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Angela Kfoury

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                          Angela Kfoury

Beirut, Lebanon                                                                                                                                            Phone: +961 03 90 37 40

                                                                                                                                                                        Email: [email protected]
                                                                                                                                                                        Age: 23

Career Objective

I am not looking for a job I’m looking for a career that support me with my ambitions as I dream of continuing my studies and developing myself.



·         Arab Open University (AOU), Beirut, Lebanon                                                                            Fall 2008    -    Graduated

Faculty: School of Business
Major:    Business (Emphasis: Business Systems)/   Minor: Marketing

·          Ras el Maten High School, Ras el Maten, Lebanon.                                                                         2007          -     2008
Major: Sociology & Economic

·          New horizons, Down town, Lebanon

Faculty: School of Project Management

Major: Project Management Professional                                                                                                 June 2012

Work Experience

·         Sales person at Alaridi Sweets- Hammana- Lebanon.                                                                                Summer 2008

·         Sales person at Rawad Cellphone- kornayel-Lebanon                                                                Fall 2008- Spring 2009

·         Sales person at Sport el loisir-Bhamdoun- Lebanon                                                                                    Summer 2009

·         Cashier at Farm Super Store- Beirut Mall- Beirut- Lebanon                                                        Fall 2009- Spring 2010

·         Sales at Sport et Loisir-Bhamdoun- Lebanon                                                                                                Summer 2010

·         Accountant & Sales at AlFarraji Co.- Baakleen- Lebanon                                                         October 2010- April 2011

·         Assistant Manager at Jaffan Group- Beirut- Lebanon                                                          April 2011- September 2011

·         Private elementary teacher                                                                                                              Summer 2011- Present

·         Trainee at BBAC- Baakleen- Lebanon                                                                                                           February-2012

·         Administrator at One Insurance Brokers -Baakleen-Lebanon                                                      May 2012-April 2013 


Extra Curricular Activities

·         Member in the Environmental Club – AOU                                                                                            (Fall 2008 – fall 2011)

·         Member in the Foloklor Club – AOU                                                                                                        (Fall 2009 – Fall 2011)

·         Member of the Cedars NGO at the Big Blue campaign

Ø  Participated in cleaning Ramlet El Bayda several times- Beirut                                      (Fall 2010-spring 2012)

Ø  Participated in cleaning Alghzayel river- Anjar- Bekaa                                                                Summer 2011

Ø  Went to visit our President Michael Sleiman for preventing water pollution                             Spring 2011


Personal Skills

·         Good team player and great leadership skills

·         Addressing large crowds and communicating and connecting with the public.

·         Studying and analyzing business cases

·         Analyze Systems Practices

·         Like change, new ideas and innovation


Language Proficiency

English:  Fluent

Arabic:   Fluent

Computer Proficiency
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)


Available upon request