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Safa Boush

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Safa Kassem Bush                                                                 Phone: + (961) 3-595728 / 093828

Tripoli - Lebanon                                                                   Email: [email protected]


Safa Kassem Bush




Looking for posts in an educational institution or a business company where I can use my abilities and skills gained in the education, management or post office.


Date of Birth      : 1/1/1985

Place of Birth     : Tripoli - Lebanon

Nationality          : Lebanese

Marital Status     : Single

Educational Qualifications:

  • Second year - sociology's branch - Lebanese university.
  • Diplôme in information management (Université libanaise française ULF).
  • Third year - Psychology’s branch – Lebanese university.
  • Technology Section in information technology management (TS3).

Computer knowledge: 

  • Microsoft Office: Word, PowerPoint, Access
  • Internet
  • Windows and Format computers.


  • October 2012 till now:

-          Responsible of Media & studies section – al-bashayer medical center

-          Responsible of media Comity – Azm youth Association 

  • Year  2011till September 2012:

-        Teacher of  Mathematics (Al tawjih School – mejdlaya) – Class: Grade 2 to 6

-        secretariat section

  • Year  2008 -2011

-       Aid manager in  Islamic Islah school - Tripoli


  • Year  2007:

-       Stage in Islamic hospital on Admission Desk.

  • Year  2006:

-       Responsible of center for printing and computers and internet then typed through it the researches for the social sciences branch in the Lebanese University.

-       Assistant manager in Dar Abu Hanifa - typing of books and coordination.

  • Year  2005:

-       Teacher at a Center for Literacy and dealing with the children of workers do not know how to read or write.   

  • Year  2004:

­   Worked in Creators Establishment for the Declaration serves in typing, archive and Internet.   

­   Teacher in a private center for the fourth grade average (Brevet).

Personal Skills/courses

Æ Trainer of Human development – dependant from international Arabic academy  and HDC-Tripoli.

Æ Advisory graphology in Lebanon – dependant from international Arabic academy and HDC-Tripoli.

Æ Diploma in strategic planning.

Æ Personalities kind

Æ Leadership

Æ Time management

Æ Communications skills



·       Arabic: Excellent

·       English: Good

·       French:  Good


 Reading, computers and Internet, writing poetry and proem, travel.

I will follow up with you to discuss the possibility of an interview, In the meantime, Please feel free to contact me.