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Other Details:

Proposed role in the Project:                      Team Leader/Senior Expert

  1. Family name:                                     AUVINEN
  2. First names:                                       Heikki Kalevi
  3. Date of birth:                                      21 December 1945
  4. Nationality:                                        Finnish
  5. Civil status:                                       Divorced
  6. Education:

Institution (Date from – Date to):

Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:

University of Helsinki 09/1967 - 05/1972

BA in Pedagogy/Didactics

University of Helsinki 09/1972 - 05/1974

MA in Educational Management/Social Policy (Sub-doctoral level)

Further training in ICT, Law, Finances and Aid Coordination by IBM, Nokia, DG, WIPO and EU

Altogether in excess of two year’s full-time further industry-training certified by institutions diplomas & progressing in professional career/assignments

  1. Language skills (1 = excellent; 5 = basic):






mother tongue

















  1. Membership of professional bodies:
  • Amnesty International Finland, The Finnish Information Processing Association, Finnish Systems Engineering Association,
    Association of International Consultants, the Development Executive Group and European Consultant Network
  1. Other skills (e.g. computer literacy, etc.):
  • Fully computer literate: Internet, MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Pinnacle Studio Plus; MS Vision
  1. Present position:                                                           Independent Development Consultant (SDGs Design & Implementation)
  2. Years within the firm:                         40+
  3. Key qualifications (relevant to the project):
  • Envisioning PSD through BDS, ICT, IPR, PAR, B2B, G2B, FDI services activities and IFI projects design, delivery and assessment as sub-contracting adviser to enterprise management & public sector authorities; drafting commercially sold business guides; designing sector specific financing tools (e.g. leasing) and restructuring trade and export programs (software and trade in  services, as well as identifying/formulating business processes for integrating them into employment and digitizing programs in the emerging markets in EE, CA, EA and ME.
  • Proven experience in creating networking between international client firms and domestic industries/public authorities e.g. IBM, HP, DEC, BULL, UNIVAC, Apple, Microsoft, Ashton-Tate, Philips, Motorola, Siemens, Nokia, and  national trade/export authorities in Finland, UK, USSR etc. (out of 300 organisations clientele) in trade development and addressing non-monetary barriers to trade i.e. interoperability of solutions and compliance with international laws/standards such as  privacy issue, IPR protection through law drafting and industry-driven self-regulation on various sectors.    
  • Coordination experience in implementing key areas addressed in EU-Lebanon LFA and aid effectiveness coordination framework within interventions in trade, industrial restructuring and PAR with digitizing with special focus on IPR Protection, Privacy/Integrity and Cyber Dimension in ICT and ICT-enabled services with proven results by inter-governmental bodies (EC, ITU, OECD, UNECE, UNICEF, WB).  
  • Excellent knowledge of current EU TA procedures (PRAG & PCM/LFA) and EU GSP and multilateral WTO GPA policies &procedures as a premise for trade and export operations in the PSD facility materialization within EU 28, WTO round and current EU committments to Agenda 2030 for SDGs in SD sphere, as well as the  economic dimension of UNHCR presence in Lebanon during the international regional conflict.   
  • Demonstrated new business development, project management & leadership skills gained  in advisory services to private business executives and public sector authorities through long career and multiple TL positions in IFI-funded projects, which was complemented by direct employment 2002 – 2004 as expert on aid coordination by the EC RELEX in Egypt. Eexcellent knowledge of English/Russian language, proven tact/code of conduct with industry, diplomacy and CSO community, as well as mass media.    
  1. Specific experience in the region:


Date from - Date to


Date from - Date to


11/1989 – 01/2004

Armenia, Russia, Belarus & Ukraine

05/1976 – 11/2015

Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan

03/1996 – 04/2013

The Baltic States

05/1979 – 08/2011

Vietnam, China, Mongolia

07/2008 – 08/2013

Greece, Finland

12/2015 – 07/2019




  1. Professional experience:


from - to


Company & reference person



12/2015 –


Finland & EU

Asumer Oy

Komeetankuja 4 D 23, 02210 Espoo, Finland; [email protected], Tel.+ 358 400 638 660

Senior Consultant

The Agenda 2030 for SDGs assessment with a complementary systemic approach and a more private sector driven aapproach to sustainable development in programming and coordinating the G2G-driven as done from the 1970’s through early 1990’s by means of B2B modernization. .  

