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‎ Wassim ‎Abdul Hadi Jawad ‎ Dubai, UAE ‎ Tel.: ‎‎00961436317‎ ‎ ‎Email:[email protected]‎ ‎ Marital ‎Status: Married‎ ‎ PASSPORT ‎‎#: RL 1882278‎ ‎ Date of ‎birth: 25/11/1981‎ ‎ Place of ‎Birth: Sharjah, UAE ‎ ‎Nationality: Lebanon‎ ‎ ‎Language: Eng/ Arabic‎ OBJECTIVE: To obtain a challenging role and pursuit a successful career in a ‎higher level of management as an Operations Manager.‎ ‎ I'm looking to work in a high-end Brand that will offer me the opportunity to ‎contribute my professional skills and also to give me the ability to grow within the ‎business. My goal is to expand my vision, interpersonal, technical and ‎organizational skills with a business that will allow me to succeed and be part of ‎its achievements. ‎ EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Whittard of Chelsea- Dubai (Al-Madani Group L.L.C) from Aug 2009- OCT 2010.‎ Position- Operations Manager ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ Key Responsibilities ‎  Oversees and directs the activities of a coffee shop & Retail. ‎  Managing all brand employees, ensuring the stores meets quality ‎and food service regulatory requirements.‎  Planning/Sourcing/Biding/dealing with old & new suppliers.‎ Financial Contribution  Analyzing P&L reports by using SWOT analysis on monthly basis to ‎determine and set action plans toward it.‎  Set Annual stores Sales and Margin Budgets with the ‎CEO/Chairman and be integral to processing it by providing ‎specific, accurate and concise information in regards to volume, ‎product mix, competitive activity, and market trends.‎  Auditing stores financially by using measurement tools to ensure the ‎cash handling procedure is implemented with no tolerance.‎ Learning & Development  Creates and adjusts Training programs and Plans.‎  Adjusting Performance appraisals/action plan documentation and ‎competency.‎ Administration  Attending the Brand development conference in UK Oxford Witney.‎  Analyzing Labour Cost and manpower distribution.‎  Follow up on overseas shipments. ‎  Conducting internal documented audits.‎ Marketing ‎  Creating marketing material for new products  Participating in Taste Of Dubai event for brand enhancement.‎  Preparing marketing plans/ideas to expose the brand over Dubai ‎within the given budget.‎  Developing the brand potential according to market value and ‎reposition the Brand equity to meet expected Marketing Strategies. ‎ ‎ Store Operations Management ‎  Effectively follow up on managers, maintain and followed in a ‎consistent manner in order to ensure SOP implementation.‎  Maintains consistent speed of service to the customer by ensuring ‎all store staffing.‎  Requirements and implementing the international deployment and ‎mystery shopper report.‎  Participating in local events and conferences/exhibitions.‎  Identifying new F&B products and set prices.‎ Achievements ‎ - Changed from 85% Avg to 95% Avg in mystery shopper.‎ ‎ - Reducing2.1% in COGS since joining.‎ ‎ - Terminating 30% from the poor performance staff.‎ ‎ - Hiring 20% new staff performing Avg to meeting expectation till now.‎ ‎ -.Increase in margins by 1.4%‎ ‎ -Sourced new suppliers.‎ ‎ Starbucks- Dubai (M.H Al-Shaya L.L.C) from Aug 2005- Aug 2009.‎ ‎ Position- Acting District Manager ‎ ‎ ‎ Financial Contribution  Contributes toward stores profitability by seeking opportunities to ‎increase sales, managing Inventory and cost of goods control and ‎labour costs.‎  Maintains final accountability for store operations, partner ‎development and financial contribution.‎  Creates the proper forecast in the matter of fixed assists and supply ‎chain. ‎  Effectively communicates new product updates and promotions ‎information to Store’s Managers.‎  Conducts Meetings on monthly basis subjected for the monthly Key ‎financial report.‎ Human Resource, Learning & development  Establishing styles and preferences in Training and developing staff ‎to demonstrate all Starbucks customer service standards, operating ‎standards and Star Skills.‎  Assigning MCM (Manager Coaching Mentor) for new & ‎redeveloping existing managers.‎  Developing training programs by identifying SWOTs.‎  Performance appraisals for Managers and setting action plans.‎  Facilitating Managerial workshops.‎ Administration:‎  Approving PAFs (Personal Action Form).‎  Disciplining managers upon the disciplinary SOP table.‎  Arranging Staff Parties part of the Internal Marketing strategy to ‎motivate staff.‎ Achievements: ‎ ‎ - Highest Area Snapshots 2008 over 80% and 8 times 100%.‎ ‎ - Increasing 3% in the stores margin in 2008 vs. 2007.‎ ‎ - Hired10 managers in 1 year.‎ ‎ - Promoting 8 staff in 1 year.‎ ‎ -Creating all UAE market formats for daily ops SOP.‎ AL BOOM TOURIST VILLAGE-Dubai (AL HAREB GROUP LLC) from Nov. 2003 April 2005‎ Position- Assistant Outlet Manager ‎ Business Activities ‎  Analyze and plan the unit's sales levels and profitability.‎  Preparing reports at the end of the shift/week, including staff ‎control, food control and sales.‎  Planning and coordinates menus and the implementation of VIP ‎functions. ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ Front of House ‎  Coordinates the entire operation of the restaurant during ‎scheduled shifts.‎  Ensure all employees adhere to the company's uniform standards.‎  Meet and greet customers and organize table reservations.‎ ‎ Housekeeping ‎  Maintain high standards of quality control, hygiene, and health and ‎safety.‎  Help out in any area of the restaurant when a circumstance ‎dictates.‎ ‎ Training and Workshops‎  Retail Management Training program.‎  In-Store Learning Coach Workshop.‎  Classroom facilitator Workshop.‎  Manager Coaching Mentor Workshop.‎  Profit and Loss Workshop.‎  Basic Food Hygiene training (Safe Hand Food Tech Consultants).‎  Management Labour Scheduling tool Workshop.‎  The service leadership workshop (Ron Kaufman).‎  Brand Conference workshop in UK.‎ ‎ COMPUTER SKILLS‎  Oracle Portal & HRSSI.‎  Fidelio Material Control.‎  Res. 300,400 Billing System.‎  Microsoft Package.‎  Internal data base.‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ EDUCATION ‎  Hotel Management- Superior Technician 2003.‎  Hotelier Bachelor Technician 2000.‎