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Ali Aref Salem

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Professional Skills:
Personal Skills:
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Curriculum Vitae 

Personal Information:

·Name: Ali Aref Salem

  • Date Of Birth : 18/07/1984
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Nationality: Lebanese                                                                                                                     
  • Mobile: +211 959502703
  • Office: +211 959602703
  • Leb. Mobile: 0096178 945940
  • E-mail Address: [email protected]


·English – Excellent Communication skills and Fluent

·French – Good (conversation, reading and writing)
·Arabic – Mother tongue


·Sep-2003-Sep2008: 5 years telecommunications Engineer in Antonine University (Baabda-Beirut).

Special Skills:

Proficient and experienced in the following software programs:

  • Radio Base Station OMT (operation and maintenance terminal )
  • Mini-link Traffic node (microwave link operation and maintenance)


  • July-2005 : 1 month training in BTS and microwave link in Alfa (Beirut)
  • August-2007: 3 months training in emission, transmission and microwave link in Tele Liban (Beirut).
  • Sep-2009:
  1. GSM BSS 07 Cell Planning Principles / Vivacell Training Center, Juba (5 days)
  2. GSM BSS 07 Radio Network Tuning / Vivacell Training Center, Juba (4 days)
  3. GSM BSS 07 Cell Planning Workshop / Vivacell Training Center, Juba (1 week)
  4. GSM BSS 07 Statistics Introduction / Vivacell Training Center, Juba (3 days)
  5. GSM BSS 07 GPRS/EDGE Radio NW Dimensioning / Vivacell Training Center, Juba (1 day)
  6. GSM BSS 07 GPRS/EDGE Optimization Workshop / Vivacell Training Center, Juba (2 days)
Work Experience:

Maintenance Supervisor at Vivacell-South-Sudan

July 2011 – Present 

  • Ensure the site will be properly functioning before declaring it to be on air
  • Responsible for troubleshooting of all microwave radio system in case equipment failure
  • Responsible of submission of site status report.
  • Preparing project schedules
  • Distributing site data’s or Site Installation Documents (SID) to each Team Leader and discuss workflow to ensure time and quality implementation.
  • Allocating teams, vehicles, installation materials, tools and equipment.
  • Coordinating withdrawal and deliveries of installation materials and equipment to the sites.
  • Coordinating with subcontractors and in-house technical teams compose of Team Leader, Engineers and Technicians.
  • Monitoring of site activities and providing updates to the management regarding site status.
  • Thorough in resolving technical and non-technical issues.
  • Attending weekly project meeting
  • GSM Network Maintenance including supervision of 150 GSM sites and associated Gens’ Counters, (site database follow-up and update…)
  • Handling more than 600 Radio & Environment alarms per year
  • Piloting the monthly plan interventions (preventive environment and radio actions).
  • Assisting the Maintenance manager in all section activities.
  • Ensuring that all these activities meet the company’s quality standards.
  • Ensuring the proper usage of resources.
  • Execution of the assigned missions according to the quality procedures, processes and work instructions.
  • Preparing of the monthly, weekly and actual plans and reports for the management.
  • Inspecting the maintenance processes, equipment and materials.
  • 2000/6000 Family, Microwave System Mini-Link TN in the Maintenance GSM section.
  • Inspecting the maintenance processes, the equipment and the materials.
  • Maintenance of RBS 2000/6000 900Mz , 1800 MHz & Mini-Link TN sites.
  • Supervising & instructing a team.  

Maintenance Engineer at Vivacell-South-Sudan

July, 2008 – June, 2011

  • Troubleshooting of Ericsson RBS 2216, RBS 2116 and RBS6000 series
  • Using site master
  • Performing On-Call duties (both terminal monitoring and field monitoring) to bring down the NUR (Network Unavailability Rate).
  • Offline & Online Commissioning of Ericsson BTS.
  • Installation and commissioning of RBS 2116, 2216.
  • Testing and Configuring of Minilink TN 2P, 6P & 20P.
  • Running Acceptance Tests with service providers.
  • Troubleshoots RBS equipment such as transceiver units (DRU), DXU units etc.
  • Upgrade of Modules (MMU2B, MMU2D, AMM6P, AMM20P)
  • Performed software E1 cross connection traffic routing of Traffic Node.
  • Monitoring of all BSS entities in South Sudan Region from Ericsson OMT terminal.
  • Monitoring of all hardware related and external environmental alarms on the sites from Ericsson Terminal.
  • Providing technical support regarding RBS/ BTS including installation, configuration, integration, activation and troubleshooting of both hardware and software.

Personal Skills:

  • Active, excellent planning stables and dedicated to continuous improvement
  • Capable to work successfully under pressure with a team environment and has pleasing manner
  • Reliable
  • Can work with minimal to No supervision
  • Committed to succeed and deliver to deadline
  • Self-driven
  • High developed communication and reporting skills (Verbal & Written)
  • Computer Skills: Visual Basic, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, Project, Outlook) Adobe Photoshop, & Visio.
  • Good communication skills and capability to work with people from several cultures.

Interests and Activities:

  • Reading
  • Swimming
  • Traveling


- Mr. Nader Nassar: I & M Manager- Vivacell S.S     Mobile: +211959502777                Email: [email protected]

- Mr. Khalil Nassar:  XCTO – Vivacell – S.S            Mobile: +9613689432                      Email: [email protected]

- Mr. Fady Abboud:  CTO- Vivacell S.S                     Mobile: +211959502020                Email: [email protected]