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BERNES Christophe

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1.           Family name:                     Bernes

2.           First name:                        Christophe

3.           Date of birth:                      25 December 1966

4.           Passport holder of:            French

5.           Residence:                        Paris, France

6.           Education                         

Institution [date from-to]

Subjects concerned:

University of Paris Sorbonne (06-24/10/2014)

Marketing Strategy for Social Networking (training certificate)

School of Political Sciences (15/11-15/12/2012)

Lobbying and Public Relations (training certificate)

University of Paris 4 La Sorbonne (09/2001-10/2006)

Master’s degree in Management and Public Affairs

University of Toulouse III (09/1984-06/1990)

Post graduate’s degree in Medecine (Master)

University of Toulouse III (09/1990-06/1992)

Master’s degree of Mathematics

7.               Language skills:  Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 - excellent; 5 - basic)






Mother tongue

















8.           Membership of professional bodies:              No.

9.      Other skills: Consultation methodology, implementation of coordination framework, strong analytical and methodological skills, interpersonal and problem-solving skills, intercultural communication, institutional communication. Proficient user of MS Office package (word, excel, powerpoint) including projects management software (MS Project) and tools for web (Drupal, SEO/SEA/SMO).

10.    Present position:       International Expert in capacity building of Public bodies and of Civil Society and Non-governmental Organisations, in public awareness, stakeholders engagement and training fields.

11.    Years within the firm: 15 years in public body incl. 13 years in EU-funded projects,

12.    Key qualifications:

·       25 years of professional experience, of which 15 acquired in a Public body of consumer information (economic and legal consumer rights / information), leading public advocacy, drafting institutional communication strategies, proposing analysis of institutional framework, providing technical support on training and information to Civil Society, Public institutions (communication strategy, awareness campaign, training cycle)

·       Large experience in horizontal thematic information (e.g. consumer, media work, sustainability) including IT support systems and conducting training sessions (including training of trainers, developing guidelines and trainer book) from general audience to expert level ( journalists, web influencers, lawyers, etc.).

·       Professional experience of various communication approaches and tools: production of TV and radio program, content management of thematic website and newsletter, managing accounts in social platforms, preparation of content for print materials (press kits, leaflets, pedagogical tools), organisation of visibility events (public hearings, consultations, presentation with/before business, civil society), preparation of public communication manuals and guidelines.

·       International experience with 14 years of direct experience in EU projects: profound knowledge of EU procurement rules, writing Twinning Fiche, project management position (Team Leader, Key Expert ) of eight EU-funded projects in MENA states and EU Candidates. Working experience in planning, managing and monitoring projects evaluation, in Project Cycle Management and logical framework approach. Implementation of Citizen Participation in decision-making at local and national levels. Building communication strategies and tools. Designing training kits.

·       Updated experience on Information and Communications Technologies in the field of e-governance, providing guidance on the collection and interpretation of stat. data to measure information society development as well as e-benchmarking, in line with EU Standards. Making a literature review on requirements for consumers' digital competence in the European digital single market.

13. Specific experience in UE and outside:


Date from - to


Date from - to




02/2012 to 03/2014


10/2016 to 03/2018; 03/2011 to 03/2014










05/2007 to 07/2009


10/2015 to 12/2015




14.                   Professional experience



Company & reference




Kiev, Ukraina

European Commission

DG Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations

([email protected])

Senior Expert in training

TAIEX Ref. ETT 65628 

Workshop on a national communication strategy for the provision of information on the quality of communication services.

Tasks: coordination of experts to enhance the regulatory capacity of the National Commission for the State Regulation of Communications and Informatization through the establishment of a national communication strategy for the provision of information on the quality of communication services. Provide comprehensive advice on Regulation (EU) 2015/2120 and Directive 2002/22/EC and EU best practice ensuring transparent, non-discriminatory, fair and equal access to objective information on the quality of communication services provided by the service providers. Provide also guidance on changes to the national legislation implementing the EU legislation.


