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Verna Jabbour

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Verna Jabbour                                                                                                   

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Place of  Birth: Sydney , Australia

Status: Single.

Current Address:. Awkar -Beirut

Phone: +961-3-632868

E.mail: [email protected]

Skype: verna.jabbour




Work experience         


May 2014- Present.                   Rizk Advertising & Associates SAL- Beirut , Lebanon.

Regional Senior Account Manager for Japan Tobacco International(JTI) –Tanzania, West , East & Central Africa & UNDP (Specific Tactical  Campaigns)

  • Operate as the lead point of contact for any and all matters specific to JTI & UNDP.
  • Build and maintain strong, long-lasting customer relationships.
  • Develop a trusted advisor relationship with the JTI Team in all African Markets & with representatives of the UNDP.
  • Manage all Projects & allocate & manage budgets pertaining to the clients handled.
  • Ensure the timely and successful delivery of our solutions according to Client’s needs and objectives
  • Developed & Proposed CSR projects for the client to enhance the image of the company.
  • Communicate clearly the progress of monthly/quarterly initiatives to internal and external stakeholders
  • Forecast and track key account metrics. (KPI’s)
  • Identify and grow opportunities within my territories and collaborate with Marketing & sales teams to ensure growth attainment
  • Assist with high severity requests or issue escalations as needed.
  • Develop, implement & manage all events & or workshops pertaining to the above mentioned.



October 1992-Present                              Restart  Center for the rehabilitation of victims of torture & violence.

Freelancer in Communications , Events & Workshop Management

  • Worked on all the Communication tools for the Organization (Brochures , Edits , short films , Website material Corporate Identity …)
  • Organized all the Events & Workshops that are constantly conducted within the organization.

 May 2011- November 15, 2012.                                  Boulos Group- Lagos , Nigeria.

Marketing Consultant for Bel Impex Limited.(Consumer Tissue & Disposable Goods)(Project of 1 year)

  • In General, Restructuring the Marketing/Sales Department, including recruiting and refining Job Functions within the department.(Setting Job descriptions & Training Programs both on the job & theoretically).
  • Developing the New Brand strategy for the New portfolio expansion for both the short term & Long term roll out Plan.
  • Understanding the Consumer Insights and developing into sound marketing strategies.
  • Develop pricing strategies ,balancing firm objectives and consumer satisfaction.
  • Identify, develop, and evaluate marketing strategy, based on knowledge of Management’s objectives, market characteristics, and cost and markup factors.
  • Evaluate the financial aspects of product development, such as budgets, expenditures, research and development appropriations, and return-on-investment and profit-loss projections.
  • Manage all Projects to meet deadlines allocated by Management.
  • Manage the budget per project & distributing in a cost efficient way .
  • Develop Marketing Plans and strategies in line with Management objectives.
  • Formulate, direct and coordinate marketing activities and policies to promote products and services, working with advertising agencies and merchandising & promotion units.
  • Direct the hiring, training, and performance evaluations of marketing and sales staff and oversee their daily activities.
  • Negotiate contracts with vendors and distributors to manage product distribution, establishing distribution networks and developing distribution strategies
  • Consult with product development and production team on product specifications such as design, color, and packaging.
  • Compile lists describing product or service offerings.
  • Use sales forecasting and strategic planning to ensure the sale and profitability of products & lines, analyzing business developments and monitoring market trends.
  • Coordinate and participate in promotional activities and trade shows, working with developers, advertisers, and production managers, to market products.
  • Initiate market research studies and analyze their findings.
  • Conduct surveys to identify potential markets for products.



August 2009- April 2011                                                                  Patchi International.

Worldwide Franchise Marketing Account Manager.

  • Identifying opportunities on an International level , while keeping in Mind Corporate standards & compliances .
  • Contributing to the development of Corporate as well as Brand Communication.
  • Developing Brand portfolio and maintaining current line.
  •  Maintaining the development of the Franchisees and assuring Brand coherence worldwide.
  • Maintaining & also developing Client relations in order to expand business.
  • Contributing to the Marketing Plan by advising on strategies , Platforms & Future projects , taking in mind Consumer insight and Market research.
  • Investigating Potential Markets, by researching the feasibility of potential franchisee.
  • Creating, supervising and implementing Events, both on the brand and corporate level.

September 2006- July 2009                            Philip Morris Mgmt Services M.E.

