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Daher Tarek

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Name                                           Tarek Daher


Nationality                                        Belgian



Permanent Addresses                                 1.  Rue Gillebertus 41, 1090 Bruxelles

2.  Daher Bldg. Kfaroumane, South Lebanon                                     


Current Address                             MSF OCBA South Sudan


Current Phone                                 + 00 211 922 403 848


Personal Email                                 [email protected]


Work Email                                       [email protected]




KEY COMPETENCIES                      Strategic thinking, visioning and networking

                                                               Strong context and security analysis especially in the MENA region

Security management

                                                               Logistic assessment and management

                                                               Human resource management

                                                               Strong leadership style


                                                               Extensive knowledge and experience of humanitarian aid



 1985                                                     License in Civil Engineering St. Joseph University, Lebanon       


1984                                                     University Diploma in Technology St. Joseph University, Lebanon


1981                                                     French Baccalaureate Scientific Section


Mother Tongue                                              French

Secondary Languages                   English, Arabic, Spanish, Wolof (Senegalese dialect)       

INTERESTS                                         Reading, Swimming, Diving, Travelling


1.    Medicins sans Frontiers’, (MSF).  Worked in a range of roles for MSF an international medical humanitarian aid organisation from a logistics and most notably senior field management positions over the last xx years.  This work has primarily involved working in high security, epidemic or areas of natural disaster as below:

·         Jan 2014 – current             Head of  Mission – South Sudan (MSF Spain)

Leading a team of 40 expatriates, 3 long term projects, 2 emergency projects (January, February 2014) both of them in the Upper Nile, more than 500 national staff, around 9 million Euros budget/Year.              Volatile environment                                                                       

·         Jan 2012 – Dec 2013         Head of Mission – Yemen (MSF Spain)         

Management of 4 projects in Harradh, Sana’a, Habilain and Aden focusing on different issues - migrants, hospital management, HIV, IDP camps.  32 expatriates, 350 Staff. Budget 6 millions/yearInsecure environment.    

·                                                                                 Sept 2011- Dec 2011        Head of Mission – Syria (MSF Belgium)

Monitoring the situation in Syria and building a network with  key Syrian stakeholders, including the Syrian opposition

·         Sept 2010 - Aug 2011       Head of Mission – Iraq (MSF Belgium)

Management of 2 projects in Baghdad and Basra. 4 million euros project, 12 expatriates, 50 national staff.  Capacity building project in Emergency Rooms.

·         Sept 2008 - June 2010      Head of Mission – Cameroon (MSF Swiss)                                                                                                  Responsible for 3 projects: Ulcerus Buruli, Emergency for CAR refugees in                                        Cameroon, Second line AIDS project. 12 international staff, 120 national, 3                                   3.5 million euros budget

·                                                                                 July 2007 – July 2008       Head of Mission – North Sudan (MSF Belgium)                                                                            Responsible for 4 Projects in Northern Darfour and 1 Project in Port Sudan

32 international staff, more than 600 national staff,  > 9 million euros budget.

·         Oct 2006 – May 2007        Head of Mission – Zimbabwe (MSF Belgium)                                                                                             AIDS Project in Murambinda region

·         July 2006 - Sept 2006        Head of Emergency Mission – Lebanon (MSF Belgium)                                                                           Based in Beirut and the south during the Israeli/Lebanese war (Hezbollah).

·         Dec 2005- June 2006         Deputy Head of Mission – Pakistan (MSF Belgium)                                                                                  Based in Islamabad for Earthquake Emergency

·                                                                              Sept 2003- Oct 2005         Regional Logistics Supply - Ivory Coast, Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone (MSF Belgium)


  • Jan 1999- June 2003          General Director of MSF United Arab Emirates  (MSF France) 
    • Contact and networking with the local authorities.
    • Presentations and conferences in Universities and High Schools.
    • Implementation and supervision of fund raising strategies.
    • Communication with the media
    • Management and supervision of the Abu Dhabi and Dubai office representing MSF in the MEA/GCC region.

·         Sept 1997 - Nov 1998       MSF EPI Advisor/Consultant at the Ministry of Health - Chad                

                                                       Implementation of all EPI logistic activities in all countries                                                                               Training of all EPI staff in use of non medical / cold chain materials

                                                       Follow up all EPI statistics at the EPI department                                                                                                Follow up of the rehabilitation of EPI structure in Ndjamena

                                                       Coordination with NGO’s, UN and Ministry of Health on the implementation                                              of the EPI Strategy

·         Sept 1995- May 1997        Central Purchase Department – Belgium (MSF Belgium)                        

                                                       Sales and Technical Department (as in November 1991).

                                                       International meeting with the European Logistic Centers.


  • Jan 1994 - July 1995          Logistic Co-ordinator – Ethiopia (MSF Belgium)                                                                                        Supervision of the construction of the hospital in Jijiga (Ogadeni Area)

                                                       Supervision of the refugee’s camp in Gode (35,000 refugees)

                                                       Follow up and supervision of all the logistics issues (car maintenance,                                                         tenders, stocks and warehouse)

                                                       Water and sanitation program

                                                       Exploratory mission in the North part of Ethiopia


·       Nov 1991 – Nov 1993       Central Purchase Department – Belgium (MSF Belgium)                                                                                                Responsible for the technical aspects of the Non-Medical Department

                                                       Prospecting of suppliers and regular relations with them to discuss eventual                                                     contracts

                                                       Drawing up technical specifications for non medical equipment and tenders

                                                       Contact with the MSF missions concerning technical aspects of their orders

                                                       Contacts with the Desks in MSF Head Office

                                                      Contact with the other MSF sections


  • April 1990- Oct 1991         Logistic Coordinator– Guinea Conakry (MSF – Belgium)                                                                                                                                                                                                      

                Nov 1990 to Sept 1991      Local supplies

                                                      Responsible for the construction and rehabilitation programs in South                                                                      Guinea Funded by ECC (800.000 Ecus)


Aug1990 to Nov 1990        Logistic Co-ordinator

                                                               Set up the Logistics Department in N’Zérékoré for MSF B - Health and                                                                             Emergency programs for Liberian refugees.

                                                       Stock management, local and external supplies and transport


June 1990- August 1990   Logistician in Dieke for Water and Sanitation Program

·         Feb 1987- May 1990         Logistics Coordinator – Lebanon (MSF – Belgium)                                                                                                   PROGRAM OF GENERATORS SET UP:

                                                               Responsible for the implementation, supervision and set up of generators                                                        in various hospitals and dispensaries in Lebanon

                                                               Identification of beneficiaries

                                                               REHABILITATION PROGRAM:

                                                               Responsible for the rehabilitation of Palestinian refugees camps and                                                                  dispensaries (especially water and sanitation).

                                                               Promotion and follow up of building sites

                                  Reports and financial follow up

                                  Relations building with the Ministry of Health and the EEC


2.     1985-1986                                   National Bank of Paris (BNP)  - Employee


3.     1985- 1986                                  Work in Civil Engineering office





REFEREES                                              Available on request