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Manoug Ibitian

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Manoug Ibitian                                                                  Home 01-250405, Mobile 70-399469

P.O. Box 80169, Bauchrieh, Lebanon                                                                      [email protected]


Professional Profile

Areas of expertise include the following:

  • Dedicated to meeting the psychosocial needs of children
  • Skilled in team teaching and communicating with parents, colleagues, and administration
  • Created after-school literacy center, involving 15% of students
  • Experienced with a range of student ages, from grade 1 to grade 9
  • Excellent systematic planning skills
  • Provided a safe, enjoyable, and structured childcare environment
  • Maintained classroom order and instilled positive study habits and an appreciation for learning
  • Taught study skills, organizational skills, and test taking skills
  • Worked one-on-one with students exhibiting behavioral problems
  • Managed and organized science laboratory
  • Prepared, administered, corrected, and recorded results of tests
  • Language skills: Very Good in English & Armenian, Good in Arabic and Fair in Turkish
  • Computer skills: PowerPoint and Word

Professional Experience

2012 – Present            Union of Armenian Evangelical Churches in Near East Social Action Committee

Evening Youth Center Director

  • Managed the Youth Center and assisted leaders and staff in the areas of planning and execution
  • Provided supervision for all staff and support for volunteers
  • Developed and monitored programs, activities and special events
  • Assisted with fund development for the programs
  • Planned and executed orientation and training for staff
  • Provided the center with resources and support necessary for effective implementation of programs
  • Ensured security measures are followed within the premises
  • Practiced and maintained appropriate health and safety standards
  • Performed individual and group counseling to teens and youth attending the center

2008 – 2012                 EHLAN Social Center, Lebanon

Part-time Counselor

1998 – Present            Armenian Evangelical P. & E. Torosian School, Lebanon

Counselor (2005 – Present)

  • Established & implemented prevention programs, lectures and counseling curriculum
  • Provided individual counseling services
  • Assisted students in achieving personal, educational and social development
  • Collected data about students through use of interviews, case history and observation techniques
  • Evaluated data to find out the causes of student problems and determine a proper method of counseling or referring to other specialists or institutions
  • Followed up the counselee and evaluated the result of the treatment used
  • Trained teachers and applied Honor’s Level disciplinary program and skills for Adolescence Curriculum

Director of Science Laboratory (1998 – Present)

Teacher (1998 – Present)

  • Developed lesson plans and implemented study methodologies to enhance children’s progress
  • Attended workshops and staff meetings
  • Visited students’ houses and met with their parents
  • Taught several subjects for different Grades (3 to 9) including: Sciences, Biology, Physics and Technology

Major Achievements

  • Nonesense and Writing (Expressive Art Therapy ), Arm. Evang. Torosian School, 2012
  • Teachers in Underland (Expressive Art Therapy for Self Discovery & Relaxing), Arm. Evang. Torosian School, 2012
  • Helping Parents identify the Factors That Lead to Teenage Drug Use & Abuse, Armenian Relief Cross, 2011
  • Domestic Violence & Its Effect on Children, Trad Social Center, 2011
  • Dealing with Challenges Faced by Teenagers, Arm. Evang. Emmanuel Church Couples’ Group, 2011
  • Pornography Addiction in Teens, Updated lecture for leaders, 2010
  • How to Plan for Substance Abuse Prevention Projects & Activities in Schools, workshop for secondary students, 2008 & 2010
  • Helping My Children to Concentrate, lecture for parents, 2009
  • Dealing with Teen Developmental Issues, workshop for junior youth group leaders, 2009
  • Sex Education Tips for Parents, lecture for parents, 2009
  • Managing My Class & Updating My Active Teaching Techniques, workshop for grades 1 to 6 teachers, 2009
  • How Can Parents Help to Prevent Bullying in School, lecture for parents, 2008 & 2009
  • Identifying the Drug Addicts, workshop for leaders, 2008
  • Teaching Responsibility to our Children, lecture for parents, 2008
  • Drug Addiction Prevention, workshop for the church leaders, 2008
  • How to Teach Lessons to our Children, lecture for parents, 2007 & 2008
  • Pornography Addiction in Teens, lecture & campaign for teens, adults and leaders, 2006
  • Types of Drugs & Their Effect, lecture for teens, 2006


