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Khalid Ahmad

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-Full Name: Khalid Ahmed Jamil Abdullah al-Jumaili

-Date of Birth: 02/07/1975

Marital Status: NOT Married

 Address: Iraq / Diyala -Baquba Moalemeen Q- 402 / alley / 28 / Dar 8

Academic achievement: Pklrius / Faculty of Education for Human Sciences / University of Diyala

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: 00964 (0) 7,704,563,411

social communication Face book: Khalid Ahmed al-Jumaili


. Arab (mother tongue)1-

. English (reading, writing)-

Calculator Skills: Micro Soft Offs programs (Word, Excel, Internet)-


-served as head of the Khairat  Al. Nahrain Of human organization. From 18/10/2010.

-served as president of the Association Forum students, graduates and young people of both sexes in the Diyala province.

-served as the Deputy Head of Safwa Foundation Sports and Youth .2011

-served as director of public relations for the serenity Development Foundation and to ages 2012

-Member Observatory civil liberties in Iraq 2011

-a member of the Legal Committee for Human Rights in the province to Diyala 2012

-responsible Department of Culture and Information of the youth coalition forces in Iraq 2012.



-participated in the first reading of the law draft Alastairatjah for the Advancement of Iraqi Women, in cooperation with the Office of the High Commissioner UNWOMEN. United Women's Affairs / Ministry of State for Women's Affairs

-At the invitation directly involved from the United Nations to support housing in the. workshop awareness about sexually transmitted diseases / AIDS.

-participated in the training session hosted by the justice program accessible to everyone about the process of writing projects USAIDIRAQ.

-participated in the workshop on the mechanism of writing and how to established legal adapt and Itzhsal official leave.

 ( Residence paradise coordinating civil society organizations (NCCI-

-participated in the workshop talk about the development of rural women by the Maternal and Child Health Centre at the University of Diyala.

-participated in the training session of the Institute for War and Peace in Erbil and work to reduce the phenomenon of IWPR violation of human rights in accordance with the peace Alami