing for Internet



Garam Mattar Architect.