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Eva Dbouk Dirany Personal Info: - Sex: Female - Nationality: Lebanese - Date of Birth: 4/09/1978 - Status: Married - Address: Dohet Aaramoun, Chweifet – Sahel Street - Mobile: 009613037466 E-mail: [email protected] Education & Training: - 1995 – 2000 Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations & Advertising Campaigns Faculty of Journalism & Documentation –Lebanese University Undertook 6 professional training courses with reputable training centers in Lebanon. Undertook CAPM intensive training, and PMP introductory training. Objective: To maximally use of my 13 years experience in the fields of communication, high profile customers management and organizational skills in a growing organization that offers self-enhancement and personnel advancement in a rewarding professional environment. Business Experience: January 2005- till June 2013 Project Coordinator /Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal Conferences – Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal Group. Direct Manager: Mrs. Nahla Zaatari, Head Of Conferences, Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal Group. CEO: Mr. Raouf Abou Zaki, Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal Group Daily duties and tasks involved: Prepare potential list of Co-organizers. Tailor proposals and contracts. Prepare information tool kit & design a power point presentation for the conference. Monitor and feed the web page of the conference. Prepare brochure contents based on research & supervise brochure design and production. Prepare a time table & working plan. Select the targeted database & filter contacts. Plan & reserve e-mail, fax and flyer campaigns. Provide local and offshore marketing & sales departments with marketing tools, information & brochures. Suggest tailored advertising campaigns to the Senior Management. Contact embassies & economical associations to boost the International marketing of the event. Perform research on international markets & sends business news alerts to International sales teams. Coordinate with offshore representative offices. Collect & analyze sales reports from international sales executives. Follow up on some of sales & marketing meetings conducted by the Head of Conferences or the senior management. Prepare a potential sponsors list. Send & follow up on sponsorship invitations. Prepare sponsorship contracts & circulate signed contracts. Manage, handle and coordinate with confirmed sponsors on all sponsorship related issues, including their booths and visas, and collect their material to produce and supervise the design of the sponsors’ catalogue. Send speakers’ invitations, and receive, analyze & circulate speakers’ feedback. Coordinate with speakers to collect their biographies, presentation and photographs. Prepare the content of the faculty of speakers’ booklet and supervise design and production. Prepare the chairman files. Coordinate with official patrons & co-organizers. Coordinate with participants to answer all queries and facilitate their participation. Plan marketing campaigns for Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal special issue and follow up on its sales. Provide assistance regarding info & contacts for Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal special issue magazine. Collect material for Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal special issue. Follow up and supervise the execution of all material produced by the graphic department. Prepare participants’ guide & distribute it on participants. Follow up on onsite operations (stage installation, exhibition booths, third party…) Collect presentations at conference. Coordinate over brochure distribution. Handle, regulate, manage & organize one to one meetings at the conference. Manage the conference hall. Monitor document handling. Collect all media coverage of the conference. Prepare the sponsors’ gift kits including the press book & the conference documentation. Main Achievements: I had a chance to handle large projects with minimum required support. This skill enabled me to coordinate large projects that did not have project managers; therefore performing both roles together. The success of these projects was an achievement by itself, which gave me in-depth knowledge on the conferencing industry and its key components. Being the Operations Executive Officer during 2011 Responsible of all travel accommodation and ticketing related to all employees (100 employees) & all clients who are planning to attend our events in Lebanon & abroad besides my being project coordinator is a big achievement in my opinion. December 2012-June 2013 Marketing Officer Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal Company – Al-Lubnaniyah magazine Direct Managers: Director of Sales: Mr. Rami Salman Managing Editor: Mr. Baheej Abou Ghanem Daily duties and tasks involved: Sales: Media monitoring reports (daily and monthly) CRM maintenance and support Proposals for all sales team & Director of Sales & Managing Editor Prospecting new clients for Sales team ( magazine & events) Sales circulars and synopsis Assisting the Sales director on assigned tasks (meetings, proposals, trainings homework etc..) Events and conferences: Roundtables organized by AIWA Mini conferences and panels Conferences coordination for Lebanese nature events Research on key speakers as required Magazine Marketing: Media relations and PR Barter agreements with different media Communication of magazine topics to selected groups Magazine Advertising campaigns Social media follow up and support Media sponsoring of selected events Universities: PR and communication Participation in their events Creating joined projects Magazine distribution on a selected mailing list Main Achievements: I prepared all marketing tools (brochure, ads, email campaigns etc…) I succeed in adding our magazines in new locations like (hotels suites, & cafes) I signed two media sponsorships ( Horace & Project Lebanon) I prepared a corporate campaign for Al-Lubnaniyah outdoors & newspapers) I updated all data related to advertising agencies in Lebanon on CRM. I suggested two partnerships with LAU & AUB and visited their marketing departments.etc… - February 2000 – September 2004 Sales Executive- Lebanon Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal Group CEO: Mr. Raouf Abou Zaki, Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal Group Daily duties and tasks involved: Prospecting new clients for the magazine Choose the potential sponsors for our events Preparing a work plan time table related to upcoming issues & the monthly Target Phone calls for meetings, follow ups, and PR. Preparing proposals Field visits Attending events Writing daily reports Finalizing the deals with the clients Coordinating with advertisers to get the related material Coordinating with sponsors to get the related material Handling the communication with all VIPs, guests and attendees - Personal Achievement: Sales Coordinator for Sales team Individually, I created a new Sales work plan that included new instructions on how to organize sales team work from A to Z per project, and how to prepare offers, how to deal with direct clients and with others who are working through advertising agencies. The Sales department and the work flow rules were renovated, and I supported the team in training one to one sessions. Languages & Computer skills: Reading Writing Speaking Arabic Excellent Excellent Excellent English Very Good Very Good Good All the applications related to my field of work plus CRM and social media Skills: My career in events’ organization developed and cultivated several skills that I own now, forming the core of my experience. To name a few of the acquired skills: Vast experience in all aspects involved in events’ and conferences’ management Experience in managing and marketing a high-end luxurious service targeted for elite clients Marketing Communications Managing sales portfolios Distinguished organizational and communicational skills Negotiator PR skills Hard worker, ability to work under enormous pressure and meet tight deadlines Experience in handling, achieving and maintaining high-profile clients’ satisfaction Capability of constructing long and short term plans in strategic manner Coordination for all aspects of a project and team Market Research Multitasked