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NAHIDA A. AL ASSI Mokaddam Bldg., first floor, 300 meters North of Mechref Club Chouf, Lebanon Mobile (961) 3 974598 home: (961) 7 725636 webmail: [email protected]; hotmail: [email protected] Languages spoken and written: fluent Arabic (mother tongue) & English, French (reading & comprehension) __________________________________________________________________________ ABILITIES: - Experienced educationist, researcher, and lecturer. - Experienced program and material developer, curriculum designer, and teacher trainer. - Well equipped with managerial skills; involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, and human resources modeling. - Good knowledge of principles of personnel selection, recruitment, and training; creating environments conducive to collegial team relations, negotiations and information exchange; and personnel information systems. - Profound knowledge of human behavior and performance; individual differences in ability, personality and interests; learning and motivation; psychological research methods - Skillful communicator. - Carefully observes details and outside circumstances to obtain a higher level of understanding of new situations. - Able to remain efficiently productive in a team environment, while often consolidating the group effort. - Anticipating new challenges and can be relied upon to maintain high standard of work and responsibility. - Through management experience, is able to access all possible resources to tackle challenging situations. - Able to understand the implications of new information for both current and future problem-solving and decision-making. WORK EXPERIENCE Material Writer CICTT (Cambridge International Certificate for Teaching and Training) 2010 TESOL 2011, ICC (InterCultural Communication Interest Section) Proposal Reviewer TESOL, USA 2010 Ad Hoc Scientific Research Committee member IASK, Portugal 2010 Lecturer (Hum. & Lang. Department) Undergruate Research Committee member (H & L) Hariri Canadian University, Mechref, Lebanon 2009 - 2010 - Taught Public Speaking, Monotheistic Religions and CS I - Taught Eng. 098 & Eng. 210: English Composition and Rhetoric Chair of the Humanities and Languages Department & Chair of the Humaities and Languages Committee New Curricula Committee member (contributed to developing new curricula and planners for 9 majors) Hariri Canadian University, Mechref, Lebanon 2008 – 2009 - Offered and taught new Humanities courses - Provided on-going teacher training - Sustained curriculum assessment and reset scope and sequence - Recruited new teachers and reallocated or rotated current teachers - Worked on content-based instruction - upgraded department materials - coordinated Humanities courses with new instructors - conducted department meetings - monitored progress through research - researched the effectiveness of the current curriculum in the IEP in relation to teachers’ performance and students’ achievement levels - sustained communication channels with students to address their needs Lecturer Hariri Canadian University, Mechref, Lebanon 2007 – 2008 Lecturer The Lebanese International University, Saida, Lebanon 2006 – 2008 - supervised two research-based MA theses and one project. - taught six education core courses in the undergraduate and graduate program. - designed the syllabi for all those taught courses. Lecturer The Lebanese University, Fifth Branch, Saida, Lebanon 2004 – 2007 - Taught four core courses with stress on student-centered classroom discussions to develop students’ analytical skills. - Designed the syllabi and developed the content matter of those courses. - Set and incorporated a teacher training program in the Methodology of Teaching course. - Integrated instructional materials, multimedia and teaching aids in the teaching/learning situation. The English Department Coordinator Al Quala Secondary School, Saida, Lebanon 1999 – 2005 • involved in curriculum development, teacher mentoring, student career preparation, and development of parental relationship with school and teachers. • recruited, allocated, appraised and rotated teachers. • conducted department meetings and promoted an environment of collegiality and information exchange. • planned and implemented teacher training sessions for in-service teachers and trainees. • monitored department work by analyzing students’ achievement levels against scope and sequence of curriculum implementation. • appraised teachers’ performance, and recommended rotation and new recruitment to strengthen the department performance. • Addressed teachers’ needs (economic and material) and reported them to the principal. • developed an action research plan for screening students with special educational needs; and worked with staff to implement the plan; and based on the results, build reform initiatives that would lead to upgrading students’ achievement levels. • developed instructional materials to be used by teachers. • delegated tutors to follow up with students with SEN. • supervised teachers’ use of and updated extra leveled materials assigned for low achievers to reinforce their learning skills and upgrade their achievement levels. • familiarized teachers with methods of analyzing and creating new standardized tests and adapting texts for multipurpose usages. • promoted student involvement in school activities and special events. • recommended, ordered, and authorized purchase of instructional materials, supplies, equipment, and visual aids designed to meet student educational needs. • Received parental complaints, took action to resolve issues, and motivated parents to communicate with school whenever they felt they needed to. • decided when to adopt new textbook series and did comparative analysis of the ministry’s objectives against the objectives in the adopted textbooks. • persuaded teachers in the department to upgrade their educational levels (pursue their graduate studies). • conducted interdisciplinary meetings and communicated the department successes with the coordinators of the other departments. • represented the principal in conferences and seminars. Instructor The Satellite Program, AUB, Beirut , Lebanon 1994 – 1996 - taught the Enlish language skills to students of different proficiency levels. Lecturer The Lebanese American University, Saida branch, Saida, Lebanon 1988 – 2002 - taught the different language skills - designed a curriculum for French educated beginner English learners - taught English Rhetoric 101 and 102 - communicated and liaised with fellow department members on regular basis to plan, assess, and address classroom issues pertaining