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Roy Wakim 

 Kousba -El- Koura

Northern Lebanon

Home: +961-(0) 6 510603

Mobile: +961-(0) 3 863820

Email: [email protected]

[email protected]

My experience spans over 16 years of programme planning and implementation with extensive experience in healthcare management, health sector reform, quality of care and HIV/AIDS.

Over the course of my career, I was involved in the management of various complex assignments and projects, with particular emphasis on Grants Management and the responsibility for a large Portfolio at the Global Fund to Fight AIDS/Tuberculosis and Malaria.

My strong experience in negotiating with Governments, mainly in developing and post conflict countries, and other international and semi-governmental bodies such as UN agencies, NGOs, multilateral and bilateral donors, enabled me to establish a strong network of contacts among public health leaders at the various national, regional and international levels.  In particular, I have developed strong health partnerships in the Middle East, Central and North Africa. My various technical skills and wider knowledge have allowed me to form strong and professional networks in my areas of expertise.

I am pro-active and able to deconstruct complex issues and to work towards forming consensus and am able to be flexible within the boundaries of reasonable risk. I adapt my negotiation skills and overall engagement approaches to particular socio-political contexts without compromising the overall aims and interests of the organisation.

Throughout my professional career I always upheld the principles of integrity, ethics and a strong commitment to achieving results.

Finally, my varied and extensive cultural exposure, fluency in several languages and international outlook render me sensitive to the value of multiculturalism and diversity in the work place.

1.        Family name                         :            WAKIM

2.        First name                             :            Roy

3.        Date of birth                         :            1st July 1973

4.        Passport holder                    :            Lebanese

5.        Residence Country              :            Lebanon

6.        Education                             :

Institution (Date: from - Date to)

Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained

American University of Beirut (07/1996)

Master of Public Health (Concentration on Hospital and Health Services Administration)

American University of Beirut (02/1994)

B.Sc. in Biology

Professional Development:

·       ISO 9001/2000 Certified Lead Auditor (IRCA Certified and IATCA Accredited 5-day Program) conducted by SGS and Brainpower (Certificate Number: SGS/ICS/LAC/550033/P, 2132). February 11-15, 2002

·       Flagship module on Designing Benefit Packages and Targeting Beneficiaries, World Bank Institute/AUB. Beirut, January 2002.

·       Training program on the Management of Technical Cooperation Projects, International Training Centre of the ILO.  Turin, April 2000.

·       Flagship module on Analyzing Health Sector Performance, World Bank Institute/AUB. Beirut, February 2000.

·       Workshop on the Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers, Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform.  Beirut, November 1999.

·       Workshop on Getting Started with Accreditation, Australian Council on Healthcare Standards.  Melbourne, October 1999.

·       Training on the Management System of Public Hospitals, Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Marseilles.  Marseilles, July 1999.

·       Flagship Module on Revenue Sources and Collection Modalities, World Bank Institute/AUB. Beirut, June 1999.

·       Course on Marketing Base, IRI Management. Rome, June 1998.

·       Course on “Innovation and Transfer of Technology: Projects of Innovation and Development Resources”, Il Canale. Rome - May 1998.

·       Course on International Business Management, Research Institute for Business Management (STOA). Naples, spring 1998.

·       36th Course of Specialization in Technical Functions and Corporate Management, Institute for Industrial Reconstruction (IRI). Rome, April 1998.

·       Course on Environmental and Geographical Information Systems in Planning and Decision-Making, German Foundation for International Development. Beirut, November 1997.

7.        Language skills: Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 - excellent; 5 - basic)






Arabic (mother tongue)

















8.        Associations or professional bodies: -

9.        Other skills: Word processing, database applications, presentation software, and Internet

10.     Current situation: Public Health Expert

11.     Years of experience: 16

12.     Key qualifications:

·       Over 15 years of experience in program planning and implementation with diversified experience in the management of health projects/programs in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Africa.

·      Project management and implementation of health programs , with experience in performance –based funding and results-based planning.

·         Core skills include policy, advisory and analytical work; program and process design; monitoring and evaluation of health programs.

·         Various  Interaction with health authorities in matters relating to health sector reform, HIV/AIDS, health planning, project management, technical assistance and development of funding proposals for various donors (mutli / bilateral).

·         Good understanding of the institutional and political challenges related to the implementation of health sector reform programs and technical assistance programs in the MENA Region.

·         Strong experience in Grants/ Program  Management with a responsibility of large Portfolio management , as Senior Fund Portfolio Manager  for the Middle East and North and Central Africa Region , at the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

·         Extensive experience in external quality systems assessment with regard to health services delivery: participation in several health facilities audits related to administrative, clinical and medico-technical aspects and formulation of recommendations aimed to improve efficiency , effectiveness and quality  of healthcare services 

·         Specific knowledge of the health sector challenges in the Maghreb region (having managed programs and conducted assignments in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria).

