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Objectives: it is important to learn what we can be... And that is what we should be able to. I have worked for twenty five years and in more than one institution several forms of contracting, including full-time and part-time, including duration of the work which ranged between seventeen years and even one year. I realized that through life learning process continues, and the most important is that we continue the process within humanity, we need to evaluate ourselves and lasting solution to the efficiency of our performance in order to achieve prosperity for the life of this evaluation gives us the ability to identify options for change and management and the composition of trends and attitudes in our lives. I believe I can add through my work in this post: 1. Investment group skills gained during the 25 years of my experience the process of age. 2. My ability is gained through studies of the university, to develop the necessary mechanisms for positive changes in community development and in multiple sectors of mankind. 3. My ability to work with international, regional and local institutions, on the level of training and capacity building, and the most important of these experiences gained through practical contract with ESCWA in development projects. 4. My ability to deal with the management of human conflict, through practical experience and field management in the private sector and civil society. In addition to the practical academic teacher and trainer in the Lebanese University, this gave them the ability to communicate and life skills training. This is what makes me able to lead these responsibilities successfully. In the end, I hope to work with and for the future. Mohamad Said Baroudi Name of Institution Period Degree from to Montpellier I University 2009 2010 Master 2 Management and human resource development Montpellier I University 2004 2005 Master 2 collectivite Territorial Uiversity of St. Joseph – Lebanon 1999 1999 Higher Diploma in Education and the relevant applications Educational teaching - University of jinan 1994 1998 Bachelor Degree in medical and social work Tripoli Institute of Technology 1986 1987 Higher Diploma in Accounting firms Name of Institution Period Field from to Position Restart Project to rehabilitation a human for detainees and convicts in the prison of Tripoli - the dome 2010 An ongoing project until the end of 2011 Professor and senior trainer adult education and popular culture Permanent Peace Movement - rehabilitation project on the civil peace and peace-building in the area of Nahr al-Bared Project funded by UNICEF and in cooperation with the UNRWA 2010 Still so far Training Coordinator Jinan University, Tripoli Coordinator of the supervision department of social health - 2010 Still so far Coordinator Professor Member of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Health (ESCWA) – contractual 2007 Still so far Researcher and Trainer in the human development Technical Institute of tripoli – kobbeh 2000 Still so far Contractual Teaching Medical Supervisor Lebanese University – Social Work department- North Lebanon 2001 Still so far Contractual Teaching- Trainer Medical-Social Work Manager – North Lebanon . World Medical Centers 2007 2009 Manager – North Lebanon Azm & Saadé Association 2001 2004 Full time Project manager Center for Middle- Eastern Strategic Studies (CESMO). 2004 2006 Full time Project manager Charitable Association for indigent aid 1998 2001 Full time Employee in the public relations department Social Services Association 1981 1998 Full time Vice-director Follow-up team of the national plan for implementing children’s rights in Lebanon, under the supervision of the Higher Council for Children: Expert. 1998 Still so far Expert. Language Speak Read Write Arabic (Native) Very Good Very Good Very Good English Good Good Good French Good Very Good Very Good  Mastering of desktop applications  Excellent resourcing and information gathering from the internet environments  Mastering of Microsoft Office Applications  Good communication and interpersonal skills  The Principles of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child -  Workers’ rights  Prevention from the danger of teenage delinquency  Community based credits schemes - Near – East Foundation, Amman  Special Education - Saint- Joseph University  “Train me to serve”- Training Program  Animator trainer - Ministry of education  Popular Education - C.A.I.R.O Lebanon  Local community development workers (ESCWA)  Local community development Researchers  Local community workers T.O.T. (ESCWA)  T.O.T to plan projects for delinquents  Implementing the methodology: From child to child  Psycho-Realistic Therapy for Children- Social Development Office, Center of psychic and psycho-metric studies  Training trainers T.O.T- Ministry of Education- Youth  Planning, implementing & evaluating projects to fight children’s labor Problems - Arab council for childhood and development  Capacity Building  Wheel-chair Basket Ball of Lebanon - International Wheel-chair  Principles of Human Behavior and its Reformation 1. Arab meeting for social & health sciences – CAIRO 2. Makarem Al-Akhlak Al-Islamieh association- Tripoli 3. Member in the Arab network for civil organization- CAIRO 4. Inventing member – The responsible principal infront of the Ministry for the association [ Center of strategic studies in the middle east] 5. Member in the public directory for prisons- worked for 1 year in the human adapting- Ibba prison with voluntary group 6. coordinator of the North region with the Ministry of social affairs for placing national plans for children participation 7. Initiating member in the Lebanese association for the international law 8. Committee of environment- Lebanon- member in the health committee First Name Father’s Name Family Name Mohamad saiid Abdallah zafer baroudi Mother’s Name Date & Place of Birth Enaam Zaghloul January, 01, 1962, Al mahatrah (TRIPOLI) Civil Register Place and Number Nationality Al mahatrah, 122 Lebanese Marital Status Married Mounira Houda Four Children 1. Training of trainers 2. Rights of the Child 3. Rehabilitation of workers in community development 4.Conflict resolution and communication skills and networking 5.Leadership 6.Citizenship - rights and duties 7.Training for the rehabilitation of municipal work 8.Efficiency Almwssepo capacity-building 9.Building and planning of development projects - the project document Contracting with the private coach of the Lebanese civil projects funded American Furniture from the Agency for International Development USAID - Beirut [General leap girl WATHBET – AL – FATAT - General Revelation - General CDO Development Forum – ATAOUNA Association - Association of our giving On the following topics: 1. Communication techniques and conflict resolution 2. Rehabilitation of workers in community development 3. Leadership and youth 4. Project management and writing the project document 5. Municipalities and administrative decentralization 6. Advocacy and support \ 1. Mr. Walid Helal – Team Manager of Social Policies – ESCWA – BEIRUT - tel: 009613371115 [email protected] 2. Dr. Ellie Mickael – General Secretary of Higher Council of Childhood- Lebanon tel: 009613286559 [email protected] 3. Dr Nawaf kabarah - president of muntada al mouaakin – tripoli tel: 009613613533 [email protected] \\\\