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Ghazwa Wehbi

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Curriculum Vitae


Name                          :  Ghazwa AL-Tall

Place of Birth             :  Tripoli

Date of Birth              :  January01/1954

Marital Status            :  Married

Maiden Name            :  Wehbe

Nationality                 :  Lebanese

Home Address            :  Beirut - Rass Al Nabeh - Mohammad Al Hout Street-

                                    Truk & Omeish BLD –4th Floor


  Tel : 01/640522

E.MAIL: [email protected]

Languages                   :

1.     Arabic :    Reading, Writing.

2.     French:    Reading, Writing.

3.     English:   Reading,Writing.


Academic Qualifications:



                     Beirut Arab University-Faculty of Commerce

                     Bachelor of Arts – BA Accounting 1989


Certified Accountant:

                        Member of certified accountants community

                        Membership #241

                        Certificate    #610



                     Bac.II - Literature,

                     1985 (Fakherddine High School)


Working Experience:


              1.    Meheiddin Itani factory:

     Director & Accountant       From1990 –1992

The factory activity was ready clothes tailing and exporting to Arab     countries.

I was the executive director responsible for all the activity of the factory. I used to order the needed material for work, contact suppliers and clients. I followed up all the employees  problems (salaries, social security, attendance & absence). In addition I held the position of accountant. I prepared the journal vouchers, bank reconciliation, trial balances, & balance sheets.





 2.    Raffi Trading Company(tel.# 01-820033/ 03-720931):

                           Accountant & Auditor From 1989-1999

The company main activity was ready clothes trading.

I did the accounting of the transactions and prepared the financial reports for government and social security. I was the internal auditor, doing the internal auditing job of the daily routine.


              3.   Papco(paper company) :

                     Auditor     From 1989-1997

                    This company was dealing as the name prevails with paper trading,

                    Importing and selling in the Lebanese market.

                    My job was the external auditor doing all the necessary tools to audit

        and check the accounting journals, bank reconciliation, suppliers

& clients accounts. Then prepare all the governmental financial   reports, and income statements.


              4.  New Mira Factory( tel.#01-820033/03-720931):

         Accounting & Auditing  from 1991-1999

        Mira factory is a ready clothes tailing for import & export .

       I was holding the job of accountant & internal auditor.

                  I did all the journal vouchers for the daily transactions, prepared the

                  Trial balances for the external auditor. In addition I followed up the

                  Registrar of the fixed assets ( machinery & other equipment).           



               5.  Chafic AlKaissi Establishment (Auditing Firm):

                         Senior Auditor  From 1992-1993

I did the auditor job in this firm. I used to visit the clients, do the    necessary tests on their accounts, put the procedures for paper work,

Then prepare the financial statements, managerial reports, and balance sheets.                       


              6.   Capco(computer spare parts co.):

                       Accounting &  Main auditor From 1995-1999

                     Capco was dealing with computer spare parts trading.

                     I was the accountant for this company. I did the journal vouchers

For daily transactions, bank reconciliation, clients & suppliers follow  up, inventory evaluation, fixed assets register, & audited balance sheet.



              7. CPU (computer spareparts tel# 03-222098):

                     Accounting & Auditing from1998-2001

                     CPU was dealing with computer spare parts trading.

I was the accountant & the external auditor responsible for the final balance sheet towards the government.






               8.H M C ( Hotel Marketing Company tel# 01-742800):

                   Financial Manager from1997- till now   

       Dealer for American company for discount cards for hotels & restaurants

 Based on tele market .Their office in Beirut is Head Office for the  Middle  East Area( Dubai, Syria, Jordan, Abu Dabi, Ajman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Cairo)

 I am responsible for all the accounting transactions, controlling the daily       work procedure in all the Middle East branches. In addition I am responsible for preparing all the managerial reports for the Main Head office, and preparing the final balance sheet for Lebanese office.   


               9.  Personal Auditing office:

                        Auditing & accounting for companies   From 1994- 2006

I opened a personal office to hold my clients accounting and prepare   their final financial statements & balance sheets.

            10. Saudi Lebanese rent a car:

Auditing & accounting from 2006-2009

           11. DMC(Destination Concept):

The same HMC owners reopened the same business.

Auditing and accounting for all branches through a computerized system from 2009 till now.



                      Some of my clients as a reference:


                       Advanced Hardware Co. (hardware spare parts)

                       Ithad Murad Co.              (construction co.)   

                      Delta Media Co.                ( television media)  

                      Look In Factory               ( ready clothes tailing tel. # 03-645017)

                     Vitamin Factory                (ready clothes tailing)

                     Ahmad Aradati Establishment (glassware & gifts items trading)

                     Call serviceman Co          (maintenance & trading of photocopiers

                                                                tel. # 03-628809)