  • Private sector driven approach with focus on financing tools development  in implementing SDGs through an Octal Matrix based  situation analysis and grouping 17 SDGs into four more manageable content clusters plus a cross-cutting issues cluster at country level.  
  • The four sector clusters consist of 1) environment, socio-economic development, PAR & institutional development and trade in services including ICT/digitizing, as well as the cross-cutting issues cluster to keep the approach coherent and subject to coordination.     

9/2015 - 11/2015



Ms. Armine Ter-Ghevondyan, [email protected]
Tel. + 374 10 52 35 4

ST Expert

UNICEF Armenia, Education, Monitoring and Evaluation Program

  • Individual consultancy on supporting the development of National Education Strategy of Armenia 2016 – 2025 including analysis of current socio-economic situation in the country, through outlining a development vision for the law drafting and inter-linking the strategy process with international trends and relevant good practices in other countries.  Review of participatory/tripartite mechanisms in education sector for domestic content/curriculum development.



PCU for WB Sector Support for Education Reform Project under MoES, Ms. Guljan Mamytova,  [email protected]

Tel. +996 312 660351

ST Expert

WB PMU for Education Reform Project

  • Identify and design a research methodology and instruments for conducting observation of teaching practices at classroom level,
  • Probation of survey measure instruments,
  • Development of training course/programme for national observers and analysis & making recommendations on improving education assessment and pedagogical practices in primary schools in Kyrgyzstan.

05/2013 -



Impact Consulting Oy Ltd

Ms. Satu Zukale, Impact Consulting Oy Ltd, [email protected]

Tel + 358 44 596-3370

Team Leader

Finland-funded evaluation project: Innovation Partnership Programme between Finland and Vietnam, Phase 2 (IPP 2)

  • Comprising assessment of the three programme components

1) Institutional Development and Capacity Building

2) Partnership for Innovation Envisioning and

3) Programming Innovation projects

  • Finalizing the draft program document into a final program document, including review of industrial relations setup in Vietnam.

06/2012 –



Mr. Robert Serén, [email protected] Tel. +358 20 741 9886


Mentoring project by Finnish Information Processing Association

  • Participation as a selected qualifying mentor on internationalisation of ICT business /professional skills under the 2nd Finnish Information Processing Association’s one-year mentoring programme for ICT- professionals (Certified programme).


Kazakh-stan (Astana)

EPRD Ltd. (Pl)

Ms. Marcela Vivas, EPRD Ltd, [email protected]
Tel. +48 41 345 32 71 to 74

Team Leader

EU-funded projects “Support to VET in Kazakhstan” and “VET Institutional Partnership Project (VIPP)”

  • Providing the EC Delegation with an independent assessment of the two ongoing projects as part of the EU-funded “Support to the National Programme of Vocational Education Development” program (decision 19259, AP 2007)
  • Making recommendations for future steps of the VET/labour market cooperation and education sector development under the national poverty eradication program, including situation analysis and interviews with social dialogue/tripartite organizations (Central Trade Union and Employers Association).

01/2010 - 04/2011


IBF International Consulting

Mr. Bernard Basteyns, Director, IBF Int’l Consulting, [email protected]
Tel. + 32 2 237 09 00

Team Leader

EU-funded project: Support to the Modernization of the Education System Central Asia/Turkmenistan


1.   Publication reference

  • Development of human capital relevant for a modern society integrated into the world economy by contributing to modernization of the general secondary education through development of education modernisation strategy, analysis of secondary general education policy, legislation and stakeholder relations including social dialogue in education sector, a comprehensive capacity development and training programmes in PCM/LFA and by project components.
  • Functional Review and use of ICT in teaching/learning and education management and making a comparative analysis of European education systems,
  • Quality Assurance in education, teacher education and bringing Turkmen education system closer to international standards also in social dialogue in education sector (MinEdu, teachers’ trade unions and students/parents associations).
  • Special training in project management by international donor standards (PCM/LFA)

