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Bulat Inga

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Head of Internal Audit Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, Chisinau (Moldova) 1. I successfully perform the assignments from the beginning to the end, including the preparation and reporting of the results projects. 2. Identify and communicate high issues by providing recommended solutions relevant to institutions and departments 3. Good communications skills gained from my experience with the managers of the audited units to the top manager. 4. I elaborate plans, programs, methodologies and instructions in the audit activity, according to the International Auditing Standards and the legal framework, 5. I develop and use in practice various scientific and modern methods and techniques in assessing, managing and minimizing risk. 6. Verifying and obtaining evidence to ensure the findings / findings are relevant and well documented 7. I monitor and organize the work of the team auditors and the communication is clear and concise, thus ensuring the achievement of tasks with high quality and efficient results 8. I investigate and analyze the financial statements and the accounting, management, control, quality, etc. aspects. 9. Continuous professional growth to be able to address challenges and more challenging tasks, in line with standards and normative framework 10. I use various effective and modern methods in the education and training of organizational culture. 11. I am open and easy to get involved in carrying out other related tasks as they are assigned or needed

EDUCATION AND TRAINING 01/09/1994–15/06/1999 EQF level 4 Pedagogical College "Al. Mateevici ", Chisinau (Moldova) primary school psychologist 01/09/1999–15/06/2003 Relation international EQF level 6 State University of Moldova International Relations and Modern Languages Faculty, Chisinau (Moldova) 01/09/2008–15/06/2010 Financial and economist EQF level 5 Institute of Continuous Education Finance and Accounting, Chisinau (Moldova) 01/09/2011–15/06/2014 Law EQF level 7 Academy of Public Administration under the Government, Chisinau (Moldova) 01/10/2015–Present Management and economy EQF level 8 Academy of Sciences of Moldova School, Chisinau (Moldova) 01/10/2017–Present Accountant EQF level 7 "Constantin Brancoveanu" University, Pitesti (Romania)