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Celine Abou Chacra

Address: Gemmayze Beirut
Personal Statement: I am a professional Dietitian with a Master's degree in Sports Nutrition and Physiology. My aim is to help people achieve a healthy lifestyle avoiding complications, diseases and injuries while reaching their personal goals.
Education: Master's Degree in Sports Nutrition and Physiology - Saint Joseph University (USJ) Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics - Saint Joseph University (USJ)
Work Experience: Most recent experiences: Sports Dietitian, Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor at Fitness Plus - Mar Elias (Feb 2018 - Present) Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist at STAY LEAN - My own practice in Gemmayze (Jan 2020 - Pause at present because of 04 Aug explosion)
Professional Skills: Nutrition knowledge Sports knowledge Professionalism Analyze of body composition
Personal Skills: Attention to details Creativity Problem solver Good listener
Other Details: People I work with, colleagues and clients, usually admire how I can quickly determine one's problems or needs and how I always find a solution.
Interests/Hobbies: Reading/writing Singing Watching documentaries Cooking
References: Contact me if needed!