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Manar Mansour

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To work in a creative and challenging environment that will refine my skills and help me grow as a professional. 


2009–2012 B.S. in Environmental Sciences - Minor in Public Health- Minor in Arabic Language, American University of Beirut


Graphical Design: Usage of graphics production software (e.g. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator)

Statistical Analysis: SPSS

Computer Literacy: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Prezi


Quality Control of Canned Fruits Production

A study on the production of canned fruits in order to identify the potential hazards according to HACCP principles and the necessary corrective actions.

Food Allergies

A study on the different types of food allergies, their diagnosis, signs and applicable prevention and control measures.

Occupational Health Study

A field study done on a number of concierges working in different conditions in order to examine the different risks they’re exposed to, and propose the necessary solutions.

The Chemical Profile of Formaldehyde

A study on the possible routes of exposure to formaldehyde, its sources, effects, acceptable levels and mitigation measures.

Integrated Watershed Management

A study on the watershed management approach, explained through a case study done in Akkar to highlight the advantages of this approach.

Extra-Curricular Activities and Academic Performance among AUB Students

A statistical study to examine the relationship between AUB students’ engagement in extracurricular activities and their GPA.

Administrative Corruption in Lebanon

A study on the various types, causes and costs of administrative corruption in our area, along with the proposed solutions on the economical, structural, transparency and community levels.

The Nutrition Mission

A study done on grade 6 students to assess then direct their nutritious and behavioral lifestyles though a combination of educational games and activities.

Environmental Impact Assessment: LAU Medical School

An environmental impact assessment report done to assess the developmental process followed,

through the evaluation of resource efficiency, and the involved aspects of the construction project and proposition of remediation alternatives to ensure efficiency and sustainability.


2009- 2012 Private Teacher

Teaching languages and sciences to elementary students.

2010 American University of Beirut,

Computer Assistant- Lecturer

Explaining the usage of daily software and frequently used applications like Microsoft Word,

Microsoft PowerPoint, Web Browsers, Google products, Hotmail and blogs.

2010-2011 American University of Beirut


Performing clerical tasks such as arranging and confirming appointments, performing phone calls, photocopying, typing, etc…

2011 American University of Beirut

Summer Field Trainee

Application of environmental health principles to real community environments by visiting some selected sites like protected areas, water and wastewater treatment plants, food industries and performing community integrated studies.

2013 Nouh Center

English Teacher


English, Fluent

Arabic, Fluent

French, Good


Writing, drawing, poetry