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Hiba Sleiman

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Hiba El Hajj Sleiman

Hadi’s Building, Main Street, Bednayel, Bekaa, Lebanon

Telephone # :                                                            Email: [email protected]


Career Objective

Seeking a challenging position to build a long-term career with opportunities for career growth, where I can enhance my professional skills in a dynamic and stable workplace.

Professional Experience


Aug 2016- Till present Mobile Telecommunications Company Lebanon (MTC) SARL             Beirut, Lebanon

Internal Audit Analyst

  • Ensure compliance with audit testing methodologies, including assistance in development and maintenance of audit plans, audit reports, and follow-up
  • Execute audits as per approved  internal audit plan  and identify areas of risks and propose controls to mitigate risks
  • Provide recommendations on the system policies and procedures
  • Determine compliance with policies and procedures
  • Prepare a concise and informative report to communicate the findings , recommendations and monitor management response
  • Research new subjects when required to support audits


July 2009- Aug 2016Waseem PharmacySarine, Bekaa, Lebanon

Sales and administrative assistant

  •  Completes pharmacy operational requirements by organizing and directing work flow
  •  Verifying their preparation and labeling of pharmaceuticals
  •  Verifying order entries, charges, and inspections
  •  Maintains safe and clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations

July 2012-Aug 2016   Mobile Telecommunications Company Lebanon (MTC) SARL   Chtoura, Bekaa, Lebanon

                                   Customer service representative                                        

  • Handles customer questions, complaints, and billing inquiries with the highest degree of courtesy and professionalism to resolve customer issues
  • Makes financial decisions to protect/collect revenues and adjusts customer accounts
  • Maintains working knowledge of all company products, services and promotions
  • Improves customer retention through programs and service provided to the customer
  • Tailored communication regarding different backgrounds of customers
  • Replacement of team leader once requested in case of team leader’s absence
  • Handling the support link (analyzing and validating customers’ requests as a third party)


Oct 2008-June 2012 Bednayel Technical School                                                            Bednayel, Bekaa, Lebanon

                                  Learning and development coordinator


  • Teaching TS1 and TS3 classes International Marketing, Management, Math for business, Finance
  • Designing help sessions and attend classes to help students
  • Assisting in evaluation of students’ homework and examinations








March 2009-July 2009 Rayak Hospital                                                                             Rayak, Bekaa, Lebanon

                                     Coordinator in the Emergency section                                                 

  • Handling customer service issues: such as customer returns, registrations.
  • Executing information about patients: data about each one like name, social security, age, place of birth…


July 2008-Aug 2008   Banque du Liban                                                                               Zahle,Bekaa, Lebanon

  • Observing currency fluctuation: Buy and sell treasuries for clients.
  • Opening accounts and transferring funds for municipalities, Public institutions and commercial banks



Oct 2012 –June 2015   Master of Business Administration - Management with honors (3.55/4)                                         

                                        American University of Science and Technology (AUST)                 Zahle,Bekaa, Lebanon

Relevant courses Marketing management, Human resources, Organizational behavior, strategic management, promotional strategies, Research Methodology, Conflict Resolution, and advanced quantitative methods.


Oct 2004 till June 2008 Bachelor degree of Finance and Banking with distinction (3.75/4)

                                           American University of Science and Technology (AUST)               Zahle,Bekaa, Lebanon Relevant courses: Banking operations, Financial Management, International Finance, Risk Management, and Financial Derivatives.


June 2004Lebanese Official Bacc II with emphasis on

                     Christ Roi                                                                                                             Zahle,Bekaa,Lebanon

  • Fluent in English, Arabic, and French

Skills and Competencies


  • Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Microsoft outlook, web surfing
  • Accounting Programs: Business soft accounting, Silicon Bayanat accounting
  • Up to date with all new technologies (Android, IOS, Social Media)
  • Strong analytical skills and problem solving skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and effective communications kills, both orally and in writing
  • Excellent planning skills and goal oriented


11th of June 2014 Achievement Certificate for having participated in the “Handling Customer Complaints” Training from Management Mix

19Th of September 2014   Emotional Intelligence and Body language from Act Leaders

Extracurricular Activities

  • Active Member in the Social Club at AUST  ( from 2005 till 2008)                                  
  • Chosen as an assistant to plan and coordinate events ( from 2005 till 2008)

N.B: References are available upon your request.