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Wadad Azar Khoury

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Wadad Azar Khoury

Mount Lebanon, Awkar

Mobile: 00961 71 167575

[email protected]

Lebanese, Jbeil 19/06/1987

Experience              September 2012-        Indoor Sales & Clinical Dietitian

                                     To present                  Nature Touch, Achrafieh, Lebanon

                                         October 2011-             Clinical Dietitian

                                    August 2012               Nawfal Medical Corporation, Jbeil, Lebanon

            October 2010-             Clinical Dietitian                                                                     

                                    August 2012                 Pain Clinic Medical Center, Sin El Fil, Lebanon


Practical training

                                      August 2010 –              Notre Dame Maritime hospital, Jbeil, Lebanon

                                   February 2011                                                                                                             

   ·         Dietetic and Foodservice Intern

•        Patient’s nutritional education (Lactation-diversification, diabetes, heart disease, dyslipidemia, renal disease, enteral feeding…)

•         Assessment of dietary intake of hospital in-patients and tray analyses

•        Recommending and following-up the patient’s diet (pediatric, maternity, oncology, burns, dialysis, medicine and surgical departments, intensive care…)

•        Supervising the application of HACCP

   Education               2006-2010                            Bachelor of Science, Human Nutrition &        


                                                                              UNIVERSITÉ SAINT- ESPRIT DE KASLIK

                                                                              Kaslik, Lebanon

                                  2005-2006                           Baccalaureate in Economics sciences

                                                                              Collège Lycée Amchit, Amchit,


  Skills                        Cultural                               Fluent in Arabic, English, and French                                        

                                 Technical                            Proficient with a wide range of computer                                                                                                                    programs

                                                                              Public speaking, stress control, time         management, team work                                                                

Hobbies                                                                Swimming

       References Available Upon Request