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Mariette Mikhael

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Mariette Mikhael 

Hekmeh Street                                                          Date of Birth: September 15th, 1982

Ittihad Building, 1st floor                                          Place of Birth: Kobayat, Lebanon

Jdeideh                                                                     Citizenship: Lebanon

Nahr l Mott, Lebanon                                               Marital Status: Married

Mobile: 70/887423                                                   Email: [email protected]

                                                                                 [email protected] 


Seeking a job in your good highly regarded company, where I can both apply and share what I have learned during the years of education and working experience.


2007-2009                                       Bachelor of  Business Administration

 Université ‘ Saint Esprit Kaslik, (USEK)’ ;

Kaslik, Jounieh

Major: Transportation and Logistics

Emphasis: Economy

Graduated: June 10th 2009 

June 2005                          Lebanese baccalaureate; The Official School for Girls

        Kobayat, Akkar Lebanon

        Emphasis: Economy


January 2012 till Present:          Librex Group SAL – Zalka:

                                                  Assistant Production Manager & Procurement Officer:
                                                 - Purchasing technological products & spare parts from overseas suppliers                                               

                                                  (China, Italy, USA, Czech Rep...) For overseas distributors (represented by    

                                                  Local business developers) and stock keeper requests

                                                -  Advising overseas suppliers of specifications for each requested     

                                                   Products/spare parts

                                                - Sending purchase orders to overseas suppliers, and handling pro-forma            

                                                   Invoices & shipping documents (commercial invoices, packing lists,            

                                                   Certificates of origin, Euro one certificate & bills of lading)
                                                - Checking Original Shipping Documents if they comply with copies of  

                                                   Shipping documents
                                                - Checking Shipping Documents if they match with L/C

                                                - Maintaining complete updated purchasing records/data on  SAP

                                                - Negotiating terms of payments with suppliers
                                               - Following up overseas orders and coordinating with suppliers to ensure on-

                                                  Time readiness of orders

                                               - Monitoring deliveries of dependent items for main products between suppliers

                                               - Notifying logistics officer of ready requested products/spare parts at suppliers


                                                                 - Sourcing for new parts & overseas suppliers
                                              - Preparing reports concerning due payments, payments’ balances, purchasing                    

                                                 Records/data & discussing relevant issues with supply chain manager
                                             - Handling and monitoring of claims to overseas suppliers for defectives,   

                                                Shortage and  missing parts.
                                             - Ordering local requested products & items. 

 Feb 2011-Nov 2012          Supply Chain Officer / Assistant manager

                                          Est. Shaya & azar, Bouchrieh – Mar Takla.

                                          Receive and prepare sales/purchase orders,

Ordering product online, follow up the purchasing process,

Follow up with supplier on production process & cargo ready date.

Contacting suppliers directly by emails, or phone call

                                          Rate request

  Studying the quality of the product before confirming pro-forma           invoice

Answers and follows-up on all information requests and queries with suppliers and/or services providers during negotiation, upon orders confirmation, processing and receipt phases.

Coordinate monitoring of freight routing and shipments from point of origin to destination, with shipping officer, and takes corrective measures with suppliers/agents to expedite delivery.

Studies and evaluates freight mix and terms (land/sea freight), based on suppliers location, routes and available transportation systems which ensure optimal cost of delivery.

Maintains and follows up exported orders from loading date till discharging in our warehouses.    

Contact insurance companies to insure the shipment.

Negotiate with shipping lines and forwarders to achieve the best Price & service.

Prepare all necessary documents for customs formalities,                    

Maintain documentation that keeps track of purchases, and use that information to communicate with accounting so they have all invoices of all orders and shipments.

  Coordinates with local forwarders to book trailers, vessels,

                                          Prepare costing sheets and purchase orders, and fills out all necessary data, including computation and validation of landed factor. Sorts out discrepancies and discusses remedial options with manager.

Preparing special offers for suppliers,

Pricing products + preparing price list for staff / traders.

 Preparing yearly statistics and studies, in order to plan for future purchase.

 Handling letter of credit and issuing corresponding documents.

 Prepare and issue weekly and monthly reports.                                                                                              

 Provide freight quotation and coordinate with suppliers / freight forwarders for deliveries.

Prepare all export invoice and their related documents for the         supplier and for the customs duties.

                                          Booking travel flights, checking visa requirements and providing supporting documents and booking Hotel accommodation for company’s business visitors

July2010- Jan2011             Blue Fleet Chartering (Charter party / agent)

7 months                            Hazmieh,

                                            We were mediators of transport between the ship owner and the        agent or owner of the goods.

                                                               Daily observation of the market, coordination between charterers and ship owners and negotiation of main terms and charter party terms with charterers and owners.

                                                      Prepare all transactions and data to be adopted, and determine the path of marine vessel, which must be adopted and the less dangerous.

                                              Concentrating on the lay time calculations, cargo claim attendance, trip estimations and coordination with port agent.

                                            Also we were a broker with daily observation of the market,  

April – May 2010

2 months                            Gezairi transport, Mouna bou azza department

                                           Customs clearance

2 months-2009                  Trainee: SEA Shipping and Chartering;

                                           Shipping department;

Skills:                                 Expertise in using Microsoft application: word, Excel,

                                            And power point, outlook,

                                            Excellent internet research skills,

                                            Have a good accurate typing of 50 to 60 wpm Arabic, English.

                                            Capable of working under pressure and meet deadlines as                     scheduled with quality in work


Languages:               Speaking             Writing                      Reading

Arabic                        Excellent             Excellent                     Excellent

English                         good                     good                            good

French                        Excellent             Excellent                     Excellent


Personal Data:          Enjoy traveling, swimming, working hard. Case of claims until matters settled. 8. Provides customs documents from forwarders and send a copy attached to the invoice to the financial division and a copy of invoice to sales support department for JDE invoicing