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Amal Khreis

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Amal Khreis (El Rez)


Proposed Position: Business Development Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Project Manager, HR Manager.


Nationality: Lebanese


Date of Birth: 1968

Mobile: 00 961 3 861363

E-mail: [email protected]


Qualifying Skills:


Agrofood Engineer, 1991, Lebanese University, Faculty of Agriculture – Institut National Agronomique, Paris Grignon (INA-PG) with distinction


Expert in Project Development and Implementation, Quality Assurance (ISO9001:2000, ISO9001-2008, HACCP, ISO 22000 food safety management system), Food Technology (Cereals, Dairy) and in the Production Quality Control (dairy products),


Currently as Business Development Manager in a reputable Consulting Firm, Worked as the Production Manager at the Lebanese Roasting Group, Quality assurance expert with EU (ELCIM I and ELCIM II) and as  the Head of the Central Laboratory of Bread and Wheat (IRI).






Professional highly qualified quality assurance engineer with excellent communication and negotiation skills, wide experience in presenting consultancy services to the public and private sectors, participant in a broad variety of International and Local projects on quality assurance.



























Present -


Certified National Expert –ISO  26000-Social responsibility: Audi Bank

  • Run Gap analysis and help in the preparation of the action plan. This is a pilot project run by the SIDA- ISO Organization.




Managing Director - Stars Innovation s.a.r.l:


  • Reorganize the management system in all its aspects to fit the company needs.
  • Restructure the organizational chart
  • Reduce the existing waste of time and productivity
  • Prepare a strategy to increase the sales capacity through maintaining a good stock.




Apr 2010 – Sep 2011




Quality Assurance and Business Development Manager at Tomorrow’s Advice s.a.r.l


  • Implemented in 2010- ISO9001:2008 for Baayno Binding Factory.
  • Wrote the Quality Manual for the Consulting Firm.


  • Developing projects in all aspects , projects are international or national , for private sector or public sectors;
    • Search the project that fit the profile of the consulting firm
    • Contact the right parties that meet the requirement of these projects.
    • Contact and look for the high caliber experts (National or International).
    • Negotiate with International parties to be part of consortium as per project requirement ( EU Projects)
    • Meet with national (universities) and international parties to run the methodology for the proposal in hand.
    • Apply quality assurance on the output of each project or proposal.
    • Assist in the Write up of proposals as per the project requirement.
    • Represent the GM in several conferences such CSR and IOD conferences.
    • Work with Libnor to activate the CSR project proposed by ISO and start preparation to be involved in the Technical committee in regard to CSR.
    • Part of the National Technical Committee of the Social responsibility at Libnor.
    • Represent the Consulting Firm in the ISO mirror committee related to carbon foot print.
    • Starting initiating the idea of going green at offices and give awareness to our employees about this.
    •  Prepare offices green tips for the Lebanon Opportunity 2 days conference, where by The GM present the session.


CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility):


  • Follow up and tackle all projects and subjects related to this new Social trend in the Lebanese firms.
  • Start the preparation of an SR project between one theatre and several Banks, the play will tackle environmental issues and targets the young Generations.
  • Attend all related conferences to built the knowledge and know how to merge it with the quality qualification I possess.


LGBC (Lebanese Green Building Council)

  • Represent the Consulting firm at the LGBC.
  • Involved in part of the managerial committees for the rating system of existing commercial building (project funded by IFC part of The World Bank) my name was mentioned between those contributors.
  • Involved in the awareness committee for the Standard of energy efficiency of air conditioning equipment for building (project funded by the USAID).


2008 – 2009


Production Manager at LRG-CASTANIA


  • Plan the production schedule in accordance with the market demand and the export needs
  • Optimize the production in all terms (roasting, ingredients, machines speed /productivity…)
  • Enhance the quality of the product
  • Deal with the maintenance section to run machines more efficiently
  • Follow up all kind of problems related to the quality of the products and enhance the applied techniques at the quality department
  • Create new taste in some requested products
  • Work with the distribution department on supplier chain and run mock recall. 
  • Reduce the cost in the production  through controlling the efficiency of the workers and machines and through introducing new techniques at work
  • Enhance the applied system (data flow) in term of getting right information of all items related to production and keep it updated in order to help the right costing study run by the cost department.
  • Deal with the GM (general manager) in making decision of certain suppliers especially those for packing materials.
  • Act as part of ISO team.



