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Dzovinar Harkian

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                                                                                             Date of Birth:     February 26, 1968

                                                                                                        Nationality:         Lebanese

                                                                                                   Civil Status:        Divorced

      DZOVINAR HARKIAN                                   Address:             Fanar/Ain-Saadé, Lebanon

                                                             Mobile  Phone:    + 961 3 757110

         (Dzovig)                                     E-mail:                [email protected]




Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, and accuracy; experience in a high volume/fast paced environment ; ability to juggle multiple priorities and demands with grace while under deadline pressure; strong verbal and written communication skills and demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with a variety of people; demonstrated ability to use tact, discretion, independent judgment and initiative, and maintain strict confidentiality; flexibility and adaptability; ability to master; ability to learn ; demonstrated ability to multitask, lead and motivate staff, manage and direct office workflow.  




2005-2009     Lebanese University - Faculty of Law & Political & Administrative Sciences  Beirut-Lebanon  

                        BA -  Bachelor degree = 4 years of Political & Administrative Sciences

                        BA -  Minor of Law Studies ( double major program within the above BA)  

  • Graduated in July 2009
    1.    Haigazian University- Faculty of Business Administration                            Beirut-Lebanon

                        BA in Business Administration - Three (3) Semesters ; Honors Distinction

  • Fulfilled the Major Core courses of: Micro & Macro Economics, Accounting I & II, Marketing Management (+ Research Project), Computer Studies, Math & Education.

       June 2005           High school - Humanities  (Free Lance)

* N.B. All through the years of my education I was working part time, as well as I have been a full time single mother of three kids.




          Feb 2010        The Armenian Prelacy of Lebanon                                    Beirut-Lebanon           

        June 2013        First Job: As PR + The Prelate’s Personal and Executive Administrative Assistant

                                   Under the direct supervision of, and in coordination with, His Eminence the  

                                             Archbishop; The Prelate of the Armenians in Lebanon; Tasks :

  • Executive Administration and  PR / multi-channel Coordination, all of which  

      are relative to His Eminence’s post and responsibilities.(* see end of doc.)

Reported to the Prelate for high profile Administration, provided a wide range of complex administrative support to the Prelate, the office and the Prelacy as a whole. Developed, drafted, and reviewed a variety of often complex and confidential correspondences. Overseed, prioritized, directed and provided info for the work flow to others in the Prelacy offices as appropriate. Greeted guests of high profile in reception and coordinated on several channels and levels of diverse backgrounds. Had responsibility for management of the Prelate’s calendar and meeting arrangements. Ensured the prelate has all relevant material and briefings needed for meetings and gathered information from appropriate sources; followed-up as needed. Coordinated for The Prelate’s presence at important events and contacted His Eminence’s PR on His behalf.

  • Prelate’s Office & Floor Manager : Ensuring office needs are met by managing and  

supervising Office staffing, including office supply, locating defects and issues as they arise. Supervision of all what is related to follow up of: cleaning, laundry, maintenance, kitchen, food and food shopping, lunch-guest hosting and personal assisting. Overseeing Office needs and responsible for insuring that support staff is working collaboratively and effectively to insure maximum support to the work flow and external community.

  • Event Preparation: (Seasonal duty) Coordinating and assisting in the various aspects related to the social events of the Prelacy and administered by the Prelate. Follow up and keeping a record of each of these events with their consecutive outcomes.


       Feb 2010        Second Job: As the Clerk of the Armenian Orthodox Family Court in Appeal 

                               -     رئيس قلم المحكمة الروحية الأرمنية الأرثوذكسية  الإستئنافية                                                         June 2013

                                 In general:  Managing the court’s work (court-room hearing, office and paper work)

  •  Reception of filed legal cases, complaints or requests (marital, custody, adoption, etc.)
  •  Providing information to all sorts of legal inquiries related to the court.
  •  Coordinating on several channels to solve family social issues, processing complaints, following up the family’s social welfare whilst counseling for reconciliation.
  • Organizing and verifying legal and social documents and files, and maintaining them as well as preparing new files.
  • Reporting updates to and coordinating between the Prelate, the Judge and the Jury.
  • Preparing the schedule for hearings of the running cases.
  • Recording and sometimes translating the hearings (dialogue and decisions).
  • Composing and Typing certificates and the court’s rules regarding each case after the hearing and submitting them in their Official Form (procedure of signatures and stamps).
  • In addition, I set up a multi dimensional new database (softcopy and hardcopy) for every aspect related to the court’s work.


        2009-             The Bible Society The only employee of the Downtown Bookshop                                                                          

       2010                 Sales & Proceeds : Selling Bibles, religious books and souvenirs, book keeping of the                

                sales account, and follow ups for the inventory and supply  

  • In addition I have designed the 6 page-brochure for the bookshop and took its photos.


