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Marianne Aoun

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 To whom it may concern,

I would like to apply for a Job position at your organization.

I am a graduate student holding a BS Degree in Public Health and Development Sciences at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Balamand.

My eagerness to learn combined with strong analytical skills and a strong sense of integrity and ethical behavior have all made me aware of the duties and responsibilities that are carried out throughout this job opportunity. I have had several previous experiences such as: volunteering with the UN Volunteers: the Second Meeting of States Parties to the UN Convention on Cluster Munitions 12-16 September 2011, and working at the ACS summer camp as a team leader and Assistant teacher to Science and Environment for two consecutive years. These have helped me to build teamwork skills, interpersonal and communication skills, as well as prepare me for a professional job.

I strongly believe that a Job opportunity at your organization would be a significant learning experience for me, and that I could also make a productive contribution. I would greatly appreciate you considering my application favorably.

Thank you for your valuable time and considering me for the Job position at your organization.


Marianne Aoun

Curriculum Vitae

Marianne Elias Aoun

Date of birth: May 3,1991

Status: Student, Single

Nationality: Lebanese

Address: Mechref, Chouf

Tel: 70-113716

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]


I currently graduated from the University of Balamand, with a BS in Public Health and Development. I am eager to expand my skills and knowledge through an applied experience in an organization or company in the domain of Public Health.


University: University of Balamand (UOB) Beirut, Lebanon

Degree: BS in Public Health and Development (Graduated) Fall 2013

School: The American Community School of Beirut (ACS) Beirut, Lebanon

Degrees: High School Diploma and Lebanese Baccalaureate (Graduate Class of 2009)

Certificate: Torture: The Unknown

From: Continuing Education Program at the Faculty of Health Science at the University of Balamand, Feb 9, 2012


2009 –American Community School Summer Camp Beirut, Lebanon

Team Leader and assistant to Science teacher. Responsible for a group of 18

students aged 11-12 and was assistant to the science teacher teaching science to

students aged 5-12

2010-0ngoing. Tutoring Math and English for students in Grade 2 and Grade 4

2011 - American Community School Summer Camp, Beirut, Lebanon

Team coordinator, assistant teacher. Responsible for a group of 20 students ages 8-

10 and was also teaching Environment to students aged between 5-12.

2011- Photovoice Project at the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) at the University

of Balamand from March to May 2011. Took photos related to the health situation in Lebanon and exhibited them for comments and feedback from students

2012 Summer- Internship at World Vision

From July 2-August 31st,worked with the Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs department which on disaster risk reduction and disaster response and aims at building the resilience of local communities to prepare for and respond to future disasters.

2012 Fall- Attended the 17th Lebanese Epidemiological Association Annual conference at Grfinor Rotana Hotel, Beirut (November 16-17,2012)

The conference focused mainly on the surveillance, prevention, and control of non-communicable diseases (NCD) and covered NCD issues on the following topics: Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, cancers, chronic respiratory conditions, mental math problems as well as musculoskeletal conditions.

2012 Fall- Attended a seminar held by Dr. Barry Castleman on “The Role of Corporation in Occupational and Environmental Health: Investigation of Toxic Corporate Crime”

2013 - Attended a visit to the "National Ozone Unit" at the Ministry of Environment for an orientation session on Global Warming in Lebanon

Feb-April 2013 –Working at the Co-Academics program at the University of Balamand Ashrafiye: Performed Data coding, Data entry using SPSS, and is part of the school health program.

Service/ Volunteer Work:

Tree Planting in Qurnayel near Hemena with students from various schools and universities 2008

Mentored a Grade 6 student in Math (2006-2007)

Animals at Beirut Club at ACS 2007-2009. As a club member, I participated in several projects and assemblies to raise awareness about animal torture

We co-worked with Beirut for the Ethical Treatments of Animals BETA and went to the animal shelter to help walk the dogs and feed them.

UN Volunteers, Beirut, Lebanon. Assisted people attending the Second Meeting of States Parties to the UN Convention on Cluster Munitions 12-16 September 2011 

Computer Skills

Microsoft Office: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher


Sports: Basketball, Swimming, Jogging, Dancing, Horseback Riding, Caving, Skiing, and ice skating

Music: Choir and playing the flute (JV Band)


References are available upon request