·         Excellent communication and writing  skills ( in English and Arabic)  and ability to work effectively with a wide range of actors – from senior government and donor agency officials to community representatives

·         Undertook  several projects and  assignments in fragile and post-conflict states 

13.     Specific experience in the region:


Date from - Date to




12/2007 ; 04/2007 ; 12/2006 ; 06/2006 ; 11/2005-12/2005 ; 09/2005-10/2005 ; 05/2005-06/2005 ; 11/2004-12/2004

UAE, Saudi Arabia

01/2004 ; 04/2001

Egypt, Yemen, Chad, Algeria, Syria







14.     Professional experience:











UNAIDS, Regional Support Office, Middle East and North Africa

Regional Consultant

Support for the Regional Office to identify new donors and mobilize additional resources in order to strengthen the partnership in the fight against HIV / AIDS in the Region


Regional ( Arab States)


Short term consultant

Preparation of a situation report on HIV in the Arab states, analysing outcome level situation that UNDP’s HIV Regional Programme in the Arab States (HARPAS) contributed to through 2008-2012, emphasizing success stories and lessons learned. The report proposed areas of focus for the future namely related to Gender and HIV.




Short term consultant

 Evaluation of the technical and institutional capacities of the 3 main referral hospitals in Djibouti, in view to assess    their readiness to be transformed into a University Hospital (CHU), affiliated with the national school of medicine.




Conseil Sante

Team Leader/ Expert in health services accreditation

(EuropeAid/127054/C/SER/MULTI - Lot n°8)

 Technical assistance to  the Tunisian Ministry of Public Health for the establishment of an accreditation / certification body for health services. The Agency design allows for setting standards for health care facilities, development of clinical protocols and guidelines and a mechanism for peer review and external assessment of health care facilities. ( the decree for the creation of the Agency was issued by the Tunisian Government , as a result of this assignment ,in September 2012)



Middle East and North Africa Harm Reduction Association ( MENAHRA

Lead trainer/facilitator

Technical assistance on grant management for MENAHRA ( Principal Recipient of the Global Fund Round 10 HIV/AIDS grant ) and 3 main sub-recipients : A 5-day  grant management training workshop and development of key grant management documents ( Funded by GIZ)

04/2008 - 07/2011

Geneva, Switzerland

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

Senior Fund Portfolio Manager (FPM) (for the Middle East and North Africa

■    At the country level, manage the grant process from grant preparation through negotiation, monitoring of implementation, deciding on appropriate amounts to be disbursed at regular intervals, phase 2 evaluation and phase out ensuring the quality of technical work and effective grants management;

■    Periodic evaluation of the program’s outputs, impacts compared to the program objectives and the various performance indicators.

■    Ensure accountability at the country level for quality grant management and Local Funding Agent service provision and for meeting targets on disbursements delivery, grants signed and grants extended;

■    Negotiate the Performance Frameworks and Monitoring and Evaluation plan for different programs funded by the grants , including development of key outcome and impact indicators , allowing for performance-based funding.

■    Manage exposure and recommend corrective action to prevent / mitigate risks associated with country portfolios; perform key advisory role in situations which represent a significant degree of risk to Global Fund effectiveness and/or reputation;

■    Manage complex assignments, advising implementers on sources of technical support and helps mobilize technical assistance;

■    Represent the Global Fund at the country level before stakeholders (government, donors, international organizations, and non-governmental organizations) providing information, clarifying policies and procedures and monitoring and expediting implementation;

■    Build and manage multiple relationships with stakeholders at the country level (government, non-governmental organizations, multilaterals, private sector etc.) to ensure effective coordination, alignment and harmonization of efforts and resources; mobilizing appropriate acceleration an scale-up efforts at country-level; ensuring appropriate governance of programs;

■    Contribute to operational policy development through participation in internal working groups by identifying gaps or needed improvements and proposing approaches to be taken;

■    Document and report on results of grant implementation to track progress and facilitate the work of other units.

01/2004 - 04/2008


Ministry of Public Health


Projects and Programs Coordinator

■    Member of the national technical committee for the development of PHC accreditation standards;

■    National coordinator for the Lebanese- French cooperation program between the Lebanese Ministry of Health and the French Health Authority (Haute Autorité de Santé) for the technical support in the area of hospital accreditation;

■    Preparation of the Ministry of Public Health strategy for 2007, presented to the Paris III donors conference;

■    Development of a set of Public Health Sectoral Key Performance Indicators by sector’s key performance area;

■    National coordinator of the Hospital Accreditation Program (since May 2000) including management to implement an international technical support contract for national hospital surveys;

■    Preparation of funding proposals for technical assistance projects and programs:

·     Periodic, review and update of Flat Rate;

·     Piloting implementation of L- DRG;

·     Coordinating with the public health insurance funds regarding flat rates update and implementation;

·     Development of National Health Accounts (2003, 2004 and 2005);

·     Evaluation of public hospitals annual performance.

