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Tony Keady

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- Establish a human resources department in the Company. - Manages the employees of the company and ensures their satisfaction and performance in coordination with departmental Head. - Applies the company’s rules and regulations concerning the human resources issues - Develops job analysis. - Manages the recruitment and selection process under the supervision of the general manager. - Manages the recruitment and training of departmental employees. - Updates job descriptions and job specifications. - Investigates the training needs of the employees on different tasks. - Plans on manpower building and improvement. - Develops and updates the salary scale under the supervision of the general manager. - Develops and supervises Employee performance Appraisal. - Develops and updates the employee Handbook. - Updates the job application form investigates the problems related to the employees and suggests solutions to the general manager. - Develops action plans to solve employees’ deficiency skills. - Sets future plans for managing the company’s human resources. - Applies ISO guidelines and rules and forms in the human Resources Department. - Reports daily to the General Manager about the state of the department. - National social security funds (NSSF) all issues. - Feasibility study and salary study.