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Hintermeister Celine

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Education and Qualifications

2012-2014 Master in Political sciences- Middle East studies, St Joseph University, Lebanon.

2008 – 2012 Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs, Geneva University and St Joseph University-Beirut, Lebanon.
2007 - 2008 ETI – Interpretation and translation school (English-French-Spanish languages).-Geneva
2004 – 2007 High School Diploma with honors in economic and social sciences.

Employment history

sept-nov 2013-Intern at Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF, Beyrouth) : administrative assistant, conference organiser,    assistant in cartography project.

summer 2013- teaching artistic activities in summer camp with palestinian children-UNRWA programme Lebanon

November 2011- Internship in KAFA NGO (enough violence and exploitation against
February 2012 women)-Lebanon.
Administrative and logistical assistant
1. Evaluating the NGO’s performance: evaluation form to rate problem solving efficiency for each case.
2. Coordinating events and projects.

June 2011 International Labour Conference, Internship with European Team, Geneva.
Administrative and logistical assistant :
1. Drafting EU’s presidency statements.
2. Attending and assisting the daily ILO meetings.
3. Organizing EU members meetings.

March 2011-July 2011 Volunteer worker for CGV (Geneva Volunteer Center) as social assistant for seniors.
October 2010 Assistant to study group of PANAMUN (UN Model experience for high school students in the Central and South American regions).

June 2008 Holiday camp trainer for the International School of Geneva.

September 2007 Active member of the AVPPF Association (forest products valorization for Burkina Faso).

2003 Internship programme with lawyer Dr. Vinit-Maadoune.

Other activities

October 2013 until now : organize an humanitarian project in her University (USJ)- collecting clothes for syrian refugees

Décembre 2012 First aid certificate, Lebanese Red Cross.


French Mother tongue.
English Fluent in speaking and writing.
Arabic Good spoken language, beginner in classical Arabic

Spanish Fluent in speaking and writing

other skills

computer skills : office, ubuntu

artistic skills : painting, drawing, theatre and choral