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Fouad Bawji

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Fouad Bawji 

Beirut, Lebanon


       Date of Birth: 07-09-1981                               Nationalities: Lebanese 

Telephone Number: 961-1-640818      Mobile Number:      961-3-859834


        Email Address: [email protected]                     




I am looking forward to be hired in a good respective work, where I can benefit my company and gain Experience.



Education and Qualifications


1984-1989: Beirut Evangelical School for Girls and Boys.

1989-1999: Saint Severius College. (Bacc 2,literature).      


1999-2001:Lebanese University( Political and Administrational Sciences ).


2001-2008:Lebanese University( History).  



 Windows Office, Internet, Dolphin System.


 Languages: Fluent  in Arabic and English spoken and written.




Work Experience

2000-2009: Assistant Stock & Purchasing Manager at EZ Order  Office Supplies s.a.l.     Beirut-Lebanon:

. Preparing and double checking all sales orders before distribution to costumers all over Lebanon.

. Purchasing Office Supplies from their main agents or representatives in Lebanon.

. Receiving and Checking Office Supplies Materials from Suppliers and Organizing them  according  to   Code numbers in the Main Warehouse of the Company.


. Reporting Directly to Purchasing Manager as well as General Manager.



2009-2012: H.R.M.D.(Assistant Administrator/H.R.- Princess Noura University-Riyadh) at Saudi Oger  l.t.d. K.S.A. :


. Dealing with all Human Resources and Manpower Systems and Regulations with a well background regarding the Saudi Labour’s Laws.

. Recording of End of Vacation of all Manpower under Project Management.

. General Timekeeping recording and following  Manpower  attendance on Site.

. Preparing of Identification Cards for Manpower related to Site Offices.

. Preparing all Kinds of Company’s Official Letters requested by Manpower.

. Reporting Directly To Human Resources Manager. 


2012-Present: Procurement/Logistic  Coordinator  at Citiscape L.L.C. K.S.A.:


. Purchasing  all  Material for Site related to M.E.P., Safety, Furniture, Consumables , Subcontractors, Tools and Hardware, I.T. , etc..., with a background in Hardscape, Landscape and Irrigation.

. Organizing all Cash Purchases for Main Office as well as Projects.

. Purchasing all Main Office requests.

. Following the delivery of Requested Material to Site to meet with the Site Schedule.

. Following Suppliers’ Payments with Accounts Department.

. Updating Material Logs related to Projects on daily Basis.

. Preparing all kinds of Logs and Documents related to Procurement Department.

. Coordinating between Procurement Depatment and Site Mnagement and Logistic Teams.

. Preparing Agreements related to Subcontracting work.

. Attending Site Progress Meetings as representative of Procurement Department.

. Sourcing for new Suppliers related to Company’s Scoop of work.

. Filing System for all Documents and Purchase Orders of Procurement Department.

. ISO Representative of Procurement Department responsible of all procedures that meet the ISO Standards.

. Reporting directly to Procurement Manager, Supply Chain Manager and Corporate Director of the Company.

Reference will be available upon request