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Amir Saweres eskander

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Date of Birth: 07/27/1975 Nationality: Egyptian Address: 2 William St. - Hay Elsabil - Kafr Abohussin - Zagazig - Sharkia - Egypt Marital status: Married E-mail addresses: amir.saweres @ [email protected] Phone: +2 0552337751 Mobile: +2 01207010771 Private driving license Qualifications: Bachelor of Law Zagazig University Open Education 2018 Graduates of the Technical School of Commerce Graduation Year 1994 Current work: * human resources specialist Italian Egyptian company) vitro ) crews to produce health insurance and responsible social health insurance from 1/9/2014 to now * end - the participation of the insured attic * end - Notification of an end to the participate in social insurance * end - annual increase to collect working within established * end institution if the new car or will we * renewal work in social insurance survey and review of the work of health insurance cards * patients receive checks from the accounts of social insurance Review  leave patients in social insurance * of Brant insurance for workers within established * Note work and progress to Mr. director of insurance in case of any errors in data for the agents to correct * audit inspection section in the case of inspection On the established to correct any errors immediately Health Insurance: - * end setting a model for 111 to the medical * confirmation medical examination of workers * Receipt of the medical examination and sick leave * holidays ending work of work injury in the police station and record pool * end health insurance cards Current Work: * Human resources Vitro company to produce health crews Social health insurance administrator and 01/09/2014 to now Previous work:: * Follow-up power plant project powered 155 MW in Sixth of October City company Orascom from 4/2014 to 7/2014. * Production Supervisor in General Agent for Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles in Egypt (MCV). Joining year 1999. * Follow-up production in the finishing line (Fittings and stores) from the beginning of 2002 to work * responsible for finishing line until 2006. * ability to deal with the workers and get them on the work Quality required * end the work required by the high quality and Engineering Drawing . * administrative work associated with the technical work from 2006 to 12/3/2014 . PFR Identify the specific problems of each PFR pal administration and discuss the points by observers or engineers to solve the problem with repeat administration . Review of the general plan . His studies of the plan sent to Planning Department and the possibility of its implementation in the appointments required for each month separately Follow-up calculation T-UP your assignment Commissioning at the expense of all the management and the introduction of each Data Management (Excel Sheet ....) Send an assignment for each administration to discount the re-paint administration. Review job orders for the manufacture of equipment Course work order 1 - Is the estimate cost of the administration implemented 2 - In case of severe exchange administration after approval is sent to MRP Review Alas cad 1 - Review Alas cad maintenance of welding Alas cad to hurry Alas cad 2 - Review Alas cad lift and balance on the car Alas cad . Training courses: Sub-regional training course in the field of "building the capacity of citizens, journalists and bloggers to promote human rights Administration of election campaigns Won several courses in computer skills and programs Training course in "electronic journalism," sponsored by the Free Egyptians Party Course in the democratic transition between the demand for democratic transition and the dilemma of internal conflicts in Morocco A training course to freedom of opinion and freedom of expression Extensive experience in the field of work in the areas of : * won several courses in skills and computer programs Word & Excel & SAP * got supervision cycle and how to deal with workers * got the cycle Industrial Safety * member of the Committee of Wise Men factory * sub-regional training course in the field of " building the capacity of citizens, journalists and bloggers to promote human rights Supported by the United Nations Fund for Democracy * administration of election campaigns * training course in " electronic journalism ," sponsored by the Free Egyptians Party * course in the democratic transition between the demand for democratic transition and the dilemma of internal conflicts * cycle freedom of opinion and freedom of expression in support of the human rights of EU Fund * training course in the field of training and Education Partisan Thanks and Best Regards. Amir Saweres Eskander