06/2009 –


Danish Management S/A,

Ms. Sine Dannemand Sørensen, Danish Mgmt S/A, [email protected], Tel: +45 87 340 606

Team Leader

EU-funded project: Final Evaluation of EU - China Information Society Project under the EU-China IS Dialogue Process

  • Policy advice and recommendations for continuation and further steps with regard to four project’s components: Regulatory Framework, Improved Government Services, e-Government Training and Administrative Capacity Building as well as the IS Dialogue in whole as well as in sectorial and regional development.
  • Review of public administration reform bodies and training mechanisms with linkage to universities and higher education institutions at central and canton levels through pilot regions with a synthesis in final evaluation report.

01/2009 – 03/2009

Beijing- Ulaan-baatar


Mr. Adam Pierzchala, Director, HTSPE Ltd, [email protected], Tel: +44 (0)1442 202400

Team Leader

EU-funded project: Mid-Term Review and Assessment of EC-Mongolia Development Cooperation Strategy with appropriate analyses and recommendations

  • Project identification study and relating the planned changes in EU programming incorporating SD, NGO sector and new services industries to overall development cooperation setting under the existing aid coordination framework while revising the EC’s Strategy Paper 2007 – 20013 for Mongolia.


05/2008 – 04/2009

Ashgabat TM

AETS Europe

Ms. Charline Claveau, Project Manager, AETS-Europe
[email protected]

Tel: +33(0)5 59 72 4323

Team Leader

EU-funded project: “Science, Technology, Post-Graduate Education Standards Development”


  • Assessment with Supreme Council for Science and Technology (SCST) the current postgraduate studies in Turkmenistan,
  • Identification and making recommendations for development programme to set up postgraduate framework compliant with international standards, including financial and social support systems in Higher Education,
  • Design and implementation of Internet portal on postgraduate study/exchange programmes in Turkmenistan, Europe (Bologna Process), Jordan, CIS countries and in the US
  • Focuses: 1) social issues in higher education with participation of other donors and 2) digital tools in higher education learning.

07 2008 –
08 2008

Danang, Vietnam

FCG Int’l Ltd.

Mr. Jari Poikonen, Vice President, FCG Int’l, [email protected]
Tel. +358 10 409 4569

Team Leader

WB-funded project: Danang eGovernment project in WB Vietnam ICT Development Programme 2008 - 2011

  • Support to PIU in making action plan for the project implementation,
  • Advising on project management (PCM/LFA) and ICT systems development in inception phase for implementation of eGovernment in Danang.
  • Training and capacity development in project management

01/2008 -04/2008


Apri Int’l

Mr. Emmanuel Pradez, Project Manager,
[email protected]

Tel: +32 2 738 1010

Team Leader

EU funded project: ToR Drafting for One-Stop-Shop in Tajikistan.

  • Mission on identification, formulation and drafting Terms of Reference for the creation of one-stop shop (OSS) for new business registration in Tajikistan in a multi-donor environment.

03/2007 – 10/2007

St. Peters-burg, Ark-hangelsk, Novgorod

FCG Int’l Ltd.

Ms. Maija Kaltakari, Director, [email protected]
Tel. + 358 10 409 4380

Quality Service Expert

EU-funded project (Tacis): Development of Internet-based Interactive Government-to-Business Services in Northwest Russia (G2B-NWR

  • Evaluation and advice in restructuring ICT-based Public Procurement in Arkhangelsk province, to transfer from the Lisbon Process and i2010 premises, EU experience in eGovernment development through a comprehensive analysis of on-going eGovernment development and donor cooperation in the field of Information Society and development of related indicators in Russia.
  • Participation in regional level training missions and final conference of the project. Design of on-line survey questionnaire of the project.
  • Additional study tour arrangements and supervising its implementation to six highly selected NWR provinces’ authorities to see the Finnish tripartite cooperation between authorities, entrepreneurs and educational institutions in metropolitan area Helsinki, in small towns and rural areas in central part of Finland and in the arctic zone Lapland. 

