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Hassan Osmani

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Hassan A. Maamoun Osmani - August 6, 1986 ▪ Education 2010-2011 / License (M1) in Political & Administrative Sciences.Lebanese University – Faculty of Law and Political & Administrative Sciences 2005-2006/ Baccalaureate II (Socio-Economic) Hassan El Hajje (Malaab) High School-Tripoli Lebanon ▪ Experiences 2012/ Working with the Ministry of Economy and Trade and finance at Youth Shadow Government in preparation of advocacy campaign on consumer protection and rights. 2011/ Internship with Nahwa Al Mouwatinya: Volunteer on Lebanese Parliamentary Monitor project/ Northern coordinator 2011 / Purple Day -The Global Day of Epilepsy Awareness: Title of PURPLE DAY AMBASSADOR for dedication in promoting awareness of epilepsy in Tripoli, Lebanon. 2011 / Certificate as an INJAZ volunteer consultant for scholastic year 2010-2011. Attending a Training Workshop that covered communication and facilitation skills, program delivery skills, and class management. 2010 / Nassij – Participate in a workshop on “Community Development”. 2010 / Irex –Participate in Social Media Work shop. 2010/ Irex – Strategic Planning Workshop. 2009/ Irex – Cause & Community. Participated in YCEP retreat workshop 2009 / Irex –Nahwa Al Mouwatiniya – We love Tripoli Participated in a conflict prevention, resolution and analysis workshop that took place in Tripoli. 2009 /Irex – We love Tripoli: Planning Volunteering Projects in Tripoli 2009/ Training in "Center of Midle Eastern Strategics Studies"(cesmo) Info-Research. (Tripoli-Lebanon) 2009 / CESMO – FFF (Foundation for the Future) Brainstorming Session "Law vs. SSR"(security sector reform) 2008 / CESMO – MEPI Participate in a training course about Promoting Citizen Participation In Local Democracy. ▪ Languages Arabic (mother language) French (good) English (good): 2011/ 3 months of promoting language courses in Quantum Center. ▪ Interests -Writing political and social articles *Publishing many of articles in newspapers & websites (Adib, Hamzet Wasel) *Blogging: -Voluntary work with social and civic organizations: * Secretary of a Youth Association in Tripoli (We Love Tripoli) since June 2010. *Volunteer Consultant in Injaz (North Lebanon) since January 2011 * Volunteer on Lebanese Parliamentary Monitor project /Nahwa Al Mouwatiniya * Participating in organization of many local Events that took place in Tripoli- Lebanon. ▪ Hobbies Writing, Sports, Photography.