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Ibrahim Bourji

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Ibrahim M. Bourji
Tel: 70.121728
Address: Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon
Socio-Economics graduate (2008) – Bchamoun High School
Third-year Public Relations and Advertisement,
Faculty of Information and Documentation – Lebanese University, Beirut
Participated in MUN – Model United Nations Program completed at LAU, Beirut (2007-2008) (Certified)
Participated in LDN’s Team Building Training Seminar, Beirut (2010) (Certified)
2004 – 2006
2010 – 2011
2011 – Present
Greenpeace Volunteer – Beirut
Samidoun Volunteer – Beirut
Relief aid to IDPs during 2006 War
Right To Play Volunteer – Beirut
Psycho-social program for displaced children
Orient TV – Beirut
Assistant producer for TV show
Flo’ – Hamra
Waiter – Got my first intensive bar training
Kennedy’s – Hamra
Main bartender/ Bar Manager
English language (reading, writing, speaking), good communication with people
Mr. Jihad Haidar; Country Manager, Right To Play, Lebanon
Ms. Tima Issa; TV Producer, Beirut
Mr. Hani Douek; Owner and manager, Flo’, Beirut
Mr. Nawaf Baydoun; Owner and manager, Kennedy’s, Beirut
Tel: 01.304109
Tel: 03.960367
Tel: 03.789551
Tel: 03.428446
I wish to apply my resume for this job in hope to gain a position that you find best through my
collected fair experience in the communication and public relations fields through volunteering
into community work, and my experience in the F&B and service domain.
I have enclosed my resume to provide you with an overview of my professional experience,
training, and studies. I would be very pleased to discuss my application, answer, and provide any
additional information that might be required.