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george obeid

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Dbayeh Towers Compound, Dbayeh

70-050238,- 01/ 399 491- 03-876586

Date of Birth :14/10/1968

email:[email protected]

Marital Status ; Married (child)


George Obeid

 Objective           A position that includes Management, Administrative, Public Relations or English language Teaching.

Experience            June 2011-present       AUST University - Beirut

                                                                                        Vice president Assistant

                                     2009-june 2011        YWCA Technical College - Beirut

                                                                                       College Director

                                   2009-present          Mount Lebanon Hospital - Beirut

                                                                                     Law Teacher TS3 Students

                                2008-2009           Lebanon Evangelical school for boys&girls   Babdaa

                                                                              English Language Teacher

                       Teaching English as a first language, secondary classes(Grade 10).


                                       2003 – 2008        American Lebanese Language Center, Jounieh

                                                                   English Language Teacher

                       Teaching English as a second language, pre-intermediate and intermediate levels.


                                       2005 – 2006         Cortbawi Technical Institute, Adma English  

                                                                       Language Teacher for Technical classes (BT1, BT2)

 2004 – 2005        American University of Technology       Halat

                                                                   English Language Teacher

                             Teaching English as a second language to Iraqi executives from the Ministry of                                            Youth and Sports.

2003 – 2004         College des Apotres - Jounieh

                              English Language Teacher

                        Teaching English as a third language to secondary and intermediate                                          classes.

2000 - 2003     Riyadh Najed Schools            Riyadh, KSA

                                Director of the English Language Center

                          Coordinated daily chores related to the English Department.

                         Administrative work in the English Department.

                        Organized the British and American International exams with foreign embassies.

1999 – 2000     Riyadh Najed Schools - Riyadh, KSA

                        English Language Teacher

                  Teaching English as a first language, intermediate and secondary levels.







1989 -1999         Hopital Sacre Coeur Nursing School Hazmieh

                        English Language Teacher

                 Teaching English medical terms to the first and second year students.

                                        1997-1999        Notre Dames des Anges - Beirut  

                                   English Language Teacher

                  Teaching English, secondary and intermediate levels.


1996-1997            Lebanese School - Beirut

                 English Language Teacher

                   Teaching English as a first language, secondary and intermediate levels




1997-1999            Lebanese Brother's School - Beirut

                 English Language Teacher

                                                           Teaching English as a first language, intermediate levels

Academic                       1992-1993                Lebanese university -  Beirut

Qualifications             BA in Law.

Professional             June 2001                    Cambridge University - Bournemouth, UK

Qualifications       Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults at the International Teacher's Training Center .


2002 — 2003             Saudi British Development Training Company - Riyadh, KSA

  • Certificate of In-service Supervisor Teacher Training Course (70 hours).


1999 — 2000            British Council - Riyadh, KSA

  •    Certificate of Teacher's Training Program (60 hours).


1997                          Haigazian University - Beirut

  • Completed Teaching Diploma Course pre-requisites (stopped due to travel).


                                     1995 — 1997        Haigazian University

  • In-service Teacher's Training Certificate.


                                     1994 — 1997         Antonine University

  • Diploma in Theology.

2009-2010                  Ministry of Social Affairs

  • Diploma in Quality Management.

Conferences                 Longman Publishers -(Beirut)                 Book Evaluation

And seminars               Iatefl            -(Beirut)                                         Internet as a teaching aid

                                   Educart Publishers-(Beirut)                      Usage of the teacher's manual

                                   American Embassy- (Riyadh)                 Student's Motivation

                  Longman Publishers- (Riyadh)               Tact of teaching stories

                                   British Embassy - (Riyadh)                      I.T. & communication

                                   YWCA – (Beirut)                                     Basic food Safety &Hygiene