2002 - 2007


Quality Assurance Consultant (Free Lancer)


Worked as a technical advisor on ISO2200- HACCP diagnoses and implementation. Also Worked as Key expert and short term expert with ELCIM I and ELCIM II European-Lebanese Centre for Industrial Modernization


Projects performed:


  • CASTANIA ( 2007) Roastary factory: Assigned by ELCIM II  as Key expert and short term expert to implement   the ISO22000, the company got  certified.
  • AL RIFAEI (2007) Roastary factory: Assigned by ELCIM II  as Key expert and help the short term expert as well as the quality department to implement the ISO22000. The company got certified.
  • MODERNE CONSERVE CHTOURA (2007) Canned food industry:  Assigned by ELCIM II  as Key expert to follow the implementation of the ISO220000
  • Crown Flour Mills 2004-2007: Enhancement of the production quality system, development and implementation of a HACCP system, plus staff training on using and applying international procedures for laboratory quality control. Installation of a microbiology laboratory and training of technicians.
  • Hawa Chicken meat factory (April-October 2004): Assist in a large part in the development of the HACCP manual, also in the preparation of the new factory according to the HACCP requirement, especially for the cross contamination and the end products department.
  • Taghziah Industry meat factory (August - December 2003): Taghziah Industry is a major processed meat factory. Developed the HACCP manual and enhance their quality control techniques, especially for the microbiology tests
  • Modern  Flour Mills of Lebanon (September – October 2003): Developed the HACCP manual, and trained the quality technician on GMP, this work was  a part of a project assigned by the European-Lebanese Centre for Industrial Modernization (Elcim), the whole project was accomplished by another consultant body.
  • Dora Flour Mills (February- March 2003): Consult and report on the factory site modifications required to implement a HACCP system.
  • Maatouk Cofee Factory (December 2002): Implement a production quality manual in preparation for HACCP system implementation, as well as train quality manager on proper utilization of quality systems.


Undergone many activities related to:


  • Calibration of and training on test equipment used in the laboratory analysis of flour mills
  • Consultation on flour quality enhancement for various mills (usage of enhancer, stabilizers, vitamins in flour)



1993 - 2001


Unit Head of the Central Lab of Bread and Wheat

Industrial Research Institute (IRI) – Beirut, Lebanon


During this period, led the laboratory in all its aspects in order to make it efficient and acquire back its referential role in the field of cereals testing and analysis after having lost its role during the years of war. Duties covered:

  • Contact with clients: Relative governmental institutions (office of cereal in the Ministry of Economy and Trade, institut de recherche agronomique Fanar), local millers and bakers, local flour importers
  • Represent the IRI in the workshops and meetings related to the cereals industry: LIBNOR, UNICEF and international organizations (USDA, ICC)
  • Resolve problems related to flour quality in order to maintain a stable product that meets the needed specifications in the market. In this part of the job, emphasis was on the hygienic procedures during the whole process of milling (wheat control in silo upon storage, water control, equipment, machinery, labors, environment…). Documents were presented to the Ministry of Economy and Trade in order to be applied in the Port of Beirut (Silo) and in all the mills.
  • Supervise the day-to-day operations and the correct implementation of the testing procedures.
  • Provide necessary training for staff, students and lab technicians of the local mills.
  • Calibrate equipments in order to maintain highly reliable results
  • Order necessary equipment and materials needed to the laboratory
  • Lead research projects:
  1. Water chlorination used for wheat conditioning before milling
  2. Effect of Soy bean flour addition to the flour used for the production of Arabic bread
  3. Effect of Fungal amylases addition to the flour intended to be used for French bread.
    • Assigned as a member of the quality team at the IRI: developed and implemented the quality procedure for the Central Lab of Bread and Wheat and contributed in composing other procedures in the IRI.