·     Review of national standards to include evaluation of clinical care .




Short Term Consultant

■    Evaluation of the Pilot Testing phase of the Hospital Accreditation Procedures. Rabat.



World Health Organization /EMRO

Short Term Consultant

■    Pilot Testing Methodology for the Hospital Accreditation Procedures. Rabat.



World Health Organization /EMRO

Short Term Consultant

■    Development of an organizational framework and identification of the legislative framework for the hospital accreditation Program. Rabat.



World Health Organization /EMRO

Short Term Consultant

■    Development of training programs for hospitals surveyors and quality coordinators. Rabat.



World Health Organization /EMRO

Short Term Consultant

■    Development of a national policy and consensus building for a Hospital Accreditation Program in Morocco. Rabat.



World Health Organization /EMRO

Short Term Consultant

■    Development of operational procedures and guidelines for the implementation of a Hospital Accreditation Program in Morocco. Rabat.



World Health Organization /EMRO

Short Term Consultant

■    Development of Hospital Accreditation Standards. Rabat.



World Health Organization / Eastern Mediterranean Regional office EMRO

Short Term Consultant

■    Development of a Hospital Accreditation Program in Morocco: feasibility and situation analysis. Rabat.



Emirates International Hospital


■    To conduct a gap analysis with the view towards implementing Quality Improvement Systems alongside the ongoing introduction and future certification of ISO 9000 standards. Al Ain.

2004 - 2006

Saint Joseph University USJ


Faculty of Nursing


■    Masters Nursing Program: Quality Management in Health Care” for the academic years 2004 -2006.

03/1998 - 12/2003

Ministry of Public Health


World Bank

National Consultant in the Health Sector Rehabilitation Project

■    Participating on the Task Force for Health Services Administration.

■    Elaboration of management procedure manuals for public hospitals.

■    Contributing to the elaboration of the Law of Autonomy for public health facilities;

■    Participating in the Hospital Working Group to develop a master plan for in-patient facilities, as part of the National Health Sector Reform Plan;

■    Acting as focal point for Lebanon for the World Health Organization’s Eastern Mediterranean Region for quality assurance and accreditation of district health facilities, as WHO Temporary Advisor;

■    Coordinating the donors' forum for the health sector in Lebanon.



World Health Organization /EMRO

Temporary Advisor

■    Consultation on Developing Guidelines for Accreditation of District Health Facilities. Riyadh.





■    Presentation of the country report for the WHO/EMR Inter-Country Consultation on Accreditation of District Health Facilities.





■    Presentation of the country report for the Joint WHO Review Meeting on the Implementation of Quality Assurance in Developing Countries. Budapest

12/1996 - 03/1998


Health Minister’s Office

Technical Officer

■    Participating on the Joint Coordination Committee for Health Sector Development. Representing the Ministry of Health in the management of health sector projects executed by the Council for Development and Reconstruction ;

■    Representing the Ministry of Health as member of various national and international bid evaluation committees ;

■    Preparing funding proposals and negotiation with the donor for the establishment of a National Drug Quality Control Laboratory and Cancer Therapy Centres financed by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) ;

■    Implementing the Italian cooperation protocols for the health sector. This included the definition of the scope of services for health centres and a district hospital rehabilitated under these protocols ;

■    Validating the specification documents and tendering conditions for ambulances offered by the Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development ;

■    Preparing proposals for operational commissioning and outsourcing of non-clinical services for new public hospitals financed by the Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development ;

■    Reviewing, assessing and validating the consultants’ reports in charge of two studies on “Management of Public Health Facilities” and the “Carte Sanitaire”, financed by French protocol ;

■    Elaborating the medical program and rehabilitation phases for the Baabda University Hospital in collaboration with a mission from the Necker Institute, Paris ;

■    Validating and reviewing of technical specifications and pre-qualification tendering conditions for medical equipment of the Beirut University Hospital financed by the Islamic Development Bank.


15.     Other (publications):

·       Ammar W., Hajj I., Wakim R. Accreditation of hospitals in Lebanon: a challenging experience, Eastern Mediterranean Journal of Health, 2007, 13(1):138-148

16.     References:

·       Ms. Hind Khatib-Othman, Managing Director, GAVI Alliance, Geneva, Te: +41 229097133,  [email protected]

·       Dr. Kaspar Wyss , Senior Public Health Specialist ,Head of Unit ,Swiss Centre for International Health , Basel, Tel:  +41 61 284 81 40 , [email protected]

·       Mr. Youssouf Abdel-Jelil, UNICEF Syria Representative, Damascus, Tel: +963 11612.2592  , [email protected]