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Lama Amine

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Name:                 Lama AMINE                       Nationality:         Lebanese

Address:              Bazbina - Akkar                   Date of birth:      1 March 1983

Telephone:           (961) (03) 049984                Marital Status:    Single

E-mail:                 [email protected]




2005-2008           BS in Law from the Lebanese University.


Computer Literacy


  • Windows XP/7.
  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
  • Internet and web browsing.


Experience & Employment


May 2011 to present Senior Field officer for Mada association in Akkar region on projects, aiming at promoting women’s participation in the local management of municipalities. In a first phase, funded by the European Union, women's committees have been initiated in 13 villages in the framework of technical sessions on environmental issues and local development the women’s committees produced a synthetic document on their vision, priority axes and potential projects and were in regular contacts with the municipalities. In a second phase, with the support of complementary funding, the thirteen committees, developed and implemented micro projects in line with the priority axes defined for their villages.


My main responsibilities under the supervision of the project coordinator included the following:

  • Logistical preparation of the session and administrative duties related
  • Attend the sessions,  assist and coordinate with the expert ;
  • Take note and produce minutes of meetings
  • Organize regular meeting with the women order to support them to finalize financially and technically their micro-project
  • Support the women in the elaboration of a work plan and tasks for the implementation of their micro projects
  • Support the women’s committee in the creation of the project steering committee including representatives of women, representative of the concerned local association
  • Assist the women in their discussions with the concerned stakeholder (municipalities, ngo’s etc) and in the drafting of needed memorandum of understanding.
  • Help the women’ committees to prepare bill of quantity for the expenditures to be done.
  • Assist the women’s committee in the bidding process, selection of contractors and suppliers contracts elaboration and signature.
  • Organize regular meetings with the steering committee’s in order to support the women’s committee in following technically and financially the micro-projects implementation
  • Update the work plan with the women’s committees
  • Collect invoices and ensure they are conforms to Mada’s guidelines
  • Manage petty cash


May 2009 – May 2011 Field officer for Mada association in Akkar region on projects aiming at promoting women’s participation in the local management of municipalities (see above)


My main responsibilities under the supervision of the project coordinator included the following:

  • Organize contacts with 13 municipalities
  • Meet with women of these 13 villages and explain in more details the project
  • Logistical preparation of training sessions; be in charge of all administrative duties related
  • Attend all trainings, take notes and minutes of meetings, assist trainers
  • Prepare all logistical aspects for the circulation of a mobile exhibition (Contacting municipalities fixing the dates, choosing venues, disseminating the information on the exhibition and opening ceremony, supervising the opening ceremony, )
  • Logistical preparation of the transportation of women to natural reserves
  • Keep accurate recording and archiving of all activities, data, etc
  • Manage cash boxes



2001 – 2007        Working as a legal consultant at Akkar center office equipment.


Voluntary Activities


2005 – Present     Participated in all voluntary campaigns that were organized by the ministry of social affairs in Bazbina and other Akkar villages. These campaigns include the following:

  • Plantation
  • Vaccination
  • Social camping



  • Fluent Arabic
  • Very Good French (oral and written skills)
  • Good English (oral and written skills)


Interests           Theater, traveling, reading and camping.


Reference       Available upon request.