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Ivana Assy

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Professional Experience

Executive Program Coordinator, Mallat Law Offices, Badaro,  Beirut, Lebanon, August 2009 - present

·         Responsible for financial and administrative management of prominent law firm whose principal is recognized international lawyer, scholar, and activist

·         development planning. Making business-related travel accommodations for executives.

·         Participated in project management meetings and worked closely with senior executives and lawyers in planning and coordinating tasks

·         Managed development, content updates and overall website administration for separate websites for 4 entities:,,,

·         Managed database of contacts for information on special business events, such as stockholder, organizational, business-to-business and interorganizational meetings.

·         Assisting on the financial management and accounting for grants under Right to Nonviolence as well as business accounts for law firm

·         Performed legal and academic translation of Arabic to English and English to Arabic texts; assisted in final editing of texts for publication.

Program Coordinator, Iraqi Human Rights Law Curriculum Initiative Phase I – Seminar on the ‘Iraqi Model’

Provided organizational and logistical support for academic conference organised by Right to Nonviolence in collaboration with Amnesty International and St. Joseph’s University (USG).


·         Served as the primary liaison with prominent Iraqi law school deans and professors and with the Associate Dean of Law at USG

·         Supervised the technical editing of Arabic seminar transcripts in preparation for publication

·         Coordinated with expert consultants, contractors, and service providers to facilitate travel, lodging, media coverage, event documentation, and follow-up

·         Assisted in the preparation and review of the final narrative report for donor


Technical/Research Consultant, State University of New York at Albany/Center for Legislative Development, Beirut, Lebanon, January 2009- September 2010


Served since 2007 as a consultant providing technical support to local and central government institutions as part of a comprehensive reform initiative funded by USAID.


·         Responsible for website administration and content development for the ministry of interior and municipalities, local government, and central oversight agency websites developed under the program as well as following up all technical problems and coordinating on upgrading WebPages.

·         Coordinating with legal and technical staff in the final review and editing of multiple Arabic language publications including citizen municipal transaction, and system user guides;

·         Assisting and training municipal employee on website’s updating procedures and process.

·         Finalizing all SUNY publications contents as well as designing covers including guides, invitation cards, posters and brochures.

·         Providing quotations and coordinating with publishing houses on finalizing guides and distributing them to SUNY sites and municipalities.

·         Coordinating and communicating with SUNY sites’ offices, municipalities, USAID and MOIM on all web applications and publications under the program.

·         Reporting publications and websites’ status and preparing official letters as well as contributing on translating official documents


IT Consultant, Global Justice Project Iraq, February 2010 


·      Developed and maintained mapping of separate Arabic and English websites for comprehensive rule of law project funded by the US Department of State and implemented by the University of Utah 

Conducted comprehensive and comparative analysis of GJPI English and Arabic websites as a basis for further expansion of Arabic channels (pages) and content and developed initial 'mapping' chart as well as updated plan at the request of GJPI.



Research Consultant, State University of New York at Albany/Center for Legislative Development, Zahleh, Lebanon, September 2007 – January 2009 


·         Successfully participated as part of a team of public administration, legal, and technical experts in extending assistance to municipal officials and employees;

·         Training municipal employees on using municipal applications and programs

·         Conducted extensive research to provide documentation for municipal websites in Batroun and Zahleh;

·         Provided on-site training in the administration and update of the Zahleh website


Sales Associate, Central Library, Jounieh, Lebanon, Summer 2005 and 2006. Worked full-time in a major bookstore offering academic as well as popular titles; assisted in organizing the multiple lists for primary/secondary schools and dealt with numerous customer requests.

Media Presenter/Coordinator, Zahleh Book Exhibition, Summer 2004 and 2005. 

Private Tutor, Private courses for students in French and Mathematics, Fanar, 2002 – 2004.



Master II in Science of Media and Communication, Lebanese University, Ecole Doctorale Des Lettres, Des Sciences Humaines Et Sociales,Sin El Fil, 2010-2011

Master I in Science of Media and Communication, Lebanese University, Information and Communication Faculty, Fanar, 2005

Internship, Editorial Section, Voix du Liban Radio, April –June, 2005.

Licence in Journalism, Lebanese University, Information and Communication Faculty, Fanar, 2004.  

Lebanese Baccalaureate, Economy and Sociology, Christ Roi College, Zahleh Rassieh, 2002


Currently working towards a Master II in Communication Science, Lebanese University, Beirut 


Selected Academic Papers Presented at University


The Economic and Petroleum Dimensions of American politics in the Middle East

The High Cost of Living in Lebanon.

American Geopolitics

Study of the 1960 Electoral Law in Lebanon.

The Role of Media in Wartime

History of Political Marketing in America.

SWOT: Strategic Communication in the Cultural Council of Zahleh.

Participation of Women in the Arabic Media Between 2000 and 2006.

Lebanese History after 1920 (Greater Lebanon).

Theory of "ibn Khaldoun'


Professional Training Courses


Accounting, Zahleh Chamber of Commerce -, August and September 2008.

Web Design: Certificate of completion in Flash Mx Level 1 and 2; Dream Weaver Level 1;  HTML Levels 1, 2, and 3; Zahleh Chamber of Commerce , December 2007 - February 2008.


English Conversational Courses, Certificate of Attainment, Zahleh Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Wollongong College, Australia, December 2007.

Adobe Photoshop, Certificate of Completion, Photoshop CS2 Levels 1 and 2, Zahleh Chamber of Commerce, June and July 2007.




Fluent in Arabic, French, and English


Technical Proficiency


Flash, Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, HTML, all Microsoft Office applications, internet applications.


Community Activities

General Secretary, Municipal Community of Zahleh for Teens, 2004 and 2005.

General Secretary, Cultural Council of Zahle for Teens, 2003 - 2005.

Member, Zahle Marathon Organizing Committee, 2004

Member,  Scouts of Lebanon, 1990 - 1998.


Personal Information


Date of Birth:  21 March 1985

Nationality: Lebanese.

           Status:  Married

Interests: Reading, swimming, skating, biking, photography