1991 - 1992


Production Quality Control

Dumit Dairy - Furn El-Cheback, Lebanon


Implemented the GMP for labneh, laban, cheese and pasteurization line in coordination with the laboratory quality team.





Attended Conferences and Work shops


  1. Les energies renouvelables (USEK)-29-30-/04/2010
  2. Capacity building- standard setting carbon foot print 18-19 May 2010
  3. The second annual sustainable week , 2.3.4/06/2010
  4. Build it green,1-4 /06/2010
  5. Regional workshop on economic and environmental regulation in the MENA region, 13-14/06/2010
  6. Developing the touristic sector in Lebanon, ICC, 22/06/2010
  7. Beirut Energy Forum, 30/09/2010
  8. Project Board meeting of the energy programme and the National Workshop, LCEC, 21/12/2010
  9. Formation des informateurs et des professionels, CCIA,11-12/01/2011
  10. Mechanical Week, OEAB,30/10/2011
  11. The new economics of energy efficiency, Apave, 27/01/2011
  12. Build it green, Ecoconsulting, 28/03/2011
  13. Acheivments of the ministry of Energy and Water, 18/04/2011
  14. Legal Challenges and the update of the NEEAP, LCEC, 3/05/2011
  15. IOD Launching, CSR Trasnparency, 12/05/2011
  16. Thermal standards, Building Codes, and Green Buildings, 20/05/2011
  17. The Green Awakening, ASHREA, OEAB, 26/05/2011
  18. Lebanon Sustainability Week, 1-6/06/2011
  19. The NEEREA Financing Mechanism,17/06/2011
  20. The SR-ISO26000 workshop with Libnor, 7/07/2011
  21. Green Industries at ESCWA 28-29 September 2011
  22. Energy Forum 29-30 September 2011












Training Courses:






ISO  26000- Social responsibility- SIDA-  Jordan




Life Cycle Asessment LCA- SIDA- Lebanon


February 2005


Feasibility studies, Ordre des Ingénieurs de Beyrouth (Beirut – Lebanon)


13 - 14 Aug 2001


ISO 9001:2000 Transition Auditor, Moody France (Beirut – Lebanon)


25 - 27 June 2001


Principles of HACCP, UNIDO (Beirut – Lebanon)


17 - 18 Jan 2001


HACCP Training , CSP- Middle East (Beirut – Lebanon)


24 – 28 July 2000


Quality Assurance Auditor / lead auditor for IRCA certification. Moody International – IRI (Beirut – Lebanon)


26 - 28 June 2000


Wheat Inspection short course, USDA, (Kansas, Missouri – USA)


4 – 8 Oct 1999


Internal Audit, Moody France – IRI (Beirut – Lebanon)


28 Nov – 3 Dec 1994


Sampling Methods in Agriculture and the Agro-Food Industry (CIHEAM – ICARDA), LU - Faculty of Agriculture (Beirut – Lebanon)





Language:                  Speaking                    Reading                      Writing



























Dr. Bassam Frenn (General Manager, IRI).03-623129


Dr. Mouin Hamzeh ( General Director of CNRS). 01-850125


Dr. Imad Chhadé (Quality assurance Manager, IRI).03-940274


Mrs. Hala Saba ( Acting Director Tomorrow’s Advice).03-248846


Dr. Selim Hamadeh ( Project Manager-UNDP, Advisor at Tomorrow’s Advice).



Mr.Paul Mansour (General Manager, Crown Flour Mill).03-305170


Mr.Boubes Bachar   (General Manager, Modern Mills of Lebanon)


Mr. Maatouk Jawad  (General Manager , Maatouk Maison du café)


Mr. Khaled  Salouh   ( Quality Assurance Manager- Taghziah)


Mr. Elie.Bou Yazbeck ( Quality control Manager- Hawa Chickenr)


Peter Daniel ( Owner and Marketing manager CASTANIA)- 03-449933


Miss ABIR BASSMA  (Quality Assurance Supervisor RIFAI)




I, the undersigned, certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, these data correctly describe me, my qualifications, and my experience.



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