01/2005 -12/2005

Batken, (KG) & Sughd (TJ)

Transtec (Be)

Team Leader

EU-funded project: Tacis: Addressing Social Consequences of Transition in Ferghana Valley

  • Analysis, assessment and recommendations for addressed social benefits/old safety net restructuring at provincial level with baseline ICT- training & services to support delivery of social services at municipal/regional administration level,
  • Poverty reduction through SME start-up and incubator services and training programmes in Southern Kyrgyzstan & Northern Tajikistan,
  • Renovation of agriculture produce through implementation of new species from Europe with introduction of new innovations in food processing and plantation techniques.
  • International donor conference in Southern Kyrgyzstan province and project identification/TNA survey at provincial level in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan with SME training design and implementation.

01/2002 -12/2004

Cairo, Egypt

EC Delegation

(direct employment with the EC)

Individual Expert (IE)

IE on Government Liaison/Aid coordination at the EC Delegation in Cairo reporting to Head of Operations:

  • Support to EU country programming (CVSP & NIP revisions) through acting as expert on Government Liaison in change aid coordination and Delegation relations with Member States’ embassies, other international donors and GoE ministries and agencies taking part in aid operations,
  • Contributing drafting of Annual plans and report to EU HQ, managing, and finalising the OECD DAC statistics in Egypt together with UNDP/Ministry of Foreign Affairs team, drafting ad-hoc reports to Ambassador/Head of Operations on demand basis on special issues e.g.  public administration reform, poverty alleviation, human rights, Social Dialogue, Global Compact in Egypt,
  • In government liaison capacity participating as EU representative attending special conference and drafting minutes &executive summaries on the events, as well as taking part and acting as secretary in donor organs’ thematic meetings and methodological workshops,
  • Drafting and distributing flyers on new standards and aid delivery approaches launched by EHQ and informing Member States and EIB (Intranet) of procedures in aid coordination/effectiveness implementation and harmonisation. 


02/2001 - 01/2002

Helsinki, Finland & Petrozavodsk Russia

HCG (Finland)

Team Leader

Tacis project: Cross-border tourism development in NW Russia

  • Design and setup of Tourism Information Centres (TIC) and capacity building in visibility in domestic mass media and marketing skills and division of labour within tourism industry; hotel & restaurant sector, transport industry and educational institutions (VET/Universities), Capacity building in internationalisation through participation in Helsinki Tourism Exhibition 2002.
  • Capacity development through intensive training programmes in tourism sector between the public sector agencies and tourism enterprises – establishment of tourism industry enterprises’ association and cooperation mechanisms between authorities and enterprises, as well as how make linkage with international organisations in Scandinavia and Europe.
  • Drafting a Regional level funding mechanisms for tourism, food industry and university/VET institutions cooperation in NW Russia.

05/1999 -09/2000

Kizel, Gubakha & Chusovoi, Russia

IMC Consulting (UK)

Resident Adviser

Municipal Economic and Social Reform Initiative of Tacis (MERIT)

  • Support to social sector development at municipal/provincial levels in rebuilding social infrastructure in a coal industry mono-town with a multi-sector and multi-level capacity-building programme, 
  • Poverty reduction through SD/tripartite cooperation mechanism at provincial level in Perm Province (policy issues in social protection),
  • Design/implementation of activities e.g. education inclusion activities at municipal level self-governance system,
  • Delivery of training programme for entrepreneurs and civil servants in town of Kizel and identification of tourism potential, identification of products and services in tourism sector, business development support activities and advice on funding to existing spinoff office furniture and sewing industry firms in Kizel.

12/1998.- 02/1999

Helsinki, & Murmansk, Russia

HAUS (Finland)

ST Expert/


Finnish MinEdu funded project: Support to VET restructuring in Murmansk

  • Tripartism-based VET-development project on Secondary and Specialised Education restructuring in Murmansk oblast, including project kick-off & advising in inception phase in Murmansk, advising employment centres/education institutions on survey methods, inception report drafting and study tour design/participation.
  • A joint effort with Murmansk employment centre authorities and Murmansk province trade unions. 
  • Drafting and participating in executing study tour programme in Finland

06/1998 - 10/1998

Almaty Kazakhstan


ST Senior Expert

Tacis project: Agriculture Mechanization in Kazakhstan 1998 – 1999

  • Assessment of new services business opportunities in agriculture sector & rural areas and designing business guide and model leasing contract for the new State Agriculture Fund implementation of leasing finances.