Cairo, Egypt

Ecole Nationale d’Administration for European Commission/

DG Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations
 ([email protected])

Senior Expert in Citizen Participation and Communication

Europeaid project ENPI/2014/347-267

Support to Public Administrative Reform and Local Development in Egypt.

Tasks: Proposing an operational model for external communication and structured dialogue among stakeholders including CSOs and NGOs of local development. Set up of three local initiatives in citizen engagement in local decision-making and dialogue with local public authorities (two on Solid Waste Management, one in Water access) and Civil Society Organizations. Organisation of multiple workshop with relevant stakeholders at local and national level, monitoring reports. Training of national and local public servants in media relations and on communications tools.


Beirut, Lebanon

European Commission

DG Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations

([email protected])

Senior Expert in e-Governance and Digital Citizen Participation

TAIEX Ref. ETT 64677 

Strengthen the Lebanon Digital Strategy for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Tasks: Promoting the role of ITCs in reaching the SDGs in Lebanon and reinforcing the capacity building in line with the central role of digital technologies for the economy and society and their predominant role in development as outlined in the EU Digital Single Market.

06/2002-08/2017 (70% part-time)

Paris, France

French Ministry for the Economy and Finance -State Agency for Consumer Affairs

(Eric Briat, [email protected])

Communication and Training Projects Manager / Team Leader

· Analysis and reorganisation of the institutional framework and capacity building, in particular related to coordination of consumer information between different authorities, complaints handling, comparative tests, cooperation with consumer NGOs, awareness raising, research, IT, training

· Leading public advocacy on consumer issues (education, food safety, sustainability), in cooperation with qualified stakeholders, NGOs, etc., preparation of strategic reports (comparative studies, contribution to EC green papers, proposals for G20 onfinancial services safety, etc.).

· Expert on media campaigns for increasing awareness on citizenship and sustainability issues and on production of communication and pedagogical tools.

· Delivering training to media professional as for TV-radio-print journalists, editors, web influencers (>30 training sessions) on technical issues (how to do comparative tests, handling with consumer data, etc.) as well as public advocacy issues (consumer interest, home safety, water quality, etc.).

· Drafting training program and conducting training sessions for volunteers and staff from CSOs or NGOs at local and at national level, for local and National Public Institutions, in the field of media issues (media strategy, public-relations, lobbying and tools, crisis communication).

· Design and management of TV programs Consomag broadcasted on all Public TV channels (25/year, 3millions tv-viewers), of tutorial 2minutes-video programs for web TVs, of spots series for radio channels. Writing scripts and synopsis, briefing interviews, control of storyboards and post-production.

· Preparation of content for printed materials (press kits, leaflets, pedagogical tools) and of public communication manuals and guidelines, partly in partnership with NGOs or CSOs. Writing contents and drafting the visual design to be published, managing qualified experts or journalists concerned.

· Organisation of visibility events with CSOs and NGOs (public hearings, consultations, presentation with/before business, civil society, workshop and national conferences, press conferences).

· Drafting focus group guidelines and conducting quality study on communication tools

· Responsible of development and implementation of training programs, including training for trainers, writing guidelines and trainer books.

· Staff management, budget monitoring, reporting


Zagreb, Croatia

European Commission

Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection Lower Saxony (DE) and Agency for Regional Development of the Republic of Croatia

Rummel Jürgen, [email protected]

Expert in Communication  and in Training of Trainers

Europeaid/Twinning Light Project HR/11/IB/SPP/01TWL

EU Twinning light project - Further assistance for establishment and implementation of First level control system within European Territorial Cooperation Programmes

Tasks : Conduct a needs analysis regarding necessary knowledge to act as FLC trainer. Identify objectives and aims of the training platform for FLC trainers. Using Bloom’s taxonomy and Kirk Patrick evaluation levels. Develop techniques and communication skills for a lively and positive atmosphere during a training workshop. Organize the experience of the processes of providing a training session and using techniques for monitoring and evaluating the success of a workshop.


