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AHMED MAGDY MOHAMED MOUSA Partitions 2 Buildings Housing and Development Bank Building 15 Flat 1-Kafr El-Sheikh (012) -1862067 – (019)-4994584 –HOME/ (047)-3224361 [email protected] CAREER OBJECTIVE Seeking an administrative position, or a position in office management that enables me to utilize my computer, communication and language skills, fulfills my personal ambitions, and enhances my knowledge. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND EDUCATION: 2008 Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences- Kafr El-Sheikh University- Specialization: flower, ornamental plants and garden landscaping EXTRA COURSES: 2010 Basic Business Skills Acquisition (BBSA) Program, sponsored by Future Generation Foundation Course Included: • Business English • Business writing • Presentation skills • Computer skills (MS Office 2003, MS Project & Internet) • Extra sessions for Accounting, Finance, Sales, Marketing • Specialization: Office Management PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE • Member of the Egyptian Federation for Aviation models • Member Club Air Kafr El-Sheikh • Captain Coach of the University of the Air • Assistant Secretary of the Committee of the Federation of Families of Students in 2005/2006 • Touch Commander University Kafr El-Sheikh 2007/2008 • Commander University Kafr El-Sheikh in camps set up leaders 2007/2008 • Member of Association of Girl Guides and Boy Scout leaders in Kafr El-Sheikh • Reporter of the Elite Family, Faculty of Agriculture (University of Kafr El-Sheikh) 2004/2005 • Under Youth Parliament Kafr El-Sheikh 2008 • Leading family of the National Council for Youth Coordinator for small projects to maintain CAMPS, SEMINARS AND TRAINING PROGRAMS • Preparing leaders in Helwan (twice) • Leadership Development JAMASA, Culture of Air (11 times) • Preparation of leaders in Port Fouad • The first level youth leaders Abu Qir 2008 • The second level of young leaders with a 2008 land • The third level youth leaders the status of civic education in Alexander the SHALAT 2009 • Preparation of the leaders of workshops on El Gezera the status of civic education in 2009 • Civil Defense Course Red Crescent Society in Cairo • Tail Youth Kafr El-Sheikh 2008 • Tail Youth Port Said 2009 • Egyptian youth on the status of civic education on El Gezera in 2009 • Camp led by the level of preparation of the first leader was captured in 2009. • Second Conference of Youth and the parties in April 2009 the status of civic education on El Gezera • The training program for students of Egyptian universities, student unions (Assiut University) 2008 • Support the participation of young local elections, the status of civic education on El Gezera in collaboration with the Foundation ((Konrad Adenauer)) 2008 • Seminars against smoking and drug addiction at the University of Kafr El-Sheikh 2007/2008 • Environmental education program at the University of • Kafr El-Sheikh in 2007 • Develop the skills of youth leaders and supporting their participation in public life and the status of civic education on El Gezera in collaboration with the Foundation ((friedrich Neumann)) 2008 • Environmental Education and Training on the verses of volunteerism and community service in Hurghada 2008 • 22. Training program in the field of economic feasibility studies the status of civic education on El Gezera 13/11/2008 • Training program to prepare young leaders for the establishment of small projects in collaboration with the Organization (CONFEJES French) of the 15 / 2 to 24/2/2009 • Arab Youth Conference office Alexandria 2010 • Tail Youth Port 2010 PERSONAL SKILLIS • Communicated well with my colleagues • Extensive experience in planning, coordinating and solving problems • Resolve in actualizing the targets • Analyzed and processed the information to take decision making purposes • Skilled as a leadership in the team • Self starting & self motivating individual, at the same time a team player • Ability to work as a part of a team and to work systematically and independent • Willingness & Ability to learn continuously • The ability to work under pressure with a focus on problem solving. • Flexibility & ability of persuasion among other people • Ability and desirability to learn and to acquire more knowledge in new fields • Ready to travel any country. ACHIEVEMENTS & AWARDS • Centre of the Republic of singles in the first glide local • Center of the Republic of the first mass flight of an international sailing • Center the first universities in Egypt Festival apical first flight 2007 Fayoum University • Runners universities Egypt Festival apical third of the airline, Fayoum University, 2009 • Centre for the first branch of Tanta University, Kafr El-Sheikh (art gallery 2004/2005) • Certificate of Excellence leadership camps preparing leaders in Helwan 2007 • University Theatre Excellence activity • Excellence in radio activity meetings • Pioneer family ideal in the National Youth Council in turn led workshops to prepare the status of civic education on ELGEZERA • Egyptian youth representation within the Egyptian delegation in Tunis 07/22 to 08/01/2009 • One of 4 young winners at the level of the Republic after the filter on the level of the Francophone (42 countries) grant CONFEJES L. French for small projects in 2009 COMPUTER SKILLS • Good knowledge of computer skills • Good user of Microsoft Office 2003 • Good internet user PERSONAIL INFORMATION • Date of Birth : 29/11/1986 • Place of Birth : Kafr El-Sheikh, Egypt • Gender : Male • Nationality : Egyptian • Religion : Muslim • Marital Status : Single • Military service : Postponed