to students’ expectations and interests. - Attended and constructively contributed to staff meetings. Translator (translating training and A/V scripts and manuals) The Consultant Co., Saida, Lebanon 1995 – 1996 Employee in the documentary credit department Banque Beyrouth pour le Commerce , Saida, Lebanon 1983 – 1985 Head of the computer department The Saudi Lebanese Bank, Beirut, Lebanon 1981 – 1982 EDUCATION EdD. in Educational Management and Administration, University of Liecester, England 1998 - 2003 M.A. TESOL The American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon 1992 - 1995 T.D. TESOL The American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon 1990 - 1992 T.D. Teaching the English Language and Literature The Lebanese University, the fifth branch, Saida, Lebanon 1978 - 1982 TESOL CONFERENCES ATTENDED TESOL Convention: Re-Imaging TESOL Boston, USA 2010 TESOL Convention: Unchartered Mountains; Forging New Pathways Denver, Colorado, USA 2009 TESOL Convention: Tides of Change Seattle, Washington, USA 2007 TESOL Convention San Antonio, Texas, USA 2005 TESOL Convention: Navigating the New Millenium Vancouver, Canada 1999 CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS Multiple Intelligence theory: Making an Informed Choice for Better Instruction & Assessment 2011 The School Network of Saida & Neighbouring Towns Saida, Lebanon Speech Presentations: A Nontraditional Assessment of Students’ Hidden Potentials and Preparedness to the Workplace The Lebanese American University, Beirut 2010 A panelist: Intercultural Approaches to Leadership, PAICIS (Program Administration and Intercultural Communication shared session) Massachussets, Boston, USA 2010 tl 09: Excellence in Teaching: Timeless Challenges researches presented - Narrative Research: A means to Performance Evaluation of University Instructors - Integrating the TOEFL into the Regular IEP Program - Assessing Reading Comprehension Strategies of Good and Poor Comprehenders Portugal, 2009 A Successful Experience at Tailoring and Infusing the Institutional TOEFL Skills into the Regular Curriculum Lebanese American University, Beirut 2009 Civilized Dialogue and Intercultural Communication Beijing, China 2008 The Regional Conference of English The Lebanese American University, Beirut 2000 Subject leadership in Enhancing the Implementation of New Curricula The University of Leicester, England 2000 PUBLICATIONS The Case of Sandra: An English Native Speaker in a Nonnative Context Needs Intercutlutral Learning and Reflection TESOL ICIS (Intercultural Communication Interest Section) Newsletter 2011 Speech Presentations: A Nontraditional Assessment of Students’ Hidden Potentials and Preparedness to the Workplace Proceedings of the annual conference: Lebanese American University, Beirut 2010 in process An integrated lesson plan on three skills: speaking, writing, vocabulary and idioms A lesson plan on teaching idioms TESOL Resource Center 2010 in process Lesson Planning: A Prerequisite to Promising Teaching Practices TESOL Material Writers Magazine 2010¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ in process Multiple Intelligence indicators: guiding principles to proper intercultural communication skills TESOL Intercultural Communication Newsletter 2010 Narraitve Research: A Tool for Performance Assessment of University Instructors (2011 in process) College Students’ End-of-Semester Assessment of Instructors’ Performance: Students’ Narratives are the Best Interpretive Research Tool that Validates the Survey Questionnaire Results The International Journal of Information and Operations Management in Education 2010 Can The TOEFL Be Used As Teaching Material As Well As Assessment Tool In The Intensive English Program? Under What conditions? Proceedings of the annual conference: Lebanese American University, Beirut 2009 Assessing The Reading Comprehension Strategies of Good and Poor Comprehenders Through The Think Aloud Protocols Proceedings and book of the IASK International Conference: Teaching and Learning 2009 2009 College Students’ End-Of-Semester Assessment Of Instructors’ Performance: Whose Convenience Is It When A Survey Questionnaire Is The Only Assessment Tool?! What Can Empowered Heads Of Departments Do To Ensure Assessment Validity? Proceedings and book of the IASK International Conference: Teaching and Learning 2009 2009 A Successful Experience at Tailoring and Infusing the Institutional TOEFL Skills into the Regular Curriculum Proceedings and book of the IASK International Conference: Teaching and Learning 2009 2009 Will the Lebanese University Senior Students’ Perception of ‘change’ Change upon Implementing the LMD? Running Research Papers, The Lebanese University, Beirut, Lebanon 2007 Managing for quality in Education Running Research papers: the Lebanese University, Beirut, Lebanon 2006 Successful Leadership: successful implementation of Change Running Research Papers: University of Leicester 2003 The History of the Lebanese Educational System Running Research Papers: University of Leicester 2000 OTHER RESEARCH AREAS (unpublished small scale research) The roles of subject leaders in enhancing the implementation of the Lebanese National Curriculum 2000 Educational Management in Schools 1999 Human Resource Management in Schools 1998 Excellence in Teaching in Public vs. Private Schools in South Lebanon 1998 WORKSHOPS ATTENDED/COMPLETED Learning Disabilities MESAR, Beirut, Lebanon 2000 Different Child, Different Style: eight ways to reach and teach all children MESAR, Beirut, Lebanon 2000 Behavioral Management in Schools MESAR, Beirut, Lebanon 1999 Research in Education The Lebanese American University, Jubail, Lebanon 1994 Academic Writing The Lebanese American University, Jubail, Lebanon 1994 The teaching of listening and speaking in English as a second language The American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon 1993 The teaching of writing in ESL classes The American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon 1993 WORKSHOP OFFERED Three-day workshop on teaching literature and language skills/80 participants The National Evangelical School for Girls and Boys, Saida, Lebanon 1996 RESEARCH GRANTS AWARDED Hariri Canadian University, Mechref, Damour 2009 & 2010 Al Quala Secondary School, Saida, Lebanon 2000 VOLUNTEER WORK Planning and Development at the Association for Care of People with Epileptic in Lebanon (ECAL). Have written Grant Proposals and brought a grant from IBE to the association. MEMBERBSIPS TESOL member since 1999 & AUB Alumni Association INTERESTS: Reading, listening to music, playing tennis, and traveling REFERENCES: Available upon request