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Mahmoud Chehade +961-3- 877 480 Accounting,Finance, Management, I.Audit. , C.Accountant Date of Birth: 15/01/1971 Saida Nationality: Lebanese Permanent Adress: Beirut- Choueifat-Near municipal.-Richani bldg. E-mail: [email protected] , Languages: English (Business skills),French , Arabic. *Education: Seven (7) years in Accounting and financial sciences, taxes, with computer systems, after baccalaureate. 1- Expert Comptable Titulaire, Member of "Association Libanaise D'experts Et De Conseils".(ALDEC), Member of « International Confederation of ALDEC » - C.I.D.A.D.E.C. Agree by O.N.U. 2- Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting degree, Accepted from Washington International University (2009). 2-T.D.S Chief Accountant Diploma certify by Ministry of Education (Byblos Institute 1994). 3- T.D.S General accountant Diploma certify by Ministry of Education (Byblos Institute 1992). 4- T.S. Informatique de gestion (La sagesse Institute 1991) . 5- Lebanese baccalaureate 2nd.part-Mathmatics (St.Sauveur 1990). *Experience: Eighteen (18) years of experience in Accounting & Finance , Business Management, Tax & SS Advisor, Computer systems (Accounting, MS Office 2010): Consultancy & Accounting Audit firm, Banking studies, Construction costing, Shipping, Batching plant, Hotels, Commercial, Education, Industrial, Restaurants, Companies.) 1- Security & Safety Solutions Group : Financial Manager, Internal Audit, Accounting & Finance Advisor… From Nov.01, 2010 till July 2011. 2- Ashada Group (Meex, GMC sal): Chief Accountant 2003- 2010(Journal vouchers, balance sheet, profit & loss, cash flow, payments, receivables, TVA, NSSF, taxes declaration ,Reconciliations, internal auditing,….etc),and The Private Hotel P.T.(G.Accountant)) 2000-2003. 2-House of donuts (G.Accountant): J.V., controle, Cost, Recon.,,,etc) 2001-2002. & MEATO drugstore (P.T) Chief accountant. 3-Dr.Abdul Nasser Chehade(Audit firm) : Chief Accountant in the Est. & Audit for several various co. From 1996 till 1999. 4-Boueiri group (Shipping &clearing) Accountant from 1993-1995. *Skills: Accounting systems (Dolphin, Silicon, DMS, IP,……… etc.), Windows7 , MS Office 2010 (Excel, Word, Publisher, Power Point, Outlook, …..etc.), Internet Researches – E-mail’s- Budgeting, Cash flow, Financial Statements , SS & VAT formalities, Good communication with team work, Time Management. *Religion & Politic: “Science & Love , is the just solution for our problems”. Hobbies: Reading (Books, internet), Classical music (Mozart, Michael Nyman, Z.Rahabani ), Sport (Hatha Yoga), Public relations, Writing (Philosophy, Psychology, Economic, Accounting, Law). Reference: Mr.Philippe Rayes Certified Public Accounts CPA, Dr.Jean Abdallah President of International Academy of Accounting (Belguim). You can trust me Best Regards Mahmoud Chehade