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•      University of Montreal (UdeM) - December 2016:

        Masters in Occupational Health and Safety

•      University of Montreal (UdeM) - September 2015 to June 2016:

Higher Specialized Education Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety (D.E.S.S en Santé et Sécurité du Travail)

•      American University of Beirut (AUB) – October 2012:

Masters in Environmental Sciences (GPA 3.88).

•      American University of Beirut (AUB) – June 2008:

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health (GPA 3.70).

-          Minor: Public Health

-          Minor: Studio Arts

•      Athénnée de Beyrouth

Graduated in 2004 with a Baccalaureate II – Life Sciences


June 2014 -August 2015

Home tutoring in Biology and English, and private lessons for SATs

March 2014 -August 2014

Project development manager & consultant at V4 Advisors, environmental consultancy/ auditing firm specializing in Carbon Management

September 2012 –

August 2015

Freelance consultant and project manager. Oversee research, testing and planning for the provision of clean drinking water from existing well in Mansourieh Bhamdoun, Lebanon. This project compliments the original FAWCO project. Volunteer part-time work for NGO run by Dianne Debs, Treasurer of the American Women’s Club in Lebanon

May 2013 – August 2013

Internship at Fleuron as a Quality / HACCP Consultant

December 2012 – February 2013

Close Up (Up & Away): Receptionist, photographer’s assistant, photo manipulation

Fall 2009 – 2010

Graduate Assistantship (research assistant & lab. assistant) in AUB

Spring 2009

Graduate Assistantship (lab. assistant) in AUB

July – September 2008

Telemarketing at HILL MARSON (Market research firm)


Volunteer work on the “Healthy Schools” project for the World Health Organization. Conducted surveys and educational presentations in various schools in the district of Beirut


Worked as illustrator for Zeina Moukhtar (freelance graphic designer)


Volunteer work for Greenpeace


•      Ergonomics and Machine Security, Lockout procedures, Accident analysis investigations, Occupational Hygiene, Management of Work Health and Safety, OHS Prevention and Intervention Management.

•      Climate Change Finance Seminar: July 2014

•      Environmental Consulting, Environmental Auditing, Environmental Management System Planning (ISO 14001), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Quality Control (HACCP), Agricultural Pollution.

•      Research work (including Literature Review, Questionnaire Development, Data Collection, Writing Research Paper) on several course topics including:

-          ISO 14001 in an industrial setting.

-          Study on the occupational hazards in food industries.

-          Analysis of the evolution of natural resource management in Bedouins, Lebanon.

-          Environmental audit of a glass manufacturing industry, Dekwaneh Lebanon.

-          Study on the potential toxicity of Aspartame, artificial sweetener.

-          Study on the health complications due to body piercings among AUB students.

-          Study on air pollution from the Zouk Power Plant and consequent impacts on the health of the residences of Zouk area, Lebanon.

•      Summer of 2007: Environmental health training with AUB. Practical skills and field experience acquired in various domains all over Lebanon (occupational health and safety in various industries; water, wastewater and solid waste treatment plants; landfills, food and beverages industries and establishments, and ecological conservation).


•      Project development, management and implementation.

•      Research, writing, presenting technical reports, tenders, factsheets as well as power point presentations.

•      Preparing and presenting educational posters and workshops.

•      Consulting, assessing and evaluating environmental and workplace conditions.

•      Recommending appropriate preventive, corrective and mitigation measures.

•      Performing HACCP, audits, and health and safety inspections

•      Preparing questionnaires.

•      Data entry and analysis.



CITI Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative – Social & Behavioral Research


Ibdaa certificate of participation in the International Biodiversity Day by IBSAR


Human Participants Protection Education for Research Teams sponsored by the U.S. National Institutes of Health



Fluent : spoken, read, written


Fluent : spoken, read, written


Fluent : spoken, read, written

Computer Skills

Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Excel, Endnote, Outlook, Adobe Photoshop.