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hala sukarieh

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Hala Sukarieh


Saint John Street, Bouar, Kesrouan (Mount Lebanon)


[email protected]


00961 3 949258 (Mobile)- 00961 9 445319 (Home)

Date and place of birth:

28th August 1964, Marjeyoun (South Lebanon.)







Education and Training:








-  1980-1982           

High school (Bac.) Zahret-El-Ihsan, Ashrafieh, Beirut.


- 1982-1986

MA Biology , Lebanese University of Sciences, Section II,  Beirut.


- 1998-1999

1st year DES Didactic of Biology, Lebanese University of Pedagogy, Beirut.






- 1986- 1991                     


- September 1995


- September 1996



- 25/ 9 to 4/ 10/ 1998



- Since 10/ 2000 



- Since 2000 



- June 1997 


- July- August 2007 


- Since 2002 







- Since 2009






- July 2011





- 1st till 15 March 2012









Plankton study at the Marines Research Centre, CNRS, Jounieh.


For Biology teachers at the French Cultural Centre (a week).


For Chemistry teachers at the French Cultural Centre (a week).



Marine Environmental Seminar organized by WWF and «SOS Environment», Enfeh.


Many Seminars to manage the Environmental clubs in schools organized by AFDC, Ramlieh and Beirut.


Trainings for the new biology programs, Ministry of Education and Private Schools Syndicate.  


Holiday Camp training, Cemeal.


Summer Camps, Daglio, Italy and Borotin, Czech Republic.


Seminars about meditation technique as stress management which helps establishing inner peace, security, balance and it helps free ourselves from our bad habits. And it deepens the relations with others to live like a team in peace, harmony with  all types of cultures, castes and religions.


Seminars for Women’s rights, Lebanese Democratic Women Gathering, to strengthen the women under stress and violence at home, to have more confidence and security and more faith in themselves and their capacities...


Workshop concerning art activities to improve the attention and self-confidence, by Theatre of Eternal Values, Cabella, Italy.





Seminar & exchange of experiences about class management, the needs of the students and how to introduce activities that makes lessons more interesting and attractive, in ISPS School in Talnoo, Himalaya.





Arabic– mother tongue.

English – complex reading and conversation.

French – complex reading and conversation.




Computer literacy:






Windows, Office, Excel.



Work Experience:




- 1990- 1991


-  1992-1993  




Sciences for grades 7 and 8, Srs. Des Rosaires, Jbeil (Byblos.)


Sciences for grades 6 to 9 and 3rd year secondary, Srs. Du St. Sacrement, Beit-Habbak.


-  1994- 1996

Sciences for complementary classes, Srs. St. Joseph de l’Apparition, Maad.              


- 1997- 1998


Sciences complementary and primary classes, Foyer Moderne, Zouk.


- 1998- 1999


Biology for complementary and 3rd year secondary classes, Annonciation school, Zouk.


- 1996- 1999   


Food Technology for BT1, BT2 et TS, Hotel section, Lycée Adonis, Jbeil.


- 1999- 2008         

Laboratory, Technology, responsible in the Environmental Club and Social Service assistant, Saints-Cœurs school, Ain Najm.


- 2000- 2009 



- 2009- 2010 



- 2010- 2011    





Volunteer Work:



- Since 2008




-  Since 2009



- Since 2009  

Biology for 1st and 2nd year secondary classes, Lycée officielle Jbeil, Kfour, Safra, Jounieh, Zouk, Ehmej and Hsarat.


Chemistry and Biology for 1st and 2nd year secondary, Physic for grades 7 and 8, Lebanese Universal College, Beirut.


Biology from Grade 7 to Grade 12, Al-Roumouz school, Antelias.









Organizing Public Programs of “Music Therapy & Meditation” in Theatres and halls like Unesco Palace, Monnot, Babel, etc.



Volunteer at Lebanese Democratic Women Gathering (RFDL: Reunion des Femmes Démocratiques Libanaises)




Organizing special activity programs in schools to help them improve their attention and to feel inner peace and security in Lebanon and Muscat.














Music, Art, Education, Developing teaching materials, Diving, Swimming, Environmental activities, Handcrafts, Sewing, Agriculture, Reading, Enlightened wisdoms, Spirituality, etc.