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Omar ElHoussamy

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Address: Chiah Maroun Misk Street, Katerjy BLDG 1st floor. Beirut-Lebanon.


Mobile: +961-70-950437


Email: [email protected]

Omar  El-Houssamy



Personal Information


Date of Birth: February 18, 1983

Nationality: Lebanese

Marital Status: Single

Sex: male


2012 USJ,  Mathaf, Beirut, Mediation.

2007 MUBS university, Hamra, Beirut, Banking and finance (BA) Graduate


2004 Hawaii University Computer communication engineer (BA), ungraduate, financial problem


2002  Horoj High School, Makkased. Beirut.














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Very good







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Very Good


Computer Skills



Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Picture Editor), Adobe Acrobat, Internet browser, C++, Visual basic studio.


Practical Experience


War Child Holland

(01-09-2012 – present)

Admin Assistant Consultant

·         Logistics

·         Field Visits and collecting information

·         Organizing workshop (inside and outside Lebanon)

·         Dealing with the invoices

·         Helping all the programs

·         Dealing with our local NGO’s

·         Organizing events

·         Translation


C-Food International "off-shore"

(01-08-2010 – 31-08-2012)

Accounting and documentations

·         Dealing with invoices

·         Preparing all kind of sheets "Balance Sheet, Income statement,..."

·         Dealing with purchasing Offers

·         Dealing with documents with suppliers and customers



Lebanese association for democratic election "LADE"

(15-04-2010- 31-05-2010)

Observation system of the election

·         Observation coordinator for a caza

o    Recruit observers

o    Organize workshops and trainings

o    Give training about the election system and the observation system

o    Prepare the financial and budgeting of the observation

o    Prepare the logistics materials

o    Prepare the caza report


Mouvement Social- Beirut- Badaro


·         Project coordinator for the volunteering program.

o    Organizing and coordinating the workshops, conferences and events about human rights, electoral system, school withdrawal, nonviolence and equality.

o    Giving training about capacity building.

o    Preparing the logistics material for the program.

o    Recruitment of volunteers.

o    Prepare the financial report

o    Prepare projects quarterly and final reports.

o    Assist the media department in all related events.


Civil Society Movement   

(2006 – present)


·         Giving training about capacity building

·         Organizing Event and Workshop about secularism, civil marriage, democracy...

·         Make research on the secular projects and topics.

·         Assist in Press release and communication with media.


BLOM Bank Management department



·         Data entry for customer

·         Preparing Debits and credits Cards data.

·         Printing cards.



Sinno trading company "Accounting Department"

(2004 -2006)


·         Dealing with invoices

·         Preparing all kind of sheets "Balance Sheet, Income statement..."

·         Dealing with purchasing Offers








Trainings; workshops & conferences






















Private teacher in Mathematics and Arabic during the last 10 years to all classes

Teaching in a summer school for brevet students with ministry for social affairs (2007)



Training Workshops / Meetings/ Conferences:


·         Training on “Conflict Resolution methods” and “Communication skills” in several workshops organized by office of transition initiatives - OTI, (February 2009, April 2009).


·         Training on “Conflict resolution and transformation", conducted by UNDP & LCPS, Ramlieh - Lebanon (2007)


·         Training On “Advocacy & Lobbying”, conducted by LADE, Hamra Beirut (2010)


·         Participated as speaker in several meeting:

*Beirut marathon meetings

*Civil Campaign against religious sectarian

*GCAP Arab countries Against poverty in Jordan


·         Trainer on capacities building in Mouvement Social summer Camp, Akkar, (2007).


·         Trainer on Citizenships in movement Social, fall 2009


·         Facilitator with "search for common ground" and "LCPS" with many school students in Lebanon, Common Ground Film Festival 2009.


·         Organize and coordinate events with "nahna kelna", event for Ghaza events in 2008, and event in 13 April 2009.   


hobbies &  interests


·         Reading; Writing; Chess; meet people.



Available upon request.