03/1996- 04/1998

Almaty & Aktyubinsk, KZ


Team Leader

EU funded project: Tacis - Addressing Social Impacts of Privatization in Kazakhstan

  • Overall assessment of functionality of the social sphere after privatisation program phases 1 & 2 at national and provincial levels with documentation, conceptualisation, training programme design and delivery for several social sector ministries, other stakeholders in Kazakhstan and international donor community in Central Asia,
  • analysis, design and execution of Social dialogue sub-component and capacity building program in Kazakhstan material-wise supported by ILO HQ in Geneva, the Soviet era and new Trade Unions and the Soviet era and new Employer Federations, the Finnish Ministry of Employment  and tripartite organisations , UK Centre of Trade Unions  addressing ILO matters, legislation dev elopement and ILO Conventions, collective bargaining mechanisms, social security and pension reforms,  employment services restructuring and national support system development, including
  • Designing and running a two-fold capacity building/training program (National SD Policy Conference with participation KZ tripartite bodies, ILO, and international donors’ community in Kazakhstan,
  • Outlining the social sector provision (social insurance and protection) under Social Dialogue/ Tripartite Approach - division of labour between the tripartite and parliamentary law drafting-based social policy development,
  • Joint capacity development within the tripartite mechanism, institutional development, other agreements and visibility program development, g programs on tripartite cooperation basis,
  • Review of education sector/secondary and specialised secondary education & HE, policy advice on restructuring employment services,
  • Participation in high-level donor negotiations as EC Delegation appointed expert in the official social sector-restructuring programme “Kazakhstan Social Development until 2030” between the Government of Kazakhstan and international donors.

08/1992 - 11/1995

Lapland, North Calotte, NWR Russia

Lapland’s Regional Authorities

Managing Director/ Senior Consultant

Three long-term development assignments in Lapland 1) To restructure Finnish Public Sector owned cross-border trade company dealing with NW Russian regions, where taking part in official bilateral/multilateral economic cooperation bodies in the Arctic region, 2) tourism infrastructure (land-use-planning and regulatory development)development in Lapland and 3) improving raw materials logistics in Lapland through development of free port Facility in City of Kemi


Vienna, Austria

Finnish Research Centre (VTT)


Intergovernmental Conference on Innovation Research Co-operation with Countries in Transition in capacity of representative of the Finnish Government with presentation on Finnish experiences in cooperation with the USSR in the field of ICT development/R & D institutions, S & T and IPR in cooperation & commercialisation of the USSR scientific know-how

06/1992 - 12/1994

Geneva & USSR



Telecommunication Development Policy for Countries in Transition in Central and Eastern Europe draft report compilation with interview program in CIS countries and Draft Report presentation at a CMEA Ministerial Conference in Moscow

02/1992 - 03/1992

Geneva, CH


ST Expert

Advisor to UN Economic Commission of Europe on services industry and trade in services approach in the FSU transition as a development option.  Research work with UN Geneva Library resources to compile a white paper on Concessions Policy in transition in the FSU countries including and thematic workshops with UN agencies in Geneva: ILO, ITC, ITU, UNCTAD, WHO, WTO, WIPO. The outcome paper was on agenda and reviewed by the Economic Commission of the RF Duma.


Paris, France


ST Expert

Short term expert in international OECD expert team to review and assess the 1991 Russian Federation IPR protection Draft Law for the RF Government with provision of inventor rights as a part of employment agreement generally and with  focus on of IPR protection of computer software with the RF Draft Law

02/1990 - 11/1991

Moscow & USSR Cities

MTI of Finland


Conducting survey on the USSR Services Industry setting including detailed analysis of social sphere structures and policies in the FSU and Trade in Services practices and recommendations for the Finnish DTI how to develop trade in services with the USSR

05/1989 - 07/1989

Pereslavl- Zalessky, Russia

IT-firms worldwide


Industry-driven software copyright protection development conference in the USSR, member of the drafting team of the International Pereslavl-Zalessky Declaration on software protection declaration and promoting it and its results amongst western & USSR IT firms and mass media

