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mohammad yadak

Personal Statement:
Work Experience:
Professional Skills:
Personal Skills:
Other Details:

1.Personal information:

Last Name:                                                       YADAK

First Names:                                                     Mohammad Abdullah

Date of birth:                                                    05/01/1956

Nationality :                                                       Jordanian

Place of residence:                                           Amman, Jordan

Address: P.O. Box 211159, Amman 11121, Jordan. Mob. +962 77774668

E-mail        [email protected]                [email protected]

2. Education:

  • PhD in Education Administration – Jordan University (2007 )
  • M.A in Education Administration – Jordan University/ 1997
  • Higher Diploma in School Administration – Jordan University/ 1990
  • B. Sc. in Electrical Engineering ,Helwan University/ Egypt – 1974-1979

3.Language skills:

  •  Arabic: mother language
  • English: very good

4.Computer skills: Ms office
5.Training courses:

  • The art &science of Negotiation, John. F. kennedy School  of government, Harvard university,2010
  • Certificate Course in Office Productivity, New Delhi-India,2005
  •  Communication Technology in Education, Dublin- Ireland.           ( 4-month) , 1995
  • Educational Administration, Limerick- Ireland,(6-month),1986
  • Electronics Technology and Instructional Aids, Oklahoma-USA,     ( 6-month).1983
  • ICDL (International Computer Driving License). – Issued by the UNESCO Cairo Office.
  • Several short training courses in education and management, Jordan

6. Membership of professional bodies:

  • Jordan Society for Scientific Research
  • Associate of Jordan Engineers/consultant Engineer in Vocational Training
  • Arab Experts Union  

7.Present position: Freelance consultant

8.Key qualifications (relevant to the project):

  • Experienced in project management, monitoring and controlling and following up processes.
  • Capacity building training, institutional development and sustainability.
  • Educational Administration, School management, quality assurance and accreditation.
  • Training workshops for educational institutes’ resources, develop the required materials and procurement of the needed tools and facilities.
  • TVET sector, Youth unemployment, concepts and skills to work, integration of youth into the labour market.
  • Analyse the existing structure of the educational institutes, develop a new organizational structure.
  • Education policies and Public Private Partnerships

9.Specific country experience:


Date: from (month/year) to (month/year)


April/2014 – August/2014



Latvia (from home)



