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Ali Ameen

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Ali Ameen, Engineer, Mini MBA, International Diploma of business, International Diploma in Public Relations and Branding

Damascus – Syria

Tel: 00963 11 3451201 – Mob: 00963 933 533190

E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]


Over than Nine years of experience in Micro and Small enterprise domain in the public and private sectors with diversified experience in local and international organizations and NGOs. Demonstrated very good ability to establish new branches and controlling the proposed crisis, beside to very good experience in management, operations and logistic issues

Key Competencies


- Very good Managerial skills

- Analytical and Decision-Maker

- Organized

- Supportive

- Motivator

- Empathic

- Very good communication skills

- Very good negotiation skills


- Self awareness

- Creative

- Conceptual

- Logical

- Adaptive

- Trustworthy


- Broad operation knowledge

- Ability to establish new work

- Control the operation

- Control the crisis

- Training and coaching

Employment History

First of Jan 2011 to-date  (Branches Network manager) (Al-Wataniya Micro Finance Institution)Challenge Establish new Micro Finance Institution that I will manage and support the establishment of the branches network in different areas according to the business plan and prepare the required manuals, operation plans and budgets.

Action Partnered with project manager to prepare the essential and required steps and plans to establish the new MFI.

Results Establishing the Head Quarter and Damascus branch, and working to establish Aleppo and Lattakia branches, beside to preparing the required market research and business plan.

Duties & Res. Manage and support the establishment of the branches network in different areas according to the business plan.

Prepare the required field study or research related to the new MFI, provide feedback about market conditions and opportunities.

Manage and direct the logistic and administrative process needed to establish the new branches.

Take care from A to Z of the newly established branch; coach the branch team during the first few months of operation.

Contribute in preparing the requested training materials.

Provide ideas, advices, solutions, technical and managerial advices and support to branch managers and staff in the field.

Support the HR department in hiring the necessary staff for the field and provide whenever needed the required training and technical support.

Monitor the network performance in general and the monitor progress of branches, analyze the activity reports and support the head office management in taking strategic decision and facilitate and support internal / external audit activities.

Monitor lending operations to get very good quality loan portfolio and analyze the portfolio quality.

Ensure that all audit observations related to branches and operation department are addressed at the requested time.

Identify the expected problems in operations and resolve them by exploring ideas of the branches network managers and staff from their own experience.

Identify the weak points of the organizational procedures.

Prepare the required manuals, operation plans, and budgets.

Nov 2007 to Dec 2010         Senior Area Manager (First Micro Finance Institution FMFI-Syria) (AKDN)

Challenge Re-establish Damascus branch due the crisis which affected Damascus branch where PAR was (13.6%).

Re-establish Mesyaf branch due the crisis which affected it where we found several cases of fraud

Re-establish Lattakia branch due to the crisis which affected it where we found that the portfolio was very risky beside to some fraud cases.

Action Forming crisis teams in the three targeted branches and working with them to set the problems by reorganizing their functions, Hiring new staff, coaching all staff and providing them with the required plans and structures to work.

Results Re-establish the three branches to work effectively, where PAR in Damascus branch became (0.8%) and the portfolio of Damascus branch began increase rapidly.

New culture of work in Mesiaf and Lattakia branches, new organized branches with very good portfolio.

New and very good quality of work in the three branches which generated standard branches.

Duties & Res. Re-establish the affected branches.

Control the portfolio of the three branches.

Build new structure and new organized teams.

Build very good portfolio with very high quality in the three branches.

Feb 2006 to Sep 2007               Sweida Branch Manager (FMFI) (AKDN)

Challenge Establish new Micro Finance branch in Sweida city.

Action Hire new staff, training and coaching them.

Prepare the work plans.

Prepare the required structure.

Prepare the promotional and marketing plan.

Open the new markets and searching the good ways to penetrate the market.

Results Standard branch classified in 2007 as the best branch in Syria and one of the best in Aga Khan Agency for Micro Finance in the world.

Portfolio at Risk was (0%) where there were no arrears.

Feb 2003 to Jan 2006                       SMEs Supervisor (ACU = Agency for combating unemployment 

Challenge Set the new policy for Small and Medium enterprise and preparing the marketing plan to launch the new product in Hama city.

Action Form new team to establish the department of SME loans, beside to training the staff and working with them to launch the product.

Explain the culture of SME for the targeted clients.

Results Disburse more than 1500 SME loans.

Build the new culture of work.

Create new department (SME) in Hama branch.

Duties & Rsp. Establish new department (SME)

Prepare the policy and marketing plan

Create the SME culture in Hama city.

Nov 1995 to Jan 2003              Supervisor (STE = Syrian Telecommunication Establishment)

Challenge Establish new communication and electronic exchanges in Hama city.

Action work with the team to establish five electronic exchanges where I worked as Engineer to supervise the establishment phases beside to training the staff about the new technology.

Results Establish five telecommunication and electronic exchanges.

Duties & Res. Establish new exchanges.

Prepare the required issues related to establishment

Train the team about the new technology.


Education Institute (dates)

Degree(s) or Diploma(s) Obtained

Damascus University and H.I.A.S.T (1995)

Engineer of communications

Arab Society of Management in Egypt (2006)

Diploma in management and management supervision