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Wadih Geries Kalakech

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Curriculum Vitae


Name: WadihKalakech

Date of birth: 28-08-1982

Nationality: Lebanese

Marital status: Single

Address:Nahr Ibrahim

Mobile: 76-797530

E-Mail:[email protected]




Telelumiere Academy (DEA OUD)



BA inMusic Education from the Lebanese University, Faculty of Pedagogy.

(With accompaniment of 4 years of Piano & Recorder)


4 years of studying musical Instrument “Oud”at the Lebanese National Higher conservatory of music


High School Diploma from “Rmeich official School”

 Teaching Experience:

MusicTeacher:Our Lady of Annunciation in Rmeich.

Lebanon-2006 till present.

Music Teacher: NotreDamedu Liban in Rmeich.

Lebanon - 2006 till present.

Music Teacher at: Rmeich official secondary school

Lebanon- 2010 till present

Music teacher: Rmeichofficial intermediate school

Lebanon-2010 till present

Duties and responsibilities

·        Provide instrumental, vocal and music training for students in elementary and intermediate level.

·        Introduction to technical musical concepts such as beat, rhythm and pitch

·        Expose students to musical scales, musical notation, the art of singing, different types of musical instruments and different styles.

·        Introduce students  to the history of music and to the music of many legendary musicians and composers

  • Developing knowledge of materials and repertoire for students at different stages of their musical development.
  • Preparing pupils for performances, examinations, auditions and festivals;
  • Communicating with parents about their child's lessons and progress;
  • Teaching group lessons periodfor 50minutes, usually incorporating elements of general musicianship, such as ear training and theory, as well as instrumental technical and interpretation.

·        Supporting students in their use of music technology, keeping up to date with major software tools such as Sibelius and making use of recording and other technology.

 Music Teacher: Rmeich vocational School

Lebanon -

Music Activities:

·       Participant as an “Oud” player in many important music concertsfestivals, such as:Concerts of Arabic union Banks at Habtoor Hotel Beirut.

Lebanon 15/10/2013

·       Participate in Nour Al Mousika program at Noursat Television for many episodes.

·       Music Festivals in different   Lebanese cities & villages, plus music recordings for official public and private Lebanese televisions.

·       Participate in Inter-Church Network for Development & Relief in Lebanon (ICNDR) projects and activates as a music teacher to teach the children of War.

           Lebanon -2010 till present.

·        Teaching student with disabilities: Teaches children about rhythm, sound and pitch. Beats can help children learn rhymes and other features of reading such as phonological awareness. Using repetitive songs to learn academic facts (like the alphabet song or multiplication tables) can make the learning experience easier and more fun.

·       Military obligatory service section (Lebanese army music ) 2005-2006

Music Instruments:

·        Piano: Very Good

·        Oud:   Very Good

·        Recorder: Fair

·        Percussions (Carl Orff) Good


·        Arabic (written & spoken)

·        French (written & spoken)

·        English (written & spoken)

 Computer Skills:



Swimming,Basketball, Singing, Yoga.