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Joelle Wakim

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My name is Joelle Wakim. I have completed a Bachelor Degree in ''Animation Sociale'' at Universite Saint Joseph (USJ), Beirut Lebanon. Then assisted to Continuing Educational Programs in social field (Child abuse; Rehabilitation and Drug Prevention; socio-professional integration of a former drug addict person) at the same University. After that, I completed another Continuing Educational Program (CEP) in “Capacity Building Program for Non-Profit” at the Lebanese American University (LAU), Beirut Lebanon. As, attended a “Psychosocial Intervention in Emergency, Migration and Displacement” course at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna - Pisa, Italy. Humanitarian work is a real interest and passion for me. So, I worked with Children, Youths, Women, Communities and Refugees.

I participated in many workshops providing the below topics: SPHERE, Safety & Security, Stress Management, Capacity Building Training, Psychological First Aid, GBV, Child Protection, Protection, Child's Development & Psychology, Child's development Disorders: Symptoms & Learning difficulties, TOT on Positive Discipline & Psychosocial Support, Creative Arts Therapy, TOT on Therapeutic activities and Peace Building & Trauma Healing Training. As I conducted many trainings and Capacity Building for the CP staff related to Psychosocial Support, Positive Discipline, Non-Violent Communication and CFS Programming and activities.

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