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omar yaafouri

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Omar Saaddein Yaafouri                                

Beirut – Salim Salam – Nabolsi Street – Floor 9

70/653 840; 01/646 994



[email protected]


Nationality   : Lebanese   

Date of Birth: 19 / 3 / 1990


v   Objectives:




Work in a place where I can express my educational background, organizational skills, idea’s and ability in leading and developing a business system without any restrictions or exception's.


v   Education:




- BS in progress (ICT information and communication    technologies) Arab Open University 2007 till 2012



-    Bac-2, Life Science / Al Hroj School / Graduate: 2007


v   Skills & Qualifications:




In addition to strong communication skills, I am able to work effectively individually or in a team and handle multiple tasks on a daily basis competently.





          (Arabic / English)




Computer :

           word / Excel / power point / paint / Photoshop / formatting /  editing / data entry / programming / web developing /  SQL /  PHP  /  Java script  /  HTML  /  C++)

Web developing:

           I have created a full website for BarBar Restaurants that has the facility to order food online, this website was my graduation project.




          Fluent typing in Arabic & English




Excellent communication, team and interpersonal skills

Responsible, hard worker….. {Looking forward}




1.   Accountant-auditor and payroll responsible in the Human Resources Department/Personal section, at Rafik Hariri Universal Hospital (starting 1-1-2011).    


2.   Cashier & Operator: AL-BEIK restaurant {Quraitem} April 2009.


3.   Operator: BarBar restaurant {Hamra} March 2008.


4.   Supervisor: Sook El Kheir super market/ March 2007.


5.   Costing and accounting: sook el kheir super market/ March 2007.


                Duties and Responsibilities:

·  Answered phones {delivery orders}

·  Took messages and scheduled appointments

·  Phone, email, & fax correspondence responsibilities

·  Typed letters{Arabic & English}

·  Cashier

·  Selling

·  Editing and 2 years in data entry

·  Supervised and monitored activities

·  Technical IT support

·  Web Development

·  Web design

·  Web Programming

·  Accounting

·  Auditing

·  Generating payrolls

·  Monitoring employee attendance





          Walking, body building, web browsing and sports in     general.

          Participating in University activities (BIG BLUE    CAMPAINE)


References:  Available upon request.