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Marian Adel Ramzy

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 284 st, Shoubra masr.

Telephone:+20 01007571869

Dear Hiring Manager, 
I am writing to apply for the position as Administrative Assistant at LDN.

I am looking for a new challenge that will provide me with the opportunity to further develop my career.
I would very much enjoy having the opportunity to talk with you further to discuss the requirements and expectations of the position, and how I could use my skills to benefit LDNy.
Thank you for considering my application.

Marianne Adel





Marianne Adel


            Address: 284 st , shoubra.

Mobile: +20 01007571869.

            E-mail: [email protected]


Looking for an Assistant Manager position in a reputed organization, where I am able to make use of my professionals experience in developing consumer links, organizing budgets, supervising subordinates, and managing other tasks.



SADAT Academy for Management Science.

·         Major: Management of Petroleum and Energy companies.

·         General grade: very Good.

·         GPA: 3.39.

·         Graduation year : 2009

Mini Web MBA

                              Association of Internet Projects.

·         General Grade: A

·         Graduation Year: July, 2012.

Professional Experience

·         Trained at National bank of Egypt as a Customer service.

·         Trained at world homes System Company as a Telesales.

·         Trained at EMBY for trading and petroleum services as Secretary.

·         Trained at BARCLAYS as Sales out door.


·         Worked at Mobinil as a Customer Service.

 23th August 2010 – 20th Jan.2011

Job Description:

1.      deal directly with customers either by telephone

2.      respond promptly to customer inquiries

3.      handle and resolve customer complaints

4.      obtain and evaluate all relevant information to handle product and service inquiries

5.      provide pricing and delivery information

6.      perform customer verifications

7.      direct requests and unresolved issues to the designated resource

8.      keep records of customer interactions and transactions

9.      record details of inquiries, comments and complaints

10.  record details of actions taken

11.  maintain customer databases

12.  communicate and coordinate with internal departments

13.  follow up on customer interactions

14.  provide feedback on the efficiency of the customer service process

 Sonesta Hotel, Tower & Casino Cairo

·         Worked at Sonesta Hotel Tower & Casino Cairo as HR Secretary.

·         Contact No. Mr Ashraf Michel : +20  01003833833 “Executive Assistant Manager” 20th February 2012 – 30th September 2012.

Job Description:                        

  1. Prepare correspondence, forms, manuals, schedules, contracts, and reports for the assistant.
  2. Superintendent of human resources and other department staff members.
  3. Prepare recruitment and new-hire packets.
  4. Process and receive criminal history record information on applicants and volunteers, references, and
  5. Initiate and maintain physical and computerized departmental files for all employees and applicants
  6. Including verification of completeness of files.
  7. Assist with the purging of inactive HR records.
  8. Process requests for official district records, including maintaining log of requests for records.
  9. Coordinate annual distribution of the employee handbook.
  10. Organize and compile materials for new employee orientation.
  11. Assist with distribution of employment contracts.
  12. Recruiting resource organizations.
  13. Perform routine bookkeeping tasks, including simple arithmetic operations, for the department.
  14. Answer and respond to incoming calls, take reliable messages, and route to appropriate staff.
  15. Greet visitors and assist employees and applicants with completing applications and required
  16. paperwork.
  17. Maintain confidentiality of information.
  18. Other application materials.
  19. Arrange conferences, meetings, and travel reservations for office personnel.
  20. Coordinate conferences and meetings.
  21. Compose, type, and distribute meeting notes, routine correspondence, and reports.
  22. Duty Manger.
  23. Using Hits for Vacation’s Managers.

Banque du Caire

·         Working at Banque du Caire  as Junior Portfolio Risk Management  till present .

Job Description:

  1. Maintain and develop risk analysis and reporting.
  2. Determine risk report requirement.
  3. Maintain and develop risk reporting infrastructure.
  4. Produce, interpret and present risk reports to investment desks and client directors.
  5. Provide support and advice to investment teams through risk analysis.
  6. Monitor market risk levels.


·                     Arabic  :Native Language

·                     English: Very Good writing & speaking.

Professional courses:

·         Professional awareness program - National Egyptian Development Association (Neda) funded by Sawiris Foundation for social development From June 28 th to July 13 th 2011.

·         Web Design Course from computek.

·         Human resources: Cambridge training college Britain.

·         Certificate of completion - Smart Mind Center for :-

1.      Time Management.

2.      Preparing Resume & Interview.

3.      Certified professional employee.

4.      Leadership Diploma.

5.      Modern Sales Diploma.

6.      Power of Memory.

7.      Customer Service Diploma.


  • Certificate of Achievement - Canadian Training Center of  Human Development for :-

1- Customer Service.

2-      Marketing.

3-      The Art of Selling.

·         ICDL : UNESCO.

(International computer driving License)

Computer Skills:

·         Microsoft word and Excel.

·         Internet Applications.


  • Effective communication skills.
  • Ability to read, write and understand English.
  • Experienced in company management.
  • Capability to coordinate with management and staff.
  • Good research and presentation skills.
  • Possess very good organizational skills.
  • Excellent ability to manage multiple projects.
  • Able to understand requirements of management and staff.
  • Good capability to prepare reports and records.
  • Outstanding skills to work in flexible schedules.
  • knowledge of management procedures.
  • Great aptitude to provide quality customer service.


Interests and Activities:

·         Listening to music.

·         Scouting.

·         Travelling.

·         Reading (Psychology – Personality – Body language).


Personal data:

Marital Status            : Single.

Nationality                 : Egyptian.

Date of Birth           : August 23rd, 1987.


         "References & Extra information will be furnished u