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Safwan Alsulh

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Curriculum Vitae

                                      Personal Information:             Contact Information:

                                      Nationality:    Palestinian                 Mobile : + 961 76162307

                                      Date of Birth:  15/march/1990         Email: [email protected]

                                      Place of Birth : UAE                        Address: Between Beirut and Saida 

                                                                                                                                                        Marital Status : single                       


Safwan Al Sulh


    Academic Certificate         •  BA in economics Damascus University                           2007-2011



     Work Experience               • founder and manager of  "Absher ya mosawer" social page
                                                     for  selling Cameras and photography accessories        2013-now

                                                   • Trainer in Dar Al Quds Establishment                           2011-2012

                                                   • Marketing dep.  in United Canadian Company             2010-2011
                                                   • Volunteer work in the schools and health centers
                                                   of Syrian refugee, organizing and instructing groups     2010-2011

                                                   • Independent Distributer
                                                     (Qnet Ltd - World GMN) Part time                                2011-now



     Languages                            •  Arabic    : Excellent   ( mother tongue ).

                                                    • English   : good.



    Training Certificates            • Training Of Trainer (TOT) ... Mind Gate LTD.

                                                    • Effective Trainer Diploma ... ILLAFTrain.

                                                    • Practitioner Assistant (NLP)... ILLAFTrain.

                                                    • Parana Healing Diploma ... INLEPTA.   

                                                    • Leadership Development Academy (2) in Turkey          Dec- 2011

                                                    • Leadership Development Academy (1) in Turkey           July-2011



                Other  Skills                 • Able to Deal with different characters in work field.

                                                      • Abel to finish my tasks in time.

                                                      • Have ability to train people and make effective workshops
                                                        in self development and soft skills.  

                                                      • Have great experience managing social media page.  

                                                      • ICDL certificate.