Paris, France

Sevilla, Spain

European Commission Joint Research Centre IPTS

Expert senior digital competences

Provide a research on requirements for digital competences in the online marketplace and in the EU digital single market.


Tirana, Albania

European Commission

DG Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations

(S. Bowen, [email protected])

Team Leader/ Expert on e-Governance



Expert Mission on National Agency for Information Society (E-Governance)

Tasks : Provide guidance on the functionality and responsibilities of the observatory in particular for the collection and interpretation of statistical data to measure information society development as well as e-benchmarking, in line with EU Standards.

Organisation of the mission, team expert coordination, project management, monitoring and validation reports.

1/2004 – 12/2015


Paris, Berlin, Dublin, Istanbul, Tallinn

Norvegian University of Hedmark

(Victoria Thorensen,

[email protected])

Key Expert on Media

DG EAC/ERASMUS Academic Network/1559277-LLP-1-2009-1-NO-ERASMUS-ENWA 2009-3671 and 2012_ 3813_526087-LLP-1-2012-1-NO-ERASMUSENW

EU-UNEP Partnership for Education and Research about Responsible Living (PERL).

Tasks: Responsible of Media component, working group leader drafting promotional activities incl. institutional video for Perl (with UNESCO, UNEP and 50 countries/ Public Institutions and CSOs), conception and management of the International Student Film Contest on environmental and sustainability issues (yearly edition), expertise on capacity building on Education for Sustainable Lifestyles, producing guidelines aimed to teachers.


Paris, France

Expertise France
 (Pauline Rouaud, [email protected])

Key Expert on on-line Training

DG SANCO Framework Service Contract Sanco/2006/B1/008

EU-funded project (DG Justice, European Commission) - ConsumerClassroom Project.

Tasks : Responsible of the Needs analysis of teachers (consumer education definition and scope) exploring the training needs, designing training on-line tools for trainers.

Development of the Quality plan for pedagogical materials evaluation, organizing the framework of a dedicated workshop including objectives, outputs and inputs.

Monitoring the evaluation of 450 Learning Kits referenced.

Responsible for the conception of the Desk Research Methodology, the Evaluation Grid for the pedagogical resources collected, edition of the Factsheets and of Back-to-school kit.


Kehl, Germany

European Consumer Center, France and Germany (Eric Briat, [email protected])

Training and Communication Key Expert

INTERREG IV Project – European Regional Development Fund – B38

Tasks : Drafting the training of trainers program,“Youth Consum’actors in the Upper Rhine”  for the promotion of citizenship education and awareness among local CSOs and NGOs and community-based development (150 sessions implemented). Writing info sheets aimed to volunteers and to facilitators in relation to responsible and sustainable citizenship.

3/2011 –


Cairo, Egypt

European Commission

DG Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations (Wolfgang Starke, [email protected])

Communication and Training

Key Expert

Europeaid/Twinning Project - EG10/ENP-AP/HE/15

EU Twinning Project strengthening the internal capacity of the Egyptian Consumer Protection Agency.

Tasks: Assessment, analysis and reorganisation of the institutional framework and capacity building, in particular related to coordination of consumer protection between different authorities, complaints handling, product recall, cooperation with consumer NGOs, awareness raising, research, IT. Building up one consumer advice centre at local level with CSOs and NGOs.

2/2012 – 4/2014

Tunis, Tunisia

European Commission

DG Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations

(Roland Laval, [email protected])

Communication and Education

Key Expert

Europeaid/Twinning Project - TU11/ENP-AP/HE26

EU Twinning Project with the Tunisian Ministry of Trade and Industry and National Institute for Consumer Protection.

Tasks: Strengthening capacity building related to consumer information, designing communication strategy, training for staff of beneficiaries (ministry, national institute,  media relays, CSOs and NGOs), production of tools (including video program), organisation of the 1st national event on consumer education (170 participants), PR and media management.

