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Hiba fattouh

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Hiba Fattouh

Tripoli – Naqabet al-Atibaa Sreet, above Hawa chicken. 6th floor

Mobile: (+9613) 280134

E - mail: [email protected]



       Looking for a position at your reputable institution to apply my theoretical knowledge and experience in the practical field.

Personal Information:

    Marital Status:                        Single

    Nationality:                             Lebanese

    Birth  Date:                             12/06/1984

    Place of birth:                          Tripoli, Lebanon



  • 2010:

                  Doctorate Degree (unfinished yet)


Lebanese University, doctoral School of Literature, Humanities & Social Sciences

Beirut, Lebanon




o  2008:

              Diploma Degree


Lebanese University, doctoral  School of Literature,          Humanities & Social Sciences

              Beirut, Lebanon


o   2007:

               Masters Degree


               Lebanese University


                    Tripoli, Lebanon


o   2006:

              B.A in Sociology

Lebanese University


                   Tripoli, Lebanon



o   2002:

               Bacc II Socio_Economy

               Lycee el Zehriyeh




o   2007:

                   Time management courses at ACST center.


o   2007:

               Banking courses at ACST center.


  • 2007:

                  AutoCAD courses at ASCT center.


  • 2008:

              Accounting courses at ASCT center.


  • 2008:

               French linguistic courses "DELF" at ASCT center.


  • 2011:

                   English courses at American language center.


Training workshops:

  • 2007:

Small credits "Training workshop” in cooperation with “Azm & Saade association, Working for your cause and Near East Foundation”, (29 January ـ 3 February).


  • 2008:

              CORT "Training workshop" at Qasr Nawfal.


  • 2009:

A conference entitled "Tripoli coexistence" at Quality inn (workshop 27, 28 Mach 2009).




  • 2011:

Training in SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) at Association university in the north.


  • 2011:

An international conference entitled "Lebanon in the mirror           researchers" (workshop 1, 2 and 3 June 2011 in Lebanese University).


  • 2011:

International Conference on Social Sciences in the Arab countries in the face of global scientific pluralism (workshop 8-9 July 2011 in American University).


  • 2011:

Training workshop entitled "Principles of Human Rights” in Azm social forum.


  • 2011-2012:

Training workshop in “strategic planning” in Azm social forum.


  • 2012:

Workshop entitled “women's leadership” at Error! Hyperlink reference not valid., October 5, 2012.


Work Experience:

  • 2005 – 2005:

Teaching Arabic and French Language in Al Ahli Abi Samra Institution.

  • 2006-2007:

                   filling up forms/application for the social section for the Azm                         



  • 2007-2008:

                     Secretary in Tripoli club.


  • 2008-2012:

Researcher at the Center of documentary "مركز إحياء التراث الوثائقي" in collaboration with Azm & Saade Association.


Volunteer works:

  • Secretary of Azm Social Forum in Azm & Saade association (from 2010 till now).
  • Commissioner for the Rights of the Child Development in the “Arab Scout”.


Communication Skills:

  • Arabic:                 Verbal & Written
  • French:                Verbal & Written
  • English:               Verbal & Written


Computer Skills:

      Familiar with all Microsoft Office applications & windows




      Traveling, Drawing, Reading, Attending Lectures, Watching Movies, Listening to Instrumental Music.




-I have PHD (second year) in sociology from Lebanese University.
- Over four years of retail management experience.
- Ability to effectively hire, train, and manage.
- Payroll management, scheduling, reports, and inventory.
- Extensive work with visual and mental standards.

In addition to my extensive retail experience, I have excellent communication skills. I always maintain a gracious and professional manner when communicating with people. My broad experience and range of skills make me a superior candidate for this position.

My resume, which is in attachment, provides additional information on my background and qualifications. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible to arrange time for an interview.

Thank you for your consideration.
Hiba fattouh