02/1989 - 04/1989

Brussels, Belgium

The EC


EC Assessment of the cooperation potential in ICT sector with the USSR for drafting cooperation policy with the USSR with delivery of Asumer analyses and reports on the USSR ICT industry and marketplace in advance and running an EC inter-Directorate General workshop in Brussels

01/1985 - 06/1985

Major Cities in the USSR

MTI of Finland


Assessment of the USSR ICT Market potential for the Finnish/Finland-based IT-firms, including market-survey, identification of business opportunities, restrictions, preparing recommendations and workshops for survey funding MTI/IT firms

06/1981 -

Finland, Western Europe, USA, USSR

Asumer Oy, Trade Development Consultancy

Team Leader, Consultant & Managing Director

Trade/new business development consultancy specialising in trade in ICT/trade in services and export controls in East-West trade and start up services for software export to Western Europe (CeBit). National policy formulation for participation in Eureka R & D and innovation programmes. Policy advise, strategy development, review reports for international/governmental organisations, business guides (marketed/sold also by US partners Dataquest and IDC), and rendering on retainer agreement basis business development /advisory services  to national trade development authorities and private enterprises on setting up operations in the FSU (some 300 clients - 80 clients on retainer basis). Chairing/Co-chairing international events e.g. IPR Conference (the Pereslavl-Zalessky Forum on  IPR protection in 1989 in the USSR in 1989: (, TV/press interview arrangements with key USSR officials for international mass media, PR services for the principal firms and other organisations. Invention, Research and Development of new water transport and irrigation method for arid and semi-arid regions, fund raising, publicity campaign and intellectual property right protection process with WIPO system jointly with patent attorney at national and international to development authorities have US & EPO patent. Advisory services to HE institutions redesign curricula and linkages with industries to University of Arts and Design of Helsinki in development and restructuring of education contents/programs. Capacity building effort with export operations management, including

  • Delivery of more than 200 in-house training events on trade development and technology transfer & export control with worldwide clients in 1981 -1995.

12/1974 - 02/1979

Helsinki, Paris,


IBM Finland & IBM Trade Development

Systems Engineer, Sales Rep.

Computer systems design and delivery, including: SE in the IBM USSR operations including e.g. support functions in numerous industrial sectors, including functional analysis of the Moscow Olympics 1980 results system, Systems Engineer and Sales Representative for the State Computer Centre in Finland, including budget management/database system, tax systems development and simulation software for Ministry of Finance for PFM

08/1972 - 11/1974

Helsinki, Finland


Systems Analyst

Liaison/cooperation with employer organisation under national tripartite structure and social sector authorities in defining information system requirements while developing these Human Resources sector Management Information Systems (MIS) with law reviews and joint workshops. Pilot system design and training course design/execution with Nokia personnel, including integration with manual/computerised payroll systems and statistics. Participation in the Privacy and Data Protection Law drafting committee work with Ministry of Justice. 

02/1971 - 07/1972

Helsinki, Finland


HR Specialist

Some 15 client organisations in identification of system specifications, functional review of business processes associated with design of computerized personnel information systems (MIS for Personnel Management compliant with requirements imposed by social insurance/protection legislation when executing medical, pension and unemployment insurance actuarial forecasts/calculations or other data processing associated with administrative/audit rail record keeping with payroll data linked to updating the social funds’ and national social institutions’ registered data

01/1970 - 01/1971


Education Research Auvinen & Co.


Research services for Finnish municipalities to prepare statutory education sector plans, compilation of education Sector Classification in Finland, identification of data/information needs in systems design of computerised personnel information systems for private and public sector organizations

10/1968 - 12/1969

Finland/ USA

Pedagogy Students’ Association


Establishment/chairmanship of the association in University of Helsinki focusing on streamlining curriculum reform of Institute of Pedagogy, participation in reform programs of Faculty of Philosophy and Student Council, organising/participation in conference on Education reforms in Finland and other countries, in student exchange (YMCA Camp Counsellor programme in the US)

  1. Other relevant information (e.g. publications):

·  Publications and Articles related to SD/Tripartite Mechanisms, PAR, Education, Aid Effectiveness, and Assessment Methods are available upon request or at .