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Political Philosophy                                                          Planning, Management and Evaluation of Development projects

Political Sciences                                                                                             Community work and association movement Development and Cooperation Policies          Results-Based Management

Education Policies                                                            Participatory Needs Assessments and Planning

Peace Building                                                                 Event Planning and Coordination

Conflict resolution                                                           Financial Management

International Development and Decentralized Cooperation             Network

Team management                                                           Community management


LANGUAGES                                                                 IT SKILLS

CATALAN        Mother tongue                                        Pack Office Access, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook

SPANISH          Mother tongue                                       

FRENCH          Proficiency User                                       Quark Express, Indesign, Photoshop

ENGLISH         Proficiency User                                      

ARABIC            Independent User                                     SPSS,  Wordpress, Blogger

ITALIAN          Basic User

CREOLE (Haïti)                                                           Basic User



August-December 2012                            MINUSTAH, United Nations @                                                                                        Port de Paix, Haiti

                                                                   United Nations Stabilisation Mission in Haiti

                                                                   Civil Affairs Officer

                                                                   ●Quick Impact Projects Focal Point

                                                                   ●Human Rights and Gender Focal Point


September 2010-August 2012                   arcenciel @                                                                                                                          Beirut, Lebanon

                                                                   Lebanese Association working for and with all people in difficulty

                                                                   Project Manager

                                                                   ●Coordinator of the Youth Program

                                                                   ● Peace Centre: Creation of Peace Building Indicators


September 2011- May 2012                       UNITED CITIES AND LOCAL GOVERNMENTS TECHNICAL

                                                         OFFICE OF LEBANESE MUNICIPALITIES (UCLG/BTVL)  @                                  Beirut, Lebanon

National Bureau of UCLG for the Descentralized Cooperation

in Jordan and Lebanon Project Manager

●Organization of the International Forum on Decentralised Cooperation in Lebanon.

● Development of new projects of cooperation between the Arab countries

(Arab Towns Organisation, ATO)

●Coordination of Cooperation projects between French, Italian, Spanish

and Lebanese Municipalities


December 2010- August 2012                  CIREM FOUNDATION @                                                                                                    Barcelona, Spain

    Centre For European Initiatives And Research In The Mediterranean

   Consultant, representant on the Middle East

● Study Visit of a Ministerial Delegation from Algeria

●Consultant in Lebanon


June 2010- September 2010                      EDUCATION WITHOUT BORDERS @                                                                          Barcelona, Spain

International Association  working on the Education for the Development


● Creation of Educational material about Cooperation and Development


Nov 2009-September 2010                       BARCELONA SOLIDARIA @                                                                    Barcelona, Spain/ Sarajevo, BH

    Bureau of International Cooperation  of the Barcelona’s Council

Consultant- Project Manager

● Organization of the International Conference on Divided cities, Barcelona, Spain

●Coordination in Barcelona of the Foundation of Local Democracy. Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina



Sept 2007-November 2009                       TASCA SL @                                                                                                                            Barcelona, Spain

Socio-cultural Animation Projects

Project Manager- consultant

● La Caixa, Social Foundation, Project on Sustainable Development

●Spanish Civil War Refuges Museum, Barcelona

●Organization of events and conferences



2010                               Open University of Catalonia and Spanish Red Cross                      Barcelona, Spain

                                             Academic specialisation on technical expertise in planning development projects


2008-2009                              Université Sorbonne Panthéon- Assas- Paris 2                                     Paris, France

                                             ● Master in Political Sciences

                                             ● Project work: Development and Cooperation in Bosnia Herzegovina after the war


2007-2008                              Autonomous University of Barcelona                                            Barcelona, Spain

                                             Peace Culture and Conflict Resolution School- UNESCO- Human Rights

                                             ● Master in Peace Culture and Conflict Resolution

                                             ● Project work: The media’s propaganda in Rwanda’s genocide


2002-2007                              Autonomous University of Barcelona                                            Barcelona, Spain

                                             ● Bachelor on philosophy

                                             ●Erasmus exchange year in the Université Sorbonne- Paris 1, Paris, France

                                                      ●Project work: Guerrillas in Central America

Additional Education


2012                                      Social Media Strategy   Think Media Labs                                          Beirut, Lebanon

2011                                      Development and Social Change on the 21th century                           Barcelona, Spain

2007- 2008                             Certified Teacher at Secondary School University of Barcelona             Barcelona, Spain



April-August  2008                    GENERATION PALESTINE @                         Paris, France/ West Bank, Palestine

                                             Coordinator in Spain

                                              Exchange between European and Palestinian young people


2005- 2010                             ROSA DE FOC @                                                                       Barcelona, Spain

                                             Cooperative of Organic Food and Neighbourhood Association


2008-2009                              AMAP Ménilmontant  @                                                                  Paris, France

                                             Cooperative of Organic Food


2002- 2007                             AEIG Bonanova Group Scout  @                                                   Barcelona, Spain

                                             Monitor, coordinator and educator