Regional Marketing Executive-Levant

  • Identify local and regional opportunities and issues, propose the action plans to reach the objectives set by higher management and monitor the Marketing Plans to meet Corporate targets.
  • Contribute to effective Brand Management by proposing and implementing objectives per brand including new Brand launches and ensuring that these activities are supported by appropriate resources and programs(advertising, promotions & Media Plans)in order to maximize brand awareness within the consumers of each brand.
  • Constantly evaluate areas for Brand development for existing and future brands and assisting upper management in identifying the optimal Brand Portfolio.
  • Manage all Projects to meet deadlines allocated by Management.
  • Manage the budget per project & distributing in a cost efficient way .
  • Worked on the development of a CSR program that was implemented with the collaboration of the company’s Corporate affairs department .
  • Constantly monitor shopper and market dynamics and identify consumer insights and communicate to the sales and marketing team through regular presentations and consumer oriented marketing activities.
  • Propose and conduct development tests through consumer research in order to maximize consumer acceptance and Market competitiveness,
  • Constantly evaluate and select the best suppliers in terms of quality ,price and delivery conditions and through supervision and training,   improve the performance of suppliers(especially advertising ,media & promotions agencies)in order to maintain superior quality and meet company standards
  • Collect ,analyze and consolidate market & competitive info continuously to provide management with recommendations related to business developments including ways to counter competitive activities.
  • Ensure effective communication and implementation of Brand programs and activities with distributors .
  • Control and implement creative promotional activities , supervise the promotional force to ensure effective and efficient promotions.
  • Initiate, Plan and roll out all events related to Product Launches , Brand extensions and PR related Trade events .
  • Set and Monitor all Budgets connected to the Brands and analyzed the efficiency and cost effectiveness of marketing activities in order to achieve the maximum return on all marketing expenses.
  • Cooperate with all members of the area and regional brand team to ensure proactive internal communications and effective teamwork.


March 2005-September 2006                  Kettaneh Tobacco Division (Distributors for Philip Morris Products).

Marketing Executive-Lebanon

Same responsibilities as above within Lebanon only.


April 2003 – March 1st 2005                                                      Sanita Sal, Halat-Lebanon

Marketing Communicator

  • Coordinated with Product Managers on Packaging & New Concepts for their products.
  • Responsible for all above the line and below the line activities and communications between Sanita and its consumers.
  • Manage all Projects to meet deadlines allocated by Management.
  • Manage the budget per project & distributing in a cost efficient way .
  • Handled  the Sanita Consumer Magazine and Internal Newsletter(Content ,designs, printing and distribution)
  •  Coordinated all Key Account Promotional activities(Concept and Implementation)Locally & Regionally
  • Arranged & managed all Exhibitions events & sponsorships in which Sanita Participate.locally & regionally
  • Maintained and updated Sanita Website.
  •   Planned and implemented all advertising, promotional & Environmental campaigns for Sanita Products & Corporate Image.

April 2000- April 2003                                                                Sanita sal Halat-Lebanon

Assistant Merchandizing & Consumer Unit Head

  • Monitored & Organized work of the Unit. Planned & executed all the marketing activities occurring in the major points of sales and in major establishments such as Hospitals, Schools & Clinics.
  • Was responsible for a team of 42 employees (32 Marketing Specialist & Promoters & 10 Merchandisers).
  • Coordinated with Product Managers on implementation on Activities & Promotions.
  • Submitted reports at end of each month concerning the progress & analysis of each event & activity performed in the unit. 

1996 – April 2000                                                                      Sanita Sal , Halat-Lebanon                               

Product Specialist

  •  Securing the achievement of the strategic goals set by upper management.
  •  Studied the market, analyzed the data, set plans, coordinated the implementation, took corrective action & reported market situation relative to my product line.

February 1996- April 1996    LBC International –.                                                           

Trainee - Production & Promotional Departments

  • Participated in Field work such as shooting & production of various programs.







Education :        









July 1996 – Notre Dame University – Beirut Lebanon

B.A. in Advertising & Marketing




Managing People- Given By Alain Deliquet

Managing People in the Field: PM in house training.

Consumer Insights Training: PM in house training.

Negotiation Skills-A PM in house training.

Brand Management- Given by Starmanship

Presentation Skills – Given by Core Development Training Solutions




Fluent in English and Arabic.

  • Microsoft Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).