9/2013 – 12/2013

Algiers, Algeria

European Commission

EU Projects Management Unit

Jacques Tallineau, [email protected]

Team Leader/ Twinning Fiche

Programme d’appui à la mise en œuvre de l’accord d’association Algérie-Union Européenne P3A-III – Rédaction de la fiche de jumelage pour le CNPC

Support for the preparation of a Twinning project for Algerian Ministry of Trade.

Tasks: Writing the Twinning Fiche for the strengthening of the consumer protection through the collection, analysis and promotion of consumer information in Algeria. Organisation of the mission, team expert coordination, project management, monitoring and validation reports.

4/2013 – 7/2013

Hanoi, Vietnam

French Embassy in Vietnam

(Benjamin Guégau, [email protected])

Training and Communication Key Expert

Cooperation France-Vietnam strengthening the National Vietnamese Consumer NGO (VINASTAS) and Vietnam Competition Authority

Tasks: Responsible for Consumer Information component, training staff concerned of national CSOs and consumer NGOs and Ministry of Trade, designing guidelines for communication campaigns and tools promoting consumer protection to national public institutions and to general audience.

1/2004 – 10/2010

Brussels, Belgium

Paris, France

Generation Europe Foundation

(Ginette Nabavi, [email protected])

Education Team Leader

DG SANCO Framework contract EAHC/2010/S 21-028848

Europa Diary EU-funded project aimed to highschools of 27 EU Member States.

Tasks: Responsible for the French version (30 000 copies ordered each year), writing national contents on responsible consumption, environmental protection and sustainability. Promotional activities, media relations, public relations, with public institutions and schools for support and dissemination. Staff management (4p).

5/2007 – 7/2009

Rabat, Morocco

European Commission

DG Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations (Jean-Michele Warnier [email protected])


Key Expert

Europeaid/Twinning Project - MA/05/AA/HE/05

EU Twinning Project with the Moroccan Ministry of Trade.

Tasks: Strengthening the internal capacity of  the department in charge of market surveillance and consumer protection. Designing comparative test on basic products (milk, biscuits). Conducting training for staff of beneficiaries (ministry, CSOs and NGOs). Production of guidelines, pedagogical kit and video program on money, food, home safety and environmental issues.

2/2004 – 12/2007

Santander, Spain

Paris, France

Spanish Consumer Agency

(Nieves Alvarez Martin

[email protected])

Web communication expert

DG EAC/Socrates Programme/116818-CP-1-2004-1-ES-Comenius-C3

e-Cons Network EU-funded project on education aimed to 27 EU Member States.

Tasks: Responsible for the web component of the european network and in charge of the French version of the pedagogical kit on consumer, environmental and sustainability issues.

9/1998 – 5/2002

Paris, France

French Trade Union – CFDT

(N. Notat)

National Secretary for Communication

Corporate Communication management of the main French Trade Union. Staff management (12 collaborators).

Implementation of local press contacts network. Conducting training sessions to regional representants, in the field of communication media.

Lobbying and public relations, negotiation at national level in Agriculture sector.

9/1992 – 8/1998

Labege, France

Agricultural Highschool La Cadene

(MA. Chantran)

Teacher VET

Teaching Mathematics to 10th-12th grade and postbac BTS in Food and Environment sectors


7/1996 – 8/1997


Kiev, Ukraina

Children of Chernobyl Foundation

Staff member

Belarusian-German Children’s Health-Improving Center.

Worker for rehabilitation of children affected by the Chernobyl disaster at Nadezhda. Implementing media campaign in south-west of France looking for host families and sponsorship for educational kit.

15.   Other relevant information


Ø  Numerous conferences and publications including studies, consumer guide books, serious games, websites, conference documentations e.g. on:


·       Citizen participation in local decision-making

·       Monitoring citizen satisfaction in public services delivery

·       Consumer information (consumer behaviour, communication strategy, comparative tests)

·       Public advocacy on consumer issues

·       Public Relations and media strategy (stakeholders, media management, targeting, message, tools, assessment)

·       Crisis communication

·       Financial literacy in money services (banking, insurance, home economics)

·       Public private partnership (opportunities and risks for consumers)

Ø  Car license holder

Ø  Marathon runner