2000                       B.Sc. in Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS)      Haigazian University, Beirut, Lebanon

2011                       B.A. in Psychology                                                      Haigazian University, Beirut, Lebanon

Expected 2014     M.A. in Clinical Psychology                                       Haigazian University, Beirut, Lebanon

Scholarships & Awards

1997                       Scholarship, Azniv & Essefian Charitable Trust, UK (to study BSc. in medical laboratory)

1999                       Honors, Dean’s List, Haigazian University

2007                       Semi-finalist in Fulbright Scholarship, USA

2008                       Scholarship, World Council of Churches (WCC), Switzerland (to study MA in clinical psychology)

Voluntary Work

2006 – 2012     HORIZON (Drug Addiction Prevention Center)

Consultant, Lecturer and Workshop Organizer

2000 – 2009     Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church

Junior Youth Group Leader (2001 to 2005 & 2007 to 2009)

Member in the Christian Endeavor committee (2001 to 2004 & 2007 to 2008)

Daily Vacation Bible School General Supervisor (2000 to 2003)

Sunday School Teacher (2000 to 2002)

1998 – 1999     Armenian Evangelical Social Center

Daily Vacation Bible School Leader

Hobbies & Interests

Reading, storytelling, cooking, gym, listening, and music.

Professional Trainings

  • Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Workshop,  American University of Beirut, 2012
  • Trauma Focused – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Web (Online Training), Medical University of South Carolina, 2012
  • 25th Expressive Arts Spring Symposium: Alice in Underland, Professional Development in the Expressive Arts, Malta, 2012
  • Make Reading More Fun & Interesting, Torosian School, 2011
  • How To Manage Students With Behavioral Challenges Using the ABA Approach, LES, 2011
  • Psychodrama & Drama Therapy, International College, 2010
  • Skills For Adolescence, Skoun, Oum el Nour & Lion’s Quest, 2007 & 2009
  • Dyslexia and Attention Deficit Disorder, Educational Council of Arm. Evangel. Schools, 2008
  • Handling Adolescents in School, International College, 2008
  • Time Management and Test Anxiety, International College, 2008
  • Discover Now, Mini-NESA Conference, 2008
  • Unleash the Power Within You, Mini-NESA Conference, 2008
  • Brain-based Teaching, Mini-NESA Conference, 2008
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Across the Curriculum, International College, 2008
  • Child Protection and Good Practice, Grain de Ble & Kids Alive, 2007
  • Drug Addiction Prevention, Oum El Nour Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Center, 2006
  • Enhancing Student Learning, from Samford University, 2006
  • Positive Discipline, Educational Council of Arm. Evangel. Schools, 2006
  • Bullying, ADHD & Interdisciplinary Activities, Mini-NESA Conference, 2006
  • Substance Use and Abuse, Armenian Relief Cross in Lebanon, 2005
  • Conflict Resolution, International College, 2005
  • Science and Biology Workshops, Science and Math Teachers Conference (SMEC), American University of Beirut (AUB), 2004 & 2005
  • Protecting Marginalized Students, Lebanese Association for Educational Studies, UNESCO, 2004
  • Teaching Research Skills in the Library and Developing the Thinking Skills of our Students, International College, 2004
  • Total Quality Management, Armenian Evangelical Educational Council, Haigazian University (HU), 2003 to 2004
  • Educational Leadership for Quality, Armenian Evangelical Educational Council, 2002
  • Multimedia in the Classroom, International College, 2002
  • Professional Development Program, Armenian Evangelical Educational Council, 2000 to 2001. Attended the following workshops:
  • Science Workshop
  • Assessing Classroom Management Skills
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Educative Assessment to Improve Students’ Performance
  • Behavioral Problems and Disciplinary Interventions with Adolescents
  • Activities for teaching Science
  • Teaching Sciences at the Elementary level, Haigazian University In-Service Teacher Training Program, Haigazian University (HU), 1999


References are available upon request.