Jan 2019-present


November/1979 – December/2013

Saudi Arabia

March/2006 – October/2006

August/2014 – December/2015


March/2017 – April/2017


Feb/2009 - March/2009



10.Professional experience record

  • Key Expert/Financial and Costing Specialist, SOFRECO, EU project , ''Technical Assistance and studies to provide options and plan for TVET services for Palestine Refugees in Lebanon'' Lebanon ,Dec 2018-dec 2019
  •  Senior International Expert ,GFA, EU Project  of Enhancing the relevance and quality of the TVET system through curriculum development, capacity building and quality assurance./Egypt ,15/9/2018-1/12/2018
  • Evaluation Expert, The Central Finance and Contracting Agency,  /Latvia  ,EU project of Strengthen Academic Staff of Higher Education Institutions in the Areas of Strategic Specialization,4/7/2018-1/8/2018
  • Consultant, Jordanian Sudanese College for Science and Technology, Sudan, 1/3/2017-20/4/2017
  • National Consultant/ ESCWA, Implement  a study about the integration of the values ,concepts, and skills of work, vocational work, entrepreneurship , creativity and innovation in selected grades in the  academic curricula in Jordan,24/6/2016-15/2/2017
  • Administration Director, GIZ-FESTO, Ar Rass German College, Saudi Arabia, responsible for the supervision and coordination of Human Resources, Service Operations, Information and Communication Technologies, Logistics and Procurement functions within the GIZ regulations in Saudi Arabia. Lead the development SoPs for the college.  1/8/2014-8/12/2015
  • Key Expert/TVET and School Management Expert, WB/ INTEGRATION International Management Consultants GmbH/Germany, Afghanistan, my  role was to assess and evaluate the institutes (30 institutes) and assist these institutes to develop business plans as well as to assist the schools and institutes to take the initial steps to implement their business plans and helping them to set up internal monitoring and evaluation systems .18/4/2014-1/8/2014
  • TVET Expert, GIZ, Saudi Arabia, My role was : Review of the college management chart; Review of the offers collected for initial equipment and infrastructure; Review and adaptation of College rules and regulations, including attendance policy,1/6/2014-12/6/2014
  • Evaluator for principals, Queen Rania Alabdallah Award for Education Excellence, Jordan, role was studding and evaluating the applications from candidates’ principals according to the standard criteria,2013
  • Consultant / Support to Enterprise and Export Development Programme funded by EU, Alurdonia Lil Ebda(Innovation),1/2/2013-31/12/2013
  • Head of Vocational &Engineering    Dept./ -AlQuds College . Responsible for developing the vocational and engineering departments in the college. Cooperate with other key persons for developing the programs conducted at the college 11/6/2012-5/11/2012
  • TVET specialist in the Project of  Restructuring Vocational Training  Corporation  funded by World Bank / implemented by K-UTECH/Univirsiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia(UTHM) 1/7/2011-31/12/2011
  • Director of Administration and financial affairs, education directorate of Amman Alkubra first, Ministry of Education, 25/11/2008-30/4/2012
  • Organizational Expert/Trainer/ Yemen Berenschot, European Commission. My task was to provide new organizational structure and training in organization structures and management skills.
  • Chief  of Training Workshops Equipment  supplies/ministry of education/Jordan
  • Researcher, George –Eckert-Institute For International Textbooks Research, Germany Conduct a study  about Human Rights in Textbooks, 27/5/2006-18/6/2006
  • Production Manager, Saudi Bin laden Group, Factory For Assembly of Mechanical & Electrical Works, 1/3/2006-1/10/2006
  • Chief of furniture maintenance division, Directorate of   vocational education, Ministry of Education, 2001-1/3/2006
  • Chief of vocational relations division, Directorate of   vocational education, Ministry of Education, 2000-2001
  • Member of Industrial Education, Directorate of   vocational education, Ministry of Education, 1999-2000
  • Training Coordinator for trainers and industrial supervisors, Training and Development Institute, Vocational Training corporation, 1998-1999
  • Principal, Sweleh Industrial school, Amman, Ministry of Education, 1989-1998
  • Manager of training center, Al-Ashrafieh Training center, Amman /Ministry of Education, 1984-1989
  • Trainee Engineer, Indian Electric Cooperative, USA, 25/4/1983-1/71983
  • Electrical Instructor, Amman Industrial School, Ministry of Education
  • Electrical officer in air base, Jordanian Air Farce, 1979-1980
  • Member of IT college council /Philadelphia University-Jordan 2005/2006



  • Industrial Science textbook (Electrical utilization) for first Industrial secondary class.
  • Industrial Science textbook (Electrical Utilization) for second Industrial secondary class.
  • Comparative study: Human Rights in Jordanian Civic Education Textbooks, Comparative with German and English Civic Education Textbooks.
  • A tracer study for vocational education graduates in Jordan.
  • A practical test guide for industrial instructors and teachers.
  • Training units. a project approach in training
  • Work papers.


12.Other Activities and Experience

  • Contact person for Management and Training Corporation (MTC) for preparing unsolicited proposal regarding Workforce Development in Jordan , my role was: in cooperation with MTC representatives coordinate and  organize  meetings with TVET experts in Jordan in addition to conduct   a Forum  for TVET stakeholders (employers, training providers and experts). This Forum took place in Arab Community College in  Cooperation with vocational training corporation and sponsored by  MTC
  • Member of Educational Team at the directorate of education for Amman 1st in Education Reform Support Program.
  • Represent the directorate of education for Amman 1st in the central committee of Leadership criteria  for  The King Abdullah 11 Award  for Excellence in Government  performance and Transparency
  • Support member, Provide appropriate facilities at the directorate level for the success of the program Child to child Approach implemented  by Save the children
  • Member of support team for education reform  project /career development
  • Counterpart with international expert in enhancing vocational education  employees' capacities project
  • A committee member for reformulating recommendations of vocational education programs  and policies
  • A member of core team  of developing community learning  centers project
  • Member of study committee related to tenth grade students' tendencies towards vocational education
  • Participate in  numerous seminars in the field of reviewing  and evaluating  vocational education development projects
  • Taking part in  developing  alternative track for vocational careers levels
  • Taking part in consecutive studies to follow up vocational education graduates
  • Part- time  lecturer at the Training and Development Institute in administrative and supervisory fields
  • Designed  and developed occupational standards tests for electrical field
  • Designed and developed  a training unit entitled " productive Use of Project  Methodology" which  is competency based unit for training trainers
  • Member of students conference committee/Directorate of Education for Amman 1st
  • Secretary of Egyptian Graduates  Association (voluntary work)
  •  Member of IT college council /Philadelphia University-Jordan
  •  Member of Local society Development committee /Association of Jordan Engineers
  • Member of Social Defence Association (Member of an administrative body)
  • Member of National Committee of White stick 
  • Part time lecturer ,princes Alia community college