2009             Printkom -  The official dealer of “Kodak”                                                                                      

                               Duties as Office Manager: (Internship-whilst Studying)            

                                Supervised the office work of the employees’ activities and the supply chain

  • Detected the orders, invoices, receipt vouchers, checks or cash payments, deliveries 

& Customer service, Checked the accounts in the customer ledger, Contacted clients


       2008            Modern University for Business & Science - MUBS   (whilst Studying)                                                                                                                      

                              Duties as the Admission Officer: (1st Job)

  •  Provided information to various inquiries
  •  Enrolled and counseled student applicants with Data Entry and keeping the files
  •  Put forward suggestions as reports for improvement

         (Ex: Ideas for a marketing strategy and PR to enhance the student demand)

                          Duties as the Assistant of the new established Continuing Education Division/CED (2nd Job)

  • Put Forward an Application Form for this division
  • Prepared a new data base
  • Coordinated for the implementation of the new marketing plan that I helped put   

         Forward (above)

  • Participated in a 3 day Educational Fair in the UNESCO for Public Relations    


                     In Addition I was in charge of the MUBS Magazine Project as the Data Manager:

                    Duties: I collected, analyzed and organized all relevant data for the MUBS magazine ( 30

                                pages). Moreover, I made the connections needed, conducted and wrote the

                                interviews and some of the reports.              


             2007-        “Barsoumian” Library at Haigazian University(whilst Studying)          

             2008            Part time Supervisor of the Circulation Desk:  

Assisted students, organized books and helped the manager in various paper work


        Summer       “Lifelong Learning” Office in Haigazian University                                      

             2007            Tasks as the Administrative Assistant:

Registered students, prepared their ID cards and receipts, Translated in three languages, Organized files, books and handled inquiries. 


            2006 -         The Armenian Evangelical School of Trad  (whilst Studying)                                                  

              2007          Teacher: Taught English & Arabic languages for the elementary level (1-4), Prepared     seasonal stage Performances, Supervised the playground.


        2002-          M.E.M.R.B.                                                                                                      

         2004              - Statistical Auditor

      Collected inventory data from stores and Pharmacies, Recorded purchases and sales for           

      monthly analytical comparison, encoded the products and registered new ones in the market


  • Conference Presentation: I’ve participated in a conference, in which I    

         represented The Lebanese University by an intervention: written + PowerPoint   

         presentation(Subject: Immigration, April 2008)

  •  I lived in Cairo for 12 years(1988-2000) where I worked as a kindergarten teacher

                         for 3 years

  • Tutored students of various school grades in 3 Languages.
  • Translated documents in three languages, English, Arabic, Armenian.
  • Participated in diverse cultural and social activities for the Armenian community


  •   MS office suit: Word, Excel,…

               Internet Literacy with the ability to learn “house” programs as well.

  • Fluency in English, Arabic and Armenian (Written, spoken and read )

                                 French: moderate

  • Writing Skills: excellent in Arabic and in English
  • Ability to work, live and travel abroad if needed


 2005- 2006         Dean’s List (two Semesters out of three); Haigazian University

                              * Awarded to students with Semester average of 85% or above

 2007, Oct 17       Recognition Plate from the Association of the Armenian Marash Welfare   

                              *For my contribution to the Armenian Cultural Event

                                 (In Planning, supervising and preparation)  


                     *  The Prelate of Armenians in Lebanon

         His Eminence Archbishop KEGHAM KHATCHERIAN:

       Post and Responsibilities (1995-present)

  • The Official Authorized Senior of the Armenian Orthodox Church of Lebanon.
  • The CEO / Prelate of the Armenian Prelacy of Lebanon. It holds several departments for the network responsibilities of the Prelacy and has 27 employees, who run the religious and social affairs of the sizable Lebanese Armenian Orthodox Population in Lebanon.
  • The President of the Lebanese-Armenian Parliament, which holds 37 Lebanese-Armenian deputies. 
  • Head Manager of 15 Armenian Churches in Lebanon along with their consecutive committees.
  • Head Principal of 21 priests working under His Eminence’s supervision.
  • The head principal of 9 Armenian Schools in Lebanon along with their consecutive direct principals and committees.
  • The Head Spiritual Judge of the Lebanese Armenian Religious Court (Primary and Appeal).
  • The President of 10 Armenian National Committees within the Prelacy’s network.

         *All of the Above belong to the Armenian Prelacy’s network.

Contact Information :     The Armenian Prelacy of Lebanon

                                                      P.O.Box: 80810 Bourj Hammoud, Metn , Lebanon

                                                      Tel/ Fax : 01-258300 

                                                      E-mail :  [email protected